The Favourite -My Own Flesh and Blood

The Favourite -My Own Flesh and Blood

By:  WENG FOXES  Completed
Language: English
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David meet Daniele while graduating from the seminary. He had long secretly admired Danielle, his favourite. Many women tried to entice David and made up amazing stories to keep his attention. Not because everyone likes her, but rather because she is funny, straightforward, gorgeous, and intelligent. Daniele has become everyone's favorite. Daniele has always fared extraordinarily well on tests and in class evaluations. She receives bullying from both her male and female young peers as a result of her decision to forgo makeup in favor of a comedic appearance. Daniele trained as a psychiatrist and a nun. Her superiors support her, and her friends envy her. She has been the target of plotting because she maintains her purity for the Lord while remaining untouched by human behavior and viewpoints. As a born-again Christian believer, Daniele found unforeseen challenges that led her to meet David. However, she has not yet tasted genuine love. She evolved into an emancipated lady and a modernized nun, which affected her siblings. David appeals to Daniele and she falls in love with him for these reasons. Many women claim for David but he usually denied. Daniele learns how to love David with all of her heart. David admitted that Daniele was his fate. Unexpectedly, the marriage minister offers them the quick union he had suggested. It matches David because he already has financial issues and his mother has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. As they are ready to go back home, they both decided to have children. They go on a secret trip deciding to have children abroad. Daniele suffered when all of her children disappeared, and David had to be following the laws. She resumes her profession as well as becomes a church worker until her children return safe and sound.  

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58 Chapters
Chapter One[The graduation]
Chapter One [ The graduation] The graduates are hard at work planning their graduation program and ceremony. Daniele is anticipating her valedictory address as the best among the graduates. Everyone is ecstatic. "At long last, our miseries are over; we'll no longer have to burn our brows and shed blood to review for a long difficult examination, and we'll have plenty of time relaxing and going to parties, camping, outings, and so on," Carla teases Daniele, who is reading and practicing her part for the graduation ceremony. " Can you please stop saying that my best friend? To do what you say is boring if we always are like that. We should be productive even during vacation." Daniele responds as they continue walking along the road going home that afternoon. The road is rocky and dusty but so beautiful to look at the green meadows on both sides of a long road. "Come on, I have no time for love right now beca
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Chapter two[The Community life]
CHAPTER Two: [The community Life] Daniele began her community life as a member of an international religious order of sisters. To become a professing religious nun, she must go through several stages of training and formation. She initially feels like she's floating in the clouds because she has that sense of peace and tranquillity, free of all chaotic disturbances and troubles. Her family is unaware of her decisions. She is the sisters' favorite because of her good qualities and desire to become a nun. As the days, weeks, and months pass, she witnesses some old candidates imposing restrictions on new candidates that she alone created without the sister's knowledge. She understands the importance of appreciating each other's differences. But she can't be at ease because her group is being discriminated against because of her slower rate of catching up to rules and regulations, but she finds her members very humble to comply. After
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Chapter Three [ The Secret love]
Chapter Three [ The secret love] David and Daniele run into each other again on a sunny Sunday morning as she walks along the path to the parish church.There are no other churches open at that time of day. The Parish church in Daniele's hometown is open every Sunday morning. "Why are you up so early? Are you supposed to sleep longer because the weather here is fresh, cool, and a quiet place where no one ever bothers you?" David inquired. Daniele bursts out laughing. "You don't know me. I love going to church, whatever church it is as long as I can worship the Lord Father Almighty. I can kneel behind the tomato plants or under the big tree if there are no churches in one place. I'm so lucky, we have one like this here," Daniele says quickly. "I believe we share the same religious mindset. I was born into our universal church, but I prefer local churches where I can express and practice my faith, which I conside
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Chapter four [The wedding]
Chapter Four [The Wedding] David and Daniele ask Daniele's parents for permission to go to the city for other wedding necessities. Although her mother was disgusted by Danielle's nasty attitude toward her suitors when she was younger, her parents trusted her. She appears to be quite attractive, but her actions irritate her mother, who prefers to see her dressed up and well-behaved in public. However, she is acting differently. "I just prefer to wear shabby t-shirts because they're comfortable, Mama," she cries. "But it doesn't fit you anymore because you've developed breasts and your nipple shows through your thin t-shirts," her mother moans. " Daniele's older sister interjected, displaying grumpiness. She was always a beautiful girl, but she was unconcerned about other people's feelings, especially her mother's, who seemed overprotective and embarrassed until she decided to become a doctor."You look different to
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Chapter Five [The first night]
Chapter Five[The first night] The sun started to wane in the west giving way for the shadows of dusk to emerge in the atmosphere. The neon lamps turn on the street lights so that people see the surroundings without looking but to know that there’s a light in the blackness of the night. David and Daniele decided to apologize to Daniele’s Sister for an early night’s rest as it is their first night after marriage.”So, where do you plan to stay tonight? Ate Cely worries about an accident the newlywed pair might encounter outside as she turns to her husband, who is cleaning the table after dinner. "We know you are already fatigued and haven't had any rest since you left the Farm," she says. "Honey, is your father's room apartment still vacant? Ate Cely motions for Daniele to hold while she asks quickly. Ate Cely's husband moves away from the dirty dishes for a second and approaches her, whispering, "What's y
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Chapter six [ The mindsets]
Chapter six [The mindsets] David could not comprehend how his lovely and pretty wife had managed to maintain her purity at the age of 26. Typically, young adolescent girls have experiences already having sexual contact with male inmates soon after they have their first menstrual period in western nations. But Daniele made herself different and he rarely met a pretty, educated woman. For David, Daniele deserves a lavish wedding celebration, which he failed to provide because he had made promises to her parents due to the ongoing disputes and issues surrounding his mother's illness. How he wished to give Daniele the entire world in order to ensure a bright future for her and her children. At this point, when he needed his family's support the most, they were all going through unimaginable hardship. Danielle is not aware of David's situation, despite the fact that she already senses that he is going through difficulties. David
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Chapter seven [ The First Member of the family]
Chapter seven: "The First Family Member" Daniele doesn't like her new surroundings or where she is because the residence is further away from the accessible amenities. Danielle is nine months pregnant and finds it difficult to move. But she constantly keeps herself occupied by making new, higher-quality accessories and final items out of raw materials, which is David's handicraft company, as well as mending the clothing of her unborn child. , Daniele learns to be content with whatever life throws at her marriage to David and her new unborn child. She can't wait to meet her child. As David had previously prepared a lovely space for the baby's birth, she sets up the cot and wall curtains. Their new location's surroundings one early morning appear adversely gloomy, foggy, and sprinkled with rain. After finishing her work, Daniele chose to sit down on a wooden armchair and left her door open so that fresh air could freely enter their s
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Chapter Eight [Competent Companions]
Chapter eight [ Competent companions] Even though she lost their first child, Daniele is incredibly confident in her husband's return. She gathers everything she has left to help her get through her low points and gradually heal the physical, emotional, mental, and psychological wounds caused by her enemies who attacked and betrayed her when she was expecting her first child. When David comes, Shaina, one of Daniele's close cousins, is sitting quietly in a corner of their apartment. David looks about and notices that Daniele has a little tummy already, indicating that she has already given birth to her child. “But where is my child? "David wonders in the back of his mind. He can't ask Daniele about what happened directly. David is so pleased that rushes toward Daniele in the bedroom, but he chooses to be silent out of respect for her family's presence. Instead, David uses his eyes to look for their newborn chi
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Chapter nine [Bridges across difficulties]
Chapter Nine [Bridge across difficulties]Daniele gets up early in the morning and starts to walk around the area by herself. There are no moving vehicles yet along the dark road. Daniele creates sounds from her footsteps, which gives her confidence that when the street lights are off, the sunrise will give her the signs that something new will happen this day.Her small shoulder bag, which contained her phone, rang.”Hello!Daniele answers the phone quietly to avoid being overheard by anyone in the quiet place.Danielle hears David say, "Honey," and her heart immediately begins to beat faster in anticipation."What's fresh?" David softly added, "I want you, honey.”He asks her slowly and tenderly in a loving and sultry whisper.Danielle responded, "Oh, come on.." as she turned around and her thoughts began to race with worry that someone might be trying to hurt her at that precise time.Danielle says quickly, her heart pounding as the cool morni
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Chapter Ten [The secret entry zone]
Chapter Ten[ The Secret Entry zone] Danielle is enjoying herself at the moment. David wants to take her on a covert trip. Danielle is innocent and a decent, highly educated professional degree holder with a doctorate in psychiatry. They are both inclined to adventures as they search for the hidden exit location to leave the country and the entry point of another closest and nearby island to move straight forward into safe travel towards his homeland in Europe. She appears to have no history that David is aware of, but he notices Danieles' strong character, beauty, and intellect as well as her ability to respond to any challenging, unfavorable, and unforeseen circumstances. She was a good swimmer and runner in track and field during her school days, but she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. She wants to have her own children so that she can have a complete family with David. The question lingers in the minds of p
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