His Silver Eyed Luna (Return of Prince Noah James)

His Silver Eyed Luna (Return of Prince Noah James)

By:  Lisa Salman   Completed
Language: English
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Blurb: Beautiful Alessandra Benjamin had been a shitty Luna! Yes, you heard that right. She was living a peaceful and luxurious life with her chosen mate, Alpha Romeo. Both of them promised to love and respect each other but all the promises flew out of the window when her equally incompetent husband found his fated mate. The one, chosen by Moon Goddess. The fated girl wanted to replace Alessandra as a Luna. Now Alessandra needed to play her cards smartly. She needed to think and re-think her every move. She needed to keep her husband away from his Juliet. But what would she do when a sinfully handsome Alpha king will be there to divert her attention from her mission…

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124 Chapters
1- They Succeeded
This book is written exclusively for Goodnovel App. Any illegal Producton Of this novel will result in immediate legal action.***Alessandra Benjamin:“Help!” There was a blood curdling sound in the dense forest, “Someone please help us. For Goddess's sake!”I was horrified to realize that it was my voice, but that did not stop me and I kept running at full throttle.There was no time to stop.My two month old baby was clutched to my chest and I was worried for him more than myself.“Moo!” I heard my baby’s faint voice but I kept running. My son Amerigo had alpha blood in his veins so it was natural for an Alpha pup to speak one or two gibberish words at this tender age of only two months.“Don’t worry, sweetie.” I cooed to the little guy in my arms, “Your moo will not let anything happen to you.” I thought the last part to myself and kept running.Being a Luna of the Silver Moon pack I tried to shift to my wolf form but for some odd reason could not do it. I could not feel my wolf,
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2- Second Chance?
Alessandra Benjamin:I opened my eyes and sat up straight, gasping in panic. I was panting and sweating profusely. Though the temperature was not so hot. Looking around I found my Omega, Emma, dosing off in a chair nearby. What exactly happened? I touched my chest where I was stabbed by the dagger. But now there was nothing. Was it all a dream? No. It wasn’t. It can’t be. I was murdered cold bloodedly along with my two month old son. And here I was lying comfortably in my bedroom without any bandages or stitches. What was going on? Just then Emma stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes. “Luna.” She suddenly left her chair and leaned forward to touch my forehead with the back of her hand, “Thank Goddess. Your fever broke.” There was a kind smile on her face. “Emma. Where is Amerigo?” I straightened against the pillows leaning back. “Sorry?” Emma frowned, “My Luna! Your eyes. They seem like they have changed color. It’s no more grey but silver” I did not know, why she was t
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3- Some Major Changes!
Alessandra Benjamin: Mrs. Collins was having difficulty recovering from her shock. “Mrs. Collins. I want you to start working on the she-wolves’ warrior training. We have already... I have already wasted a lot of time.” I rang the bell and when Emma came inside I at once asked her to call the head warrior Dimitri. Once the middle-aged man was there, I asked him to assign his six best warriors to train the females of the pack. Mrs. Collins was the in charge. I asked her to approach me directly whenever she needed anything. For the first time, I saw a little respect in her eyes. Thanking me, Mrs. Collins left the office and I grabbed the calendar placed on the office table. Alpha was out and I had almost twenty-five days to do my maximum work. I needed to do a lot of work before their arrival. I needed to come up with a foolproof plan. That included earning respect from my pack members. Not to let my guard down. To make that girl a sign of failure in my pack’s eyes. Yup. That wa
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4- Juliet's Entry.
Alessandra Benjamin:(Twenty-five days later)Today was the day when Romeo, my husband, my chosen mate… brought home his fated one. After the initial training everyone started preparing for welcoming the higher pack officials’ return.Nobody knew except me, what was about to come. They were about to get the surprise of their lives.This time I did not repeat the mistake of applying make-up. I kept it simple with a powdered blue midi dress in a backless design. Tying my hair in a chignon, I gave myself a final once over in the mirror when someone knocked on the door.“Yes?” I did not let my inner tension show on my face when the door opened and a tensed Emma peeked inside.“They are here, Alessandra… And…” She left the sentence in the middle. I knew what was worrying her. Romeo was here with his mate. She wanted to keep me safe from the pain soon to be inflicted by him.But never mind! It was my least concern. Right now I needed to play it smartly.Taking a deep breath I gave her a sha
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5- Nut Powder
Alessandra Benjamin: With squared shoulder, chin up, I went to sit across the big dining table in the living room. Romeo had still not reached there and everyone was waiting for him to join them for the meal. I casually looked around until my eyes fell on Emma. She nodded her head slightly without anyone noticing. I just blinked my eyes once to acknowledge. It was a signal that everything was well planned for now. Usually, Omegas used to serve us, and then they used to have their meals in peace after cleaning up. But recently I changed that. I made sure that they eat their meal before us and then they can serve us with a full tummy. Not only Omegas but other pack members liked the idea. They all were happy that their Luna was bringing equality among pack members. We all kept waiting for Romeo and Juliet to arrive for the lunch. What was taking them so long? Gosh! Were they humping each other! I wanted to laugh at this absurd notion. Just then the doors opened and Romeo entere
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6- Hot Juliet
Alessandra Benjamin: We all were in the middle of the meeting when she entered the hall. She smiled when her eyes fell on my husband. I ignored her and kept listening to Beta Russel. We were about to host the annual ball. Each year, a pack was given the opportunity to do it. This year, it was our turn. In my previous life, I did not show any interest in it, as a result, it was held in the neighboring pack. It did not leave a good impression on Alpha king and he was not happy about it. But this year I wanted it at my packhouse. We needed to host it. In the future, if Juliet would do something against my pack, I needed all the neighboring packs and Alpha King to witness my pack’s strength. All of them along with Alpha King could come forward to stop her. They could try to knock some sense in my lovesick husband’s thick skull. Though I had never met Alpha King, he was known for keeping his word. “We need to prepare our guest floor for a comfortable stay for Alphas, Lunas, Betas,
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7- Hot Stranger In The Lake
Alessandra Benjamin: “Moo!” The moment Amerigo’s voice rang in my ear I sat up in my bed. The space beside me was still empty. A telltale sign that Romeo was with his Juliet. The pain in my chest intensified. The whole day used to pass easily in planning and thinking about my next move. But every night, he used to call me with love, and every time I wanted to quit everything and join him where ever he was. “Oh, Amerigo!” Tears started slipping on my cheeks. I got up from my bed and stood up near the window. My wolf Carla was not there otherwise I would have jumped from the window. Without thinking much I headed towards the door and went out. I needed to get out of my room. Maybe I should go to the kitchen and raid the fridge for any leftover pasta. When I reached near the kitchen, I heard some strange noises coming from it. The moment I reached the door I heard moans and whimpers. I could not stop the smile from spreading on my face. This was definitely David and Emma. Those l
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Author's Note:
Hello readers!I hope you will like my work. This novel is a sequel to “Alpha Ezequiel’s fated mate” but can be read as a standalone.I will try my best to be regular with updates but if you are an impatient soul like me then you can read my already completed books exclusively on Goodnovel.Alpha Ezequiel’s fated mate (19 chapters free)Oops I Married A CEO by mistake (5 chapters free)Now the main reason for this note is…Readers! English is not my first language. Usually blockbuster books are edited and proof read several times by several people. But here we usually write it overnight, proof read it once or twice and then publish it. Usually I do notice mistakes AFTER publishing them.The point is I am writing books because I am a hopelessly romantic person. But when I read rude comments, it does affect my creativity.Before typing your reviews please keep in mind that on the other side, there is a human reading them. Believe me I am open to positive criticism and keep working on my
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Alessandra Benjamin:I must be in deep sleep on that chest when I heard whistles of patrol guards slicing through the air. Did they smell the stranger in my arms?Oh! The stranger! I shifted back to look at his face. He was still standing there. Waiting for me to wake up.How could a man do that? Like waiting for a sleeping woman to wake up. That too on his toes?Nah! I guess that only happened in movies.It was so dark that I could not see his face. Without my wolf, I had become half-blind according to werewolf standards.I turned to the whistle sounds muttering to the stranger under my breath, “I need to go. I cannot afford to be seen here with you.” With that, I tried to fix my nightgown that was giving a clear view of my cleavage. It was quite a see through garment.Just then the man behind me slipped his white button down shirt, around me. Wearing it hurriedly, I buttoned it and held it by its collars. When I came out of the lake, the petrol guards bowed their heads,“Luna. What
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9- The crying girl
Alpha King, Noah Ezequiel James:The door opened with a bang, and Beta Lucas entered my office carrying a few envelopes.“Here!” He dumped them on the table, “Surprise. Surprise. A miracle happened. Silver Moon pack is hosting the Annual Ball this year.I frowned but did not turn away from the window. It opened in my back garden which possessed the serenity and calmness craved by my soul.“Alpha Noah?” Beta Lucas called me again. He was not only my friend but also my right hand. I, Noah Ezequiel James was not only the King of Kavoda Kingdom, a human kingdom but also the ruler of all the werewolf packs.I did not know when Lucas came near me and placed his hand on my shoulder.“Is everything alright, King Noah?” Beta Lucas had concern in his voice and I could not even manage to smile.“Yeah. I hope so.”“Hope so? I have never heard such uncertain answers from you, King Noah?” I stayed quiet and then turned around to take my seat.“This…” I gestured towards the envelopes lying on my wor
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