The Beauty of The Guilty

The Beauty of The Guilty

By:  fasanolumide  Completed
Language: English
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Iseoluwa, a cold hearted guy returned home to avenge the brutal killings of his family that took place sixteen years ago. Staying in a foreign country at such a young age played a huge role in his finding solace in reading various novels on disorders. The scene of his family being brutalized was forever engraved in his memory. The thought alone was heart wrenching. Iseoluwa decided to avenge their deaths. Having gathered extremely smart people, he returned to Nigeria.However, things he didn't plan for took charge. He was framed of murders and the police got into action. The scheme became tougher. Why wouldn't it? What crime case remained the same when Ewawummi was in charge? An uptight lady officer who found pleasure in locking criminals behind the bars.Read as the game fully began. In a manipulative world like this, how far would Ewawummi go with her uptight nature?

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46 Chapters
One -- Iseoluwa
~"End it! End it all!" The voice kept ringing in my ears. As silent as it was, it had that much intensity. I wouldn't give in to it but I could use some release. I jerked up from my bed as I dashed towards my drawer. I was thoroughly ransacking it for something. Nothing in particular actually. Anything that could give me release now. I wouldn't mind using it. My hands grabbed something; yea, it's a lighter. I brought it out. This could do. I flicked it on and brought it beneath my elbow. The burning sensations lifted my spirit. It's weird but I find pleasure... I was suddenly smacked at my head making the lighter slipped from my hand.~"Dude, give the book back." I frowned tossing  a coin at him. "There are few things I hate and stopping me from reading tops the list." I dead panned."Ish, you really need to stop reading books like this. I can't watch you go crazy. It's really weird that you stack your book shelf with varieties of ps
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Two -- Ewawummi
Come in." I muttered still going through the video footage. I suddenly had the light turned off.What the..."Happy birthday!!" They chorused with the light back on. The smile on my face was bright enough to lit up the whole station."Guys." I stood up and walked close to them. I can't believe I forgot my birthday. "Thanks for always remembering." I smiled sheepishly."Yes boss. We know how selfless you are. It's our duty to this." Ini, my next in command, replied. I really needed to start noticing days like this."Let's cut the cake. There is an after party today." He commented as I nodded blowing off the candles. My phone suddenly rang. I went back to my table to retrieve my phone. It was the Senior Officer."Sir!" I saluted as everyone stood still. "What? Right now sir?" I turned looking at everyone and the preparation. I am sorry guys." Yes sir, I am free sir.... Alright Sir." T
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Three -- Iseoluwa
I relaxed on one of the sofas. I needed to line my thoughts in one direction. A lot of plans have been structured. The process and sequence is the part I needed to feast on."Give it back, it's mine!" David yelled as he ran down the stairs pursuing someone; I guess Abigail."I take this as your apology." She shouted back.I was right!.."Seriously, I can give anything you want but not my hair dryer." He shouted as I opened my eyes. All these ruckus for hair dryer? Seriously David?"You know it's different from the one here. I am the female here." She argued back as he shrugged."Well, i'm the one with the loose hair. You are making braids babe." He retorted as I shouted. I couldn't take it anymore."Can you guys both turn it down. You just disrupted my stream of thoughts. I really don't like that." I shouted as they nodded. After a few minutes silence, Abigail start
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Four -- Ewawummi
Four -- EwawummiI had never really seen someone like this before. Why was he involving himself with the whole issue. Was he really going to die today?"What do we do?" I asked as he looked at me. His handsome face was another thing that keeps me off my mind. "We would need to go over the roof. That's the best way because before the building burns up to the roof, we should have come up with something." He said as I nodded and followed him when he pulled my hands.For a long while, no guy had ever held my hand. I can't count the number of times he held me today. "He searched through the building and we were lucky to have found a ladder. He rested it firmly on a wall before telling me to go up."Wait, what? Am I to go up first?" I questioned suddenly feeling annoyed."Yeah, of course. I need to assist you and stop you from falling." H
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Five -- Iseoluwa
Five - Iseoluwa.   I opened the door as they all turned to me. I was sorry to have worried them all. Eric walked towards me with pure anger that I wanted to move backwards."Seriously Ish? You move out of the house to get fresh air and you come back this late at night without a call?" He shouted as I closed my eyes. I don't need to deal with this right now. I had been through worse."We would talk about it later." I said sternly as I walked away."What do you think you are doing? We waited and stayed all night expecting you and all you do is walk away? Do you ever think about us?" He said as I stopped holding fast to the stairs handle. I really can't deal with this. I might end up becoming unconscious which would make you more worried."Believe what you want, Eric. I said later. I never said I wasn't going to tell you." I took another step trying very hard to control my breathing. I don't
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Six -- Kunle
Six -- Kunle"For real, what's the issue?" She asked as I sighed. I really don't have to explain. Why can't people understand me? I had the right to live in any way I want."Kunle, I am talking to you!" She shouted as I glared."Don't act like you care! Besides, I have been accepted into the force already. And you know that I am definitely going to resume." I finally said as she gasped."What do you mean that I don't care? How can you even say that? You are my son!" She said as I flared up."Mom!! You really don't have to state that annoying fact! Please leave while I am being nice. I need to pack up." I said walking deeper into my room. I heard the room door shut indicating that she had gone out. I slumped on my bed shutting my eyes. Did she really have to play dumb? I know about it all! A knock suddenly distracted my thoughts as I sat up. Did she perha
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Seven -- Iseoluwa
Seven -- IseoluwaI walked into their room with a frown on my face. Abigail was already in too. "What's wrong Ish?" Eric said noticing my mood."Nothing much. I was vexed by the guy who stays next to me. He called himself a cop or something. Pretty sure he isn't." I huffed before laying down on David's bed."Wow! Are you angry?" David teased as I glared at him before he turned with a smile."But is he really a cop?" Abigail chipped in as I shook my head."Nah, he can't be! He would rather work as a waiter." I said as they all bursted into laughter. I just shrugged. The energy that radiated off him wasn't good."So,"... I sat up. "About Badejo, I made some personal research about him. I removed the files from my bag and distributed them. They all looked through it carefully."We can see that seven years ago, he was given a task by the governmen
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Eight -- Kunle
Eight -- KunleI drove straight to the station. Just as I expected, it was a big one. After I carefully parked my vehicle. I walked into it with the necessary information I needed to carry.I met two officers at the front door. "Hi, morning!" I greeted as I walked away not before I heard them whispering to each other.'He must be the new officer. I pity him. He is working under boss himself.'Not letting their talk get to me, I was directed to the main office where I met a lot of officers. They greeted me as I answered politely before asking for the direction to His office.I entered after he instructed me too. His pose strike a resemblance to a warrior. I gave him a smile before stating my name once again. I already stated it when I knocked earlier."Alright. I am sure you must have heard. You work directly under my authority. Your office is next door. I believe all your necessary
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Nine -- Iseoluwa
Nine- Iseoluwa "I got information about his son just as you have asked. Guess what guys? He is an addict." David said with a scoff as I sat up. What more could you expect from a spoilt kid like him. I rolled my eyes in disgust. "Also, he just returned from Canada. He was said to have been studying but his father sent him to a rehabilitation centre." He added as I turned to him."So, is he cured?" I asked as he shook his head."No damn way! He only caused trouble but his dad doesn't know. Three criminal cases in five years. He pulled a great one out there." David mocked."I really wonder how you get deep information that his father doesn't know. I applaud you Dave." Abigail said as David smiled."My source is the best. These hands are magical." He winked as she laughed."So Ish, what do you plan on doing with the son? And even with the old man too. Any co
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Ten -- Iseoluwa
Ten -- IseoluwaI was dressed totally in black as usual when I bumped into fake cop. Wait, what? He is really a cop!"I can't believe you are a cop." I muttered with a smirk."I did tell. At least my uniform did justice to your disbelief." He boasted as I huffed."I am pretty sure you are a rookie. A new recruit." I retorted with a wink as he frowned."You look like a serial killer with that tongue of yours and the overall black. I am suspicious." He whispered the last part as I laughed. You were damn right."Uh-oh! I am shaking right now." I mocked with a roll of my eyes. I don't know why I feel so edgy around him. "Or perhaps I am right? Are you really a criminal?" He asked as I nodded."Yeah. I kill humans." I deadpanned."Whatever. I am off. How about you find a job too?" He mocked as I glared at him."A c
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