King of Vampires

King of Vampires

By:  Shadesofpurple 💜  Ongoing
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Selected, Laurent's Lab" The invitation came several days later, after I had given up all hope of ever earning an internship. An invitation to work for the King of Vampires. The most revered vampire in all of Moon City, and the only vampire still linked to Royal blood. ~~~~~ When Dalia was accepted to work in Laurent's Inc, she didn't expect to ever meet the King of Vampires, not until she finds that the gorgeous, cocky, ancient vampire had been the blue eyed tormentor of her wet dreams. The most ruthless of all vampires in Moon City, Jacob St. Laurent didn't get the title "King of Vampires" by being easily swayed or by falling in love. He would do anything in his power not to see that happen. But fate always had a way of being a b*tch

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96 Chapters
The Selection I
Graduation was in two weeks and I was nowhere near done with my project and thesis that would give me a spot during the selection. I was doomed and I knew it. My project was to develop a programmed tracker for the newly turned, to help the sires get a grip on their blood lusting tendencies and curb the effect of them going on a killing spree, whenever they liked. I had everything carefully formulated, everything but the time. With classes and work taking up my entire day and most of my nights, I was left to staring at my laptop in utter limbo during the little time between work end and dawn, the codes dancing at the edge of my brain, teasing me as I tried to grasp them. The shrill sound of my alarm clock jolted me out of said limbo and I got up to untangle my joints, another fucking day, another fucking cycle. Dressed and ready, I make my way downstairs to the kitchen to find my dad sipping coffee over the kitchen, his eyes glued to the newspaper. "Morning", I announce, throwing o
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The Selection II
Friday bloomed with rain clouds decorating the sky and the wind blowing up a tantrum, the howling noise fleeting in through the open blinds waking me before my alarm clock. The cold accompanying the rain seeping through the walls, chilling the room. Graduation day, I thought to myself, breathing deeply as I smelled the rain. Yawning, I padded gently to the front of my wardrobe where I had hung up my gown and cap, smiling widely as I fingered the material, imagining myself flinging my cap. Two days before, I had succeeded in completing my project and getting a positive result on the two tests I had run it on. Finished getting ready, the yellow dress I had bought hugging my lithe curves, my hair swept up in a messy bun as I stared into the mirror, my hand coming up to the faint bruise on the top of collar bone. I touched the twin circle marks, my head pounding drastically as I tried to recall how I had gotten the mark, my panic coating the room as the obvious scenario of what had happ
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The Color of the Night Sky
All nerves and anxiety, dressed in my favourite purple floral gown, I walked into the skyscraper marked Laurent's Inc. in gold, the size of the building adding to my fastly diminishing self esteem. The woman at the front desk, placed a serene smile on her face, as she noticed me walking up to her, probably sensing my timidness. "Good day, how may I help you?", the lady asked, her golden brown hair packed away from her face in an uptight bun, her red lipstick complementing her green dress, as she smiled. "Hi", I responded, still trying to gather my wits around me and showed her the card I had been given last night. "Lab is on floor 30", she replied automatically, glancing at the card, the smile still plastered on her face before pointing me in the direction of the elevator. Thanking her, I walked to the elevator, wondering how many floors the building housed and how many people worked in it. Pressing the number 30 on the elevator keypad, I relaxed against the wall as the elevator asc
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Test running my programmed app to the six major shareholders of Laurent's Inc., excluding the owner, using Andrew; an eighty year old vampire. I collected his print, inputting it into the app and let the program run its course. A beeping sound filled the silent room, as my app identified five newly made vampires Andrew had turned and their locations. Resounding applause came up from all over the room as I clicked off the projector, done with my presentation. After four weeks of working in Laurent's Lab and I had developed my program further with the help of their database and facilities, and had been invited today to the shareholder's meeting to present my project to them. I walked out of the meeting room, my heart in my shaky legs as I went back to my office, Claude's scent of lavender and sex following me, meaning I had done well and had gotten his approval. An hour later, Claude walked in, an eminent grin plastered on his face, "You did great out there, D". We had resorted to a fir
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I walked into my office, the sunny weather contrasting with my mood. I hadn't slept well last night, I hadn't slept well in a while now and I'm pretty sure the black eyes I had used concealer was a visible greenlight on my appearance today.Apparently I wasn't the only one with a surly mood as Claude didn't even spare me a glance as I sat on my desk beside his."Good morning", I said, inflecting false cheer into my voice as I powered on my laptop."What's good about it?", Claude mumbled, his ocean blue eyes dim."I don't know, the fact that you're not staked meat for the sun", I jibed and his lips tilted a little bit. Or I was just seeing things again."The sun has no effect on me darling, try harder next time", he countered, his eyes twinkling with suppressed mirth. I googled the word bots, and read every single piece of article that Google deemed worthy as an answer to my search. My eyes scouring over pages and pages of artificial intelligence. My phone rang, diverting me from wha
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Chocolate Temptation
We were to meet at the bar close to Laurent's Inc. to discuss strategy, or that's what I thought the meeting Vanir had scheduled was for as I walked into the bar, JP Cooper's voice serenading the air from a jukebox.I ordered a dry martini and settled into my seat waiting for my partner to show his face, the events of the day replaying through my mind. Lanie's shock at finding out, according to her, that the hunk of lickable, fuckable pure male was my partner still made me laugh till this point.The waiter dropped off my drink, informing me that the drink had already been paid for as I brought out my card.Checking the time, I sipped my drink, the having to wait, grating on my nerves. The bane of my existence walked in ten minutes later, greeting the waiter with familiar familiarity as he headed towards me, his eyes glinting and his teeth flashing."Dalia", he breathed out my name, like oxygen, essential for survival."A minute more and you would have had yourself a table for one", I
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The bots finally attacked.Running into floor 30, my legs on fire figuratively, as I entered the project room, the gloominess and tension palpable as everyone focused on the screen hanging up the wall, watching live feeds of the attack. They had rained down in a mass of ten at the Schreps Mall, taking human hostages, shooting and destroying properties. "They had started operating from the start of work, passing off as humans to gain access", Lanie informed, her face gloom."Have they made any demands?", I asked, my eyes wide in frantic worry as the robots started segregating half vampires from humans. "No"."What about the police? Why aren't they doing anything?", I asked, horror coating my bones as people screamed from the television."They can't get in, it's being locked from the inside""That's not possible. A large and populous shopping mall would have more than two entrances", I cried out."The attack was well planned", Lanie answered, tears slipping down her cheeks as she watc
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I moaned out in ecstasy as two of his fingers slipped into me, his other hand palming my breast roughly as he growled his approval, his fingers sliding in and out of my wet channel, pumping greedily. I closed my eyes in sweet agony, as his tongue sneaked into my mouth battling my senses, the scent of chocolate filled the room as I cried out from the torture, opening my eyes to see my faceless sexual tormentor finally had a face. Vanir.----------------------------------------------Lanie handed me a cup of coffee as we headed to the project room, people's chatter floating out into the hallway. The bots had been silent ever since their first attack a week ago. I hadn't seen Vanir since then either. The room quieted as our assistant floor manager walked in for another briefing, his daylight ring glinting gold in the light as he walked to the front of the room and turned to face us, "I commend the hard work you have all put towards seeing that the menaces sponsoring this chaotic mess c
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Shots or Shots!?
Kane's birthday party was to be held in a club. A vampire club.Putting it into consideration that his father might get wind of it, we had rented out the whole VIP section under hush hush terms, not disclosing our names as we made payments. We had gone for the bad and boujee theme, getting decorations in gold, and, after several unending pleas, pink, for the party. The drinks were to be delivered by the bar and the party was tonight.I felt my phone vibrate in my purse and I took it out answering without knowing who it was, "Hello?"Sacha's voice filled my ear as she asked, "Have you picked up the cake yet?"Sighing, I pressed the button for the top floor in the elevator, the doors closing before I answered, "No I haven't, I'll do so this afternoon".Sacha hummed in approval, pausing for a second, then shouting anxiously down the line to my ear, "I don't know what to get for him"."Sacha, Kane's being annoyingly persistent over a birthday gift for the past two weeks now. What do you m
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I heard a rumour
The bots attack on a vampire establishment had the newly mades and the vampires antsy, talks and murmurs of why the 'king of Vampires' hadn't done anything to quell the situation coming up on everyone's lips.Rumours circulating round that he was dead, the vampire population going wild with leashed fury, waiting, just waiting to be provoked once again. Distress calls, threat calls, all sorts of calls came in from every telephone in Laurent's Inc. either threatening the lives of the human employees or soliciting for protection against the bots or calling to confirm whether Jacob St. Laurent was truly dead; as a result majority of the human employees in Laurent's Inc. were sent home for a one week break until the fray settled.Lanie was among those sent back and I wasn't.I got to work everyday with my heart in my throat, praying that there won't be a repeat of that night ever again in my life.Claude had come to pick us up that night, after the whole shooting had died down and the bot
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