The Tutor

The Tutor

By:  Goodness Shadrach  Completed
Language: English
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"Every woman is unique, elegant and graceful, you just have to bring it out." After borrowing and giving all her savings to her beloved boyfriend to use in getting materials for his project which he believes would fetch them millions, Athena was happy, believing in everything he said, even if that money was all her parents left for her for her upbringing. Fortunately, Frank won the project and the money started coming in as his social status started rising, but soon, Athena wasn't his type of woman anymore. Broken on the day he told her so, Athena went to a bar to drink on her sorrow but she ended up waking up in a man's bed the next day. But who would have expected that a one night stand would not only change her life but would bring her closer to a man who recognized himself as her Tutor.

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The book was captivating that I read it over this past weekend (July 14-16). Great plot and romantic. Just remember communication is key to keep misunderstandings at bay! Now on to my next book In Love with my Bosses Son since the last chapters of Married at First Sight still have not come out!
2023-07-19 09:28:46
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Blessing Adie
My absolute best story so far, love Athena, Shaun, Tb,
2023-06-15 02:57:42
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Riana Taluki
great short story
2023-05-09 00:36:18
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Loved everything about this one!! Great plot and story. The characters were amazing.
2023-04-27 21:21:21
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loved the storyline , can't stop reading . Definitely worth the time n no regrets reading it.
2023-04-27 12:56:16
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Great book and story. Needs some professional editing, but the story is unique and keeps the reader invested and interested. I definitely recommend it.
2022-12-27 09:40:02
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Yah I love this book ......... Thanks author for the great story .........
2021-10-18 12:11:33
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Love the book. Even with the grammatical errors, it was hard to put the book down. Great storyline and full of different emotions.
2023-04-08 20:28:14
81 Chapters
“Just take a look inside, Athena,” He said, pointing at the door that leads into the hall full of dancing and chattering people, “what do you see?”Athena did as he asked, she looked inside the hall and saw them, people dancing, women dressed in beautiful attractive clothes, men dressed in nice tuxedos, talking to them and some dancing with them. She looked back at Frank with a gulp, “but Frank…”“Now take a look at yourself and me, what difference do you see?” He interrupted.Athena looked at herself, at the dress she was wearing that was not in class with the ones worn by the women inside, she looked at him and he was dressed in a nice tuxedo, just like the men inside. She knew what he wants to prove but she just doesn’t want to accept it, “Frank please…”“Do you see it? What I am talking about? I belong here, Athena, with this people but you don’t. Look at you, take a look at what you wore to a party.”“This is my best dress and you know it, Frank, I will never int
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Chapter one
A man walked through the street to his home, he kept cursing at everything he passes, he hates where he is living and the area, they were children running around, playing in the dirt. He cursed at them and continued walking, if God should help him and his project becomes a success, moving out of here would be the first thing he would do. But at the moment, he just needs to make sure that everything is set perfectly and he had the inkling that he would win, he has to, all his life he had been preparing for this, if it doesn’t work out then he is doomed for the rest of his life.“Hell no, it’s going to work, I have to be chosen, I have looked at the draft of the others, none of them could amount to mine, even Mr. Bridgeton said so,” he murmured to himself, trying not to step inside a puddle as he avoided stepping on a banana peel that was on the ground. “Fuck this place,” he cursed, if only he has any other choice, nothing in the world would have made him live here, in the slums.
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Chapter two
Athena woke up in the night to find Frank’s side in the bed empty, “Frank?” She called but when she got no answer, she got out of the bed and went into the living room, “Frank?” she saw him sitting on the only couch in the living room and closed up their distance. “What is it?” She asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.Frank sighed, “Nothing, just…thinking.”Athena sat beside him immediately, “what are you thinking about?”“My life, Athena, look at me, at twenty three I have no source of income, nothing, I can’t even look after you the way I want to, the way I promised your mother I would.”Athena smiled and placed her head on his shoulder, “but Frank, it’s not your fault, I am sure mom understands perfectly. You are trying your best to make things better for us, you go out every morning to return at night because you are looking for a better job, that’s already you trying.”“But I am not trying hard enough, take a look at me, Athena, I had promised you that on you
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Chapter three
Frank ran through the dirty streets he had always hate walking on, he stepped into many puddles but he didn’t bother to curse as always nor was he worried at the dirt on his pants. A bright smile was clear on his face and his green eyes were shining like never before. When he finally saw their building, he increased his space as he spotted his girlfriend talking with their elderly neighbor, “Athena, Athena,” he shouted.Athena turned at the sound of her name, she was shocked when she saw him running and how dirty he looked and for the first time, he doesn’t have a deadly scowl on his face for being dirty, what is going on? She wondered before excusing herself from the woman and walking to his direction, “Frank?”When Frank got closer to her, he picked her up and swirled around, Athena gasped and wrapped her hands round his neck to keep her from falling, “oh Athena, my life has changed, my life has changed!”Athena pressed her hand on her chest when he finally put her back o
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Chapter four
The elevator chimed and the man from earlier came out, he stopped, frozen when he saw her sleeping, what the hell? He wondered, he approached her and wiped away the hair from her face, she didn’t even flinch and he guessed she was really tired and she should be, it has been ten hours since they got into the elevator together. He fetched his phone from his pocket and dialed a number, when the line connected, he sighed, “em, Frank, I’m usually good at minding my business but there is a lady waiting for you in front of your door and it’s been hours, you think you can come attend to her?”“Shit, she came today?” Frank asked.“Em, am I supposed to answer that?”“Listen Fred, I am in a party right now and I can’t come out, you think you can take her in with you till I am back?”“Frank, I called you to tell you that someone is waiting for you not for you to ask me to babysit,” Fred replied.“Then there is nothing I can do, let her stay there, nothing is going to happen to he
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Chapter five
Athena got up in the morning, she heaved a deep sigh and remembering she was not in her house nor in Frank’s, she sat up immediately and looked around the room, she was lying in the bed and it was the most comfortable bed she had ever slept in. She had fallen asleep immediately her head touched the pillow. Fred had been kind enough to give her the bed and took the couch, even though she was the intruder.She climbed out of the bed and readied her things; Franks should be back from wherever he went to, right? She thought and walked out of the bedroom to find Fred still sleeping on the couch. She approached him gently and didn’t know if he would be angry that she woke him up from his sleep but she really has to go and it would be wrong if she left without telling him, he was a kind soul and she would never forget that. After staring at him for a few minutes, she finally cleared her throat and his eyelid flickered before he opened them to stare at her. “I-I-I’m sorry to wake you, is
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Chapter six
A week later, Frank was talking with some models outside the hall that the fashion show was taking place, when one of them scowled in disgust, “who the hell is that? That dress is so outdated, in fact, I don’t think I have ever seen such.”“My goodness, you don’t think she is attending the show, do you? I mean, dress in that?” Another said, her face and tone no different from the first model.Hearing the ladies’ words, Frank was forced to turn around and he froze when he saw the brunette who just got down from a cab and was looking around the place. She was dressed in a pitch pink dress which he recognized as her mother’s, her hair was let down on her shoulders and she was putting on a white two inches heels, he was with her the day she had bought the shoes but he never realized how ugly the thing looked until now. She smiled and waved when she saw him and he woke up at that moment as he heard one of the model’s words, “my gracious, is she waving at us?”“It can’t be, where
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Chapter seven
Athena gulped, staring at the man beside her, he had deep brown hair in a slicked back style, his face was oval with sexy cheekbones, his nose was perfectly pointed. His lips so succulent with the lower lip fuller than the upper and light red in color, his eyes, a beautiful shade of hazel and his lashes so long that she would have been jealous if she wasn’t a little tipsy. A sexy line of bears graced his cheeks and jaw and for some reason, she wanted to run her fingers through them.Her eyes trailed from his face to his fair neck and his body, he was dressed in a navy blue blazer with white shirt underneath and white pants. He had broad shoulders and his athletic body complimented his blazer making him look godly sexy, she gulped once more, her eyes going back to his face to meet with his smiling eyes. “Like what you see?” he asked with a soft chuckle, “I’m beautiful, I know,” he winked and pulled the stool next to her, sitting on it, he looked back at her, “you don’t mi
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Chapter eight
Athena glanced at him with a frown, “in your world, are you an alien?”“What?” He asked shocked and they both laughed, “why would you think that?” He asked, still laughing.“You kept mentioning your world, forgive me if I had to think so far,” she giggled.“Ah, to be honest, those in my circle often classifies themselves as a different world, a bigger world and more.”“Wow, I will like to be in that world.”He looked at her, for once since talking to her, he didn’t smile, “I wouldn’t want you to, it would stain you, take away that innocence that makes you different and soon, you would be just like them, with nothing to differentiate you.”“That’s not true, nothing can change me.”He smiled then, “ah my dear, you don’t understand, it changed your darling Frank, and it will change you too. It changes anyone who finds themselves in its midst.”“What about you, it didn’t change you?”He didn’t answer for a while, then he whispered, “it did, I think I am the mo
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Chapter nine
It’s been two weeks since the day Frank pushed her away and the night with the mysterious gentle stranger, Athena had tried not to think about it but even though she had tried to live like it never happened, he had haunted her dreams, his face, his hazel eyes, the feel of his hand on her body, the taste of his lips. One might say that as it has been fourteen days and she was drunk when it happened that she shouldn’t have so much detail of it, but that wasn’t how it was, every single night, she dreamt of it and the more she dreamt of it, the clearer and more detailed it became.She had downed herself in alcohol during the first few days to forget about both the man and his touch but it was never possible, it had also been her reason for not going after Frank since then, although she had wished that he would miss her and would come for her, telling her that he didn’t mean what he said but that wasn’t the case, she didn’t see neither heard from him and coupled with her guiltiness fo
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