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I've always dreamed about finding my true love but falling in love with a handsome vampire was a shocker. He was handsome, dark and mysterious. His eyes were always on mine, but he always acted cold towards me. I don't know what I did to deserve such inhumane treatment from him. But I got my answer the day I sneaked into his strange home with my little puppy Bingo. I grasped a broken photo frame that Bingo had knocked off the table. I cleared off the broken glasses carefully. My eyes widened in shock when I saw the photo. It was a picture of a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes just like mine. The most weird part was that she looked exactly like me. She was wearing a white sparkling wedding dress and a man with black curly hair had wrapped his arms lovingly around her. It was Hayden. This was a wedding photo taken 18 years ago. Someone snatched the photo from my hands when I turned around, and I met Hayden's angry gaze. “What are you doing here?!” He growled furiously. “ Who is Azalea and why does she look like me?” I demanded furiously. I swallowed hard. Furthermore, I think I might have discovered the biggest secret ever.

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Authouress preshy
wonderful. I love it already.
2021-08-27 11:48:24
30 Chapters
I've always dreamed about finding my true love but falling in love with a handsome vampire was a shocker.
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ELIZABETH'S POV  My eyes fluttered closed as the darkness engulfed me in a world beyond my understanding and control.  I could feel myself sink deeper into the world that existed on the other side.  Was this how death felt like? Peaceful. If dying was like this I didn't want to leave this place at all. My thoughts wandered to the guy who was next to me. He called me Azalea.I've never heard of that name before but yet I felt a deeper connection to him.It felt like I had known him for years. But I just couldn't wrap my finger around it. What was going on? When I tried to walk further I suddenly became stuck. A redline was only a few inches from me. I couldn't cross it. But the strange guy was in the middle. Half
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FOUR YEARS LATER.  ELIZABETH'S POV  The music lyrics pounded in my eyes very loudly as I danced to the song.   Now I lay me down to sleepI pray the Lord my soul to keepIf I shall die before I 'wakeI pray the Lord my soul to takeI, I keep a record of the wreckage of my lifeI gotta recognize the weapon in my mindThey talk shit, but I love it every timeAnd I realizeI've tasted blood and it is sweetI've had the rug pulled beneath my feetI've trusted lies and trusted menBroke down and put myself back together againStared in the mirror and punched it to shattersCollected the pieces and picked out a daggerI've pinched my skin in between my two fingersAnd wished I could cut some parts off with some scissors"Come on, little lady, give us a smile"
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ELIZABETH'S POV  I sat on the sofa in the living room feeling dazed and confused. I couldn't understand why I was reacting like this especially to a guy I barely know. I brushed the unfamiliar feeling away and shrugged carelessly. Maybe I'm just overreacting. A text chimed on my phone.It was a text from Dylan, my childhood best friend. People thought that we were a couple because we were really close. Plus we've been inseparable since kindergarten and we currently go to the same college. "The gang is at the club, come join us. I smiled. " Okay."I replied.I quickly went to my room to change my clothes and wear something sexy after all it was going to be a weekend of fun. I fed Bingo and grabbed my car keys and rushed out of the house.I couldn't wait.&nbs
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HAYDEN'S POVI've grown so lonely and depressed ever since she left my late wife Azalea left this cruel world. She was my everything and my first love. She was the reason I felt excited when I opened my eyes though I never actually slept. But my life was filled with darkness. It was slowly consuming me little by little each day.Her memories always led me to the first day I met her. We met for the first time. It feels just like yesterday.I thought to myself as I rubbed my chiseled chin and gulped down the bottle of whisky.My Azalea.AUTHORS POVAzalea Montana was a young lady with brown eyes and long brown hair. Today was going to be her third day of college and it was on a rainy day as she grasped her pink umbrella tightly.Someone bumped into her and the umbrella got knocked out of her hands she was about to fall but strong firm
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Not everything our loved ones tell us is true. Sometimes they have shitty secrets from the past and try by all means to keep that secret but sooner or later it will be exposed.   VERONA'S POV (ELIZABETH'S MOM) FLASH BACK I left Elizabeth eating her breakfast when I arrived at my room. I closed the door behind me. My phone rang and stared at the caller ID anxiously. I took a deep breath and answered the phone call. "I've been trying your number all day" the other person on the other end scolded. And I sighed deeply. " Anyway forget maybe you don't care about Leah." I shook my head negatively. " I care about my daughter, how is she doing?" I asked curiously. "I know it's been years and she belongs to another family. She'll never acknowledge me as her mother. Bu
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ELIZABETH'S POVMy hand twitched painfully when it connects with his cheek.Ouch.I winced and stormed away his face was hard as a freaking rock. I met Selena in the hallway when she saw she let out a small shocking gasp."OMG Elizabeth what happened?"I sighed deeply.And she followed me to the bathroom.
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HAYDEN'S POVIt's been a week now every time I ask Crystal about what she planned she didn't want to tell me. If it's this much time I'm sure it must be something awful. I had nothing against Elizabeth and I didn't want to hurt her physically.I just wanted to make her life at school a bit unbearable and if Crystal was going to cross that line I don't think I want to be part of this plan at all.I had a bad feeling about this. I could definitely feel it in my gut and I couldn't ignore it any longer.ELIZABETH'S POVI was surprised that Hayden hadn't bugged me ever since Dylan explained to me that he had a nice talk with him.Instead of being happy I had a bad feeling that kept nagging me not to go home or leave the school premises alone.I went to the library to clear my head a bit, humming to myself quietly.The librarian gave me a cold
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HAYDEN'S POVFive hours later the doctor had informed that Elizabeth was fully awake but in bad shape.I ignored his warning and barged in like a wild animal.I spotted Elizabeth sitting on the bed she had curled into a ball. Her head buried in her lap she was sobbing uncontrollably.Guilt sliced through me like a sharp knife.I needed to make sure that she was okay.I reached out to touch her.Once my hand made contact with her skin her head immediately jerked up in alertness."Don't touch me!" She screamed.Her lips were trembling.It was all fault."Please don't hurt me..."I backed away as guilt consumed me whole. I recalled Crystal's words."I'll teach her a lesson, leave the planning to me."When Elizabeth started having a panic attack three n
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A few weeks later Doctor Anthony had kept a close eye on Elizabeth monitoring her reaction 24/7.He noticed that she was very unhappy at the hospital so he had suggested that she should be discharged and taken home in order to recover quickly.That afternoon Elizabeth was put under heavy medication to help her calm her nerves. Doctor Anthony gave Verona injections containing Elizabeth's medication.Hayden had kept his distance and he stayed away from Elizabeth but guilt always ate him up.He couldn't face her after everything that had happened.Verona was summoned by doctor Anthony and he wanted to discuss Elizabeth's condition."Give her these injections when she starts having seizures it will help calm her down."" But if there's any emergency don't hesitate to call me and visit the hospital once a week with Elizabeth I'll need to give her a check."
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