Possessive Bedslave

Possessive Bedslave

By:  sehrish yousaf  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eventually, Asher stopped singing when he saw the woman standing in front of him, and the band stopped playing as well. He thought it was just one of his admirers or fans. He glanced at the crushed woman who was unable to stand. He wore a casual black shirt and pants, his hair was long, his skin was white, and surprisingly one basic. He even leaned in closer to her before speaking. "Hello ! I know you, those face-cheating ladies! Haya said aloud. "What?" Asher asked in shock. "You attractive men always harbor false desires for women, later on time they have passionate feelings for you, you will go! You are so awesome! You dare!" Haya shouted angrily. "Come on Haya" Tora shouted, as he tried to grab Haya by the arm, but Haya went wild.

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30 Chapters
Haya and Tora woke up early to head back to School, also carrying what they needed to fix in their respective quarters. They initially go to the Registration Office and obtain the various documents that will be required.AS Tora reached outside the Recorder's Office, she saw the future donor, Abraham Windsor, one of the members of the band "Extra Chance," conducted by Asher.Abraham is the drummer of their band; Tora has long admired Abraham for his drumming abilities. She is one of the goals and heartbreak of their school; he just thinks he is attractive.She is medium height, matte hair, in great shape, a learning companion, attractive so alluring that makes your heart beat faster.Gradually he moved towards Tora and smiled, noticing her interesting teeth by their holes in one cheek."Hello, will I be able to get your pen?" he said quietly to Tora.Tora, then again, resembled a nitwit in the light of her dazzling eyes; he slowly took the ballpen from the pack and handed it to Abraha
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At One Glance...
The next day Asher woke up early to clean the floor, waking up at 5am. He stood up and stretched for a moment. As he stretched out his body, he noticed that Haya had all the while sounded asleep.He went over to her and watched her relax;, she noticed that its sweating had subsided a little, so she slowly bent down and lifted its lid.Then, at that point, he relaxed completely and chose to go into the bathroom to take a shower.After 30 minutes Asher wrapped up the bath, Haya's phone alert was perfect as Asher came out of the bathroom. Haya turned off the cell phone, as she smelled Asher fresh from the bathroom.He wipes a towel over his hair as he strolls toward the office. Haya got up from her bed and grabbed her towel, getting up to go to the bathroom since she saw Asher dressed in front of her.She was in shock and let go of the towel she was holding and it fell to the floor. Asher noticed as he lifted his jeans."Goodness, for what purpose do you resemble that? Have you just seen
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Every time Haya returned, she and Tora were getting tired of walking around outside, so they slid down a tree with a chair."Hello, bookkeeping is truly exhausting." He said that Haya."Is it sleep? You should even look at Asher!" Tora said as she feigned exacerbation from him."I didn't notice he was looking at me.""What were you thinking earlier and it seems like your brain is exploding?" Tora asked him."No, I just considered something. Haya said.""OK, how about we eat first, before we head back to the dorm." The guardian of the children of Torah."OK then. Haya agreed.After resting Haya goes to her neighborhood and when she enters. it turned out that Asher was not there at this time. After getting dressed she sat on the bed and made a mess.While playing, he received a message from his ever-present partner."Howdy, are you fighting the game?" Blue Sniper asked."Really." he said in few words."Do you want to take that fortune and we can continue at the top level?" Blue Sniper a
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When Tony left, Asher asked angrily."Why did you send him away?!" Haya asked Asher angrily."Why are you following him?" Asher asked him."Let me go ahead before I tell you." He said that Haya"Well."Then Asher left him, while Haya glared at him."Why do you interfere? He owes us, who I'm after, he doesn't want to pay!" Haya replied proudly."Well, you didn't immediately tell me why, and I didn't even think you were bullying." Asher spoke to him."I'm not bullying, I'm just going after him for the debt." said Haya."Really?" Asher approached him."Why is he so afraid of you?" Asher asked, as he approached her and backed away until she leaned against the closet."Uhhm, I don't know why he's afraid." Haya replied."Tssk, I hope I don't see you next time, bullying." Asher threatens Haya as he glares at her."I'm not bullying." Haya refuses."Well, prove it." Asher spoke to her and it walked away from her. "Gqgrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" refused Haya to stay as she watched Asher wa
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"I can do anything"
Back then when Asher saw Haya in the bedroom, he talked to her."Hello, where could my shades be? The ones you got at the bar?" Asher asked Haya."Uhhm, I can't remember where I put It." said Haya."Look at it, I really want It." said Asher."Ok, I'll just get one for you, I'll replace it with another." He said that Haya."I have to get a hard pass, it's from another country, so it's expensive!" said Asher."What?! From another country?Okay, I'll look for it." Haya said in shockThen he searched his possessions for the images of Asherah. However, after searching for it many times he cannot quite follow it. Seeing that he could get out, he therefore summoned Tora."Hello Tora, have you seen Asher's shadow?" asked the Torah."No, why not?" Tora replied."She's looking for it, demanding that I return it. Maybe you saw it in your house before we left." Haya asked."Uhm, looks like I saw it earlier, in the top area of ​​the cabinet." The Torah said so."Really? Will you be able to send it
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As they walked into the room, they noticed Tim remaining in front of their room. They kept looking at him and rushed inside. Either way, Tim called them when he saw them."Come on!" Tim calls her.Haya turned and walked over to Tim, Tora following."Good for what?" Haya asked."Do you have a colleague by that name?"Amy?" Tim asked, laughing."Amy? Amy Mendez?" Haya asked."Maybe that's him; I don't have the foggiest idea of ​​his last name. Will you be able to address him kindly?" Please and Tim."Ok, what is it that you expect from him?" Haya asked."Of course, I'll just ask him one thing, said Tim.""Ok, OK, that's fine."Then, at that point, Haya and Tora came in and called Amy."Amy, someone's looking for you out there." Haya told him.He took his gander and quickly left, Tora and Haya plunked down in their seats.Whenever Amy went out, she saw the man who was known to remain an afterthought; she took him a gander and smiled. He went to her and said."Are you looking for me?" Amy
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The next morning, in the hallway of Haya's apartment, the Professor has an announcement about their upcoming preliminary test; they listen to him and remain silent."A week from now we will have a Pre-Assessments Test, so each of you will audit what you understood as well as the previous semester. I hope no one misses a week from now and prepare for." the test, don." 't be excessively watchful and center around concentrating on first. This test is significant, due to this test we can check if you got the hang of something or not. In this way, good luck to each of you!" said Mr. Reyes.When one of their classmates raised her hand and asked their teacher."Of course, Mr. Cruz!" Mr. Reyes, who is."Sir, are most subjects and the entire semester covered by the test?" he asked her."Of course, all the subjects and practically the entire semester, that you contemplated are on the test. That way, no one will miss and fail on Monday. Focus inwardly so you can answer the test! Alright, good lu
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In the meantime, when Asher leaves the neighborhood, he notices that Haya is still missing. After getting dressed, he picked up the phone and called Haya."Where could you be? It's late!" he asked her immediately."Uhm, I'll get into the structure." Haya sighed."Gracious, for what reason are you on all accounts a breeze? Is anyone following you once again?" Asher asked worriedly."Haist, boring tale, simply back. "Said Haya."OK.Asher then hung up, immediately called her, saw who was calling and was refusing to answer it.He took a deep breath before recognizing the call."Hello. "Asher replied."Child, how are you? Are you eating well there?" he asked his Mother."Of course, I'm fine here. What is it you want?" Asher asked him."I just need to express my welcome to you son. Your Dad and I miss you, when are you going to get back here?" His mother asked him.I still don’t have the foggiest idea, maybe after I graduate. "He answered.The neighborhood slowly opened up and he saw Haya
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Play with me!
Haya received the call and guessed whose number was calling her, as it corresponded to a call from another country."Gracious, how about you answer that?" The Torah asked Abraham."Eh. I have no idea who called. Haya said reluctantly.""It's mine, I'll take it. Tora said and took Haya's phone."He immediately picked up the phone."Hello!" replied Tora."Hello, is this Haya Abraham?" the woman in the other row asked"No, I'm his friend, who's on the line please?" _Tora asked"Of course, I really want to talk to Haya, is she there?" Tora blinked and handed the phone back to Haya."Gracious, looks like she needs to talk to you." Tora said, and then Haya picked up the phone."Hello, this is Haya, who's in line?" asked Haya."Gracious, hi Haya, I'm Katrina, I'm just Asher's mom." He showed up.Haya's eyes widened as she introduced herself."My God. Who is it?" The Torah has been moved."Asher's mother." Haya aimaimamaki.Tora was surprised to hear."Okay, for what purpose were you called a
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Haya and Tora looked for a place to eat. As they ate they were surprised when Asher appeared and threw up near Haya."Goodness, what are you doing here?" Haya asked in confusion."Lia, is this coffee?" Asher answered"Tssk, you're separated from everyone else, why aren't you with your friends?" Haya asked as she ate."They're busy, so I chose; I'll just go with you. Asher replied, instantly the food he ordered appeared.""Ok okay."said Haya.When they eat they talk about the missing understudy."You know the information on the missing understudy? He ended up being Amy's friend, so Amy kept crying today." said the Torah."What? Amy's friend? As of late, she still hasn't been seen?" Haya asked."All things considered, the last information said that the police were always looking for people who were the last of the understudy "said Tora."What do you think really possessed him? What else, could it really be the ghost that possessed him, the one that kind of made us meet last evening?" sai
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