Brown-Eyed Boy (Bk2)

Brown-Eyed Boy (Bk2)

By:  Sarcasticloner099  Completed
Language: English
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(A sequel to His Maid's Son) Daniel didn't just get to be warden by chance; his no-nonsense personality and integrity made him the man he is today. That is until he met Liam. Never had he been torn between the need to protect someone and his moralities. Playing dirty wasn't his style but somehow the slender scared boy with golden-brown stares made him question everything he believes in. Completed on November 2019

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35 Chapters
1: Courtroom
I do suggest you read (His Maid's Son) first.LIAMThe courtroom began to spin. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. A dreadful feeling I couldn't shake had my palms sweating as I struggled to calm my raising heart. I shifted uneasily.Sitting silently next to my attorney, and watching my life fall apart, had a bitter taste to it. And I could do nothing about it. I turned my head and scanned the grim faces in the courtroom. Though it hurt seeing my father and cousin looking all scared for me, the sadness in the victim's family tore my heart apart. How did I become that person? I used to think I was raised better. Never had I imagined I would hurt anyone, let alone become a convicted criminal.I can try to argue that I am not the one who did the stabbing, but deep down I know I made a mistake. And a life was taken. There is no way I was going to escape prison, not after the murder weapon was found in my possession.According to the law, that was evidence enough to put me behi
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2: Meeting him
DANIELI was busy sorting out parole papers in my office, when Gianna, my close friend and colleague, informed me of the new inmates' arrival. I released a helpless sigh, knowing all too well what was expected of me. I had to give some bullshit speech, that I had recited over and over to be every new batch that gets through the door. Though I knew no one paid attention, It was a standard procedure for the warden to brief new inmates on the dos and don'ts. The fact that we deal with numerous cases of the said don'ts proves it's a time-wasting affair. With no motivation whatsoever, I took long, quick strides towards the welcoming hall. I was in the middle of my speech when I felt eyes on me. I glanced around, and my gaze fell on a slender blonde boy who looked truly scared. He had beautiful golden-brown eyes and I couldn't look away!The sorrowful orbs drew me in, and I was unable to understand why. The boy fidgeted but held my gaze nonetheless. He tilted his head quizzically, and I a
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3: Meeting Mathew
LIAM I don't know if what transpired was a miracle, or the stars were aligning to my favor, but I got lucky to be transferred to a different cell. A lady guard, who introduced herself as Gianna, informed me of the transfer. The relieved sigh that I let out had her chuckling knowingly. I hoped the next cellmates wouldn't be as steely as the ones I had just encountered. The thirty minutes I had spent with them felt like an eternity.Within that short time, they had discussed a schedule on who will have me, when and why. It was scary to watch them negotiate over me, but I think the most disturbing part was the fact that I had no way of protecting myself. I hadn't even tried to fight them off when one smacked my ass, 'cause there was no chance of me winning a physical fight. Luckily, the next block had approachable inmates. At least they weren't eye raping me with every step I took.Gianna put me with an older guy, who was sleeping by the time I got in. From the state of his body, I
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4: Stealing A Peek
DANIEL I rubbed my tense fingers and eyed the ton of paperwork laying on my desk. I have been working on the parole forms since morning, and I still have a sizable amount pending. After my earlier confrontation with Kane, I have seen the fellow roaming around hallways just putting on an act for me. More than ever, I am determined to unmask him. I talked out my plan with Gianna and as always, she was willing and ready to help. She has proven to be hardworking, dedicated, and loyal to me for the eight years I have known her. We do fight sometimes, a boss-friend relationship can be tricky, but we always stick with each other. I would have made her my supervisor, but Kane had far more qualifications and experience which was hard to overlook. I am certain that once we are done unmasking him, the position will hopefully be filled by Gianna. Glancing at my watch, I realize it's almost five pm, which means the inmates would be getting ready for dinner. It's usually served between half-p
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5: Beaten up
LIAM Mathew and I were having dinner quietly, when one of the men from my previous cell approached our table. He took a seat directly opposite to me. I ignored him, acting like his presence didn't scare, but my heart was thumping like crazy.He grabbed my hand and demanded I join their table, but I declined calmly. He squeezed my hand painfully, and were it not for the guard, who showed up on time, he would have probably broken a bone or two. He sat back to his table, begrudgingly keeping his unwavering gaze on me. I lost my appetite. Once Mathew was done with his food, I hurriedly followed him closely. I emptied my tray and scurried out of the cafeteria. I kept glancing over my shoulder, to make sure no one was following me. I bumped into someone. He roughly pushed me and I landed on my ass with a cry. I slowly raised my painful body off the ground, wincing. I had barely held a stable footing when a hard punch to my stomach sent me staggering back. Matthew tried stepping closer
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6: Talk
DANIEL I can't quite explain the kind of rage I felt, when a guard barged into my office and notified me of the accident, involving a new inmate, named Liam. Matthew is the one who had reported the incident, according to the report I am holding. Why didn't any of the guards see or hear the commotion and step in? This is just a cover-up and if my guess is right, it was planned all along and some guards were in on it. That is why it was easy to keep other inmates off the corridor at such a busy time. I dashed to the CCTV room and requested to see the footage of that particular hallway. As I had suspected, nothing came up. The guard on duty checked the cameras, only to realize a whole thirty minutes file had been deleted. It could have been anyone because most of the guards have password access. I should change it and just give to specific ones. It will make it easier to pin out culprits with only a few to consider. Though the guard in question was one of my own, he had to sign a wr
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7: A Peek In The Past
LIAM I zoned out staring at the white ceiling, as each click from the clock hanging by the wall next to my bed infiltrated my idle mind.A small smile played on my lips, recollecting the short but delightful dialogue, I had with the warden earlier. True to his word, the doctor brought some stronger pain meds and really good tomato soup. He explained I couldn't have any solid food because my body was still in pain, and it would require much more effort from my side, which I was in no condition to give. After I was done with the soup, I took the painkillers but hesitated on the sleeping pills. He had left them for me, just in case I needed something to help me sleep. I have been contemplating taking them for a while now, but I have this paranoia that maybe someone will sneak in the room when I am busy hibernating and off me.I know it sounds crazy, but I am still petrified, since I was attacked for no reason whatsoever. I am afraid I might get killed the same way, for no reason.From
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8: Stalker
DANIELI knew it was a cringeworthy measure that I had resorted to, but there was no other way of satisfying my curiosity. I am currently filtering the results of Liam Anderson on Instagram, but I can't seem to find the right profile. It does feel weird, stalking him on social media, considering I never do such things. But I have to know him. There is something about him that's making me do things I wouldn't normally do. After coming up with countless wrong profiles, I tried to abbreviate his name differently, and still nothing.I was almost giving up when an idea popped into my mind. I clearly remembered the said boyfriend's name from his file. I typed in the search bar and the second profile was his. He is quite famous among his peers. Luckily, the Spencer kid had tagged Liam in most of his posts. I don't know what I was expecting, but this is not it. Most of the pictures on his account were nature portraits. He only had three pictures of himself, and I did a screenshot of e
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9: Visit
LIAMI was calm, and perhaps a bit happy since I talked to dad yesterday. It was good to hear his warm, soothing voice tell me everything will turn out all right. Not that I believed him, but it felt nice to hear him hope. Daniel had prompted me to end the call fifteen minutes, and I did immediately because I knew he had taken a risk helping me.Dad had offered to reimburse his recharge, but he refused, saying that he was happy to help. ****I am starting to enjoy the peace in this tiny room I am bound in. Though my body is still sore, the pain is manageable. I am supposed to be released back to the cells by tomorrow, and I'm dreading it.I don't know what's waiting for me on that other side, although Daniel promised to look out for me. And some part of me trusts that he will do just that. *****It has been three days of no much happenings, since I came back to my cell.Mathew has been helping me move around, 'cause I am still using crutches.We've maintained the same routine; brea
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10: Cousin's Visit
LIAM I have had peace, doing simple chores, since I couldn't exert pressure on any part of my body. I am anxiously looking forward to my cousin's visit today. I am quite eager to see him and Christian so that I can scold them for postponing their wedding on my behalf.Just thinking of it makes me feel terrible, I know how much of a big deal it was for Lex to marry, again.I never thought he would ever attempt to get involved with anyone else after James' total failure. He has been through a lot, and I hate myself for adding to his burdens.“Liam…” a familiar voice startled me momentarily. I placed the flowers I was holding on the altar and turned to face the warden. I almost gasped at how luscious he looked. This is what happens when you spend a lot of time seeing old men dressed in horrible tunics. “Sir,” I mumbled, trying not to ogle. “Please call me, Daniel.” He breathed hastily. “I prefer that.” His deep baritone had my blood rushing to unwanted places, creating a problem f
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