The Broken Warrior's Daughter

The Broken Warrior's Daughter

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Cara Nelson is the daughter of two Guardians. Her mother gave her life saving the pack’s Luna and their young son, Rik, the future alpha. Her father became paralyzed while protecting the pack’s Alpha. Cara is meant to become the Guardian for Rik when he takes over as Alpha, but Rik doesn’t even know who she is. When the Alpha of a neighboring pack expresses his desire to take her as his mate, Cara gets caught in a battle between Alphas. Both of them want her as their Luna, but is it only because she is a Guardian who can strengthen their pack? While balancing her attraction to two alphas, she finds her destiny may not be as clear as she thought. Rather than her wolf having the soul of a reborn guardian like her mother and father, Cara learns that she and her wolf are the only ones in history known to have been born a guardian. When a third contender for Cara’s hand tries to force her to become his Luna, her Alphas must rescue her before it's too late. Cara is destined to be a Luna, but will it be by force, by fate, or will she make her own choice? This is Book One of the Guardian trilogy.

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81 Chapters
I’ve always known my destiny. Some search for years trying to find their place in the world, others never truly find their calling. But not me. I knew from the moment I was born to two Guardians, the most powerful warriors in my pack, that I was meant to be a warrior. A Guardian. My parents were fated mates, short for soulmates. Two halves of the same soul. Most werewolves strive to find their mate, the one that completes them. While there are some that see the mate bond as a weakness and instantly reject their mates when they find them, most only get stronger. That’s how it was with my parents. The mate bond made them stronger, and they were a powerful couple. As Guardians and the strongest, most powerful fighters in our pack, my parents were responsible for ensuring the safety of our Alpha, Alpha Anders; his mate, Luna Calista, and their young son, our future Alpha, Rik. It was during an attack from a neighboring pack that thought they could defeat our Alpha and take ove
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Chapter 1: Cara
As I walk through the halls of my high school in between classes, my fellow warriors call out to me. I wave and acknowledge them in response. Jason, my best friend, jogs to catch up to me. “Hey Little Badass, what are you doing after school?” “Jason, don’t call me that. I hate that name.” “Well, I’ve got news for you, the whole squad is calling you little badass after that stunt you pulled yesterday, so you better get used to it.” I stop in my tracks and look at Jason. “Tell me you’re joking!” By the look on his face, I see he’s not joking. Well shit! “Anyway,” he continues, “after school?” “Oh right. I’m doing my usual, hanging out with dad.” “And by ‘hanging out’ you mean training? That’s your secret right, you get to train with the biggest badass that this pack has ever known?” I stop and look at my long-time friend. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Alpha Rik with his entourage of females. “I see the harem continues to grow,” I nod my chin in Alpha Rik’s direction
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Chapter 2: Rik
Only a few months left of school and I’m done. I’ll turn 18 in a couple of weeks and if all goes well, I’ll meet my mate, and then dad can hand over the title of Alpha to me after I graduate. I meet up with Chase, my best friend and my future Beta when I walk into the kitchen of the pack house. “Hey man, what’s up?” “Morning Alpha, how’s it hanging?” he asks me with a smirk. Bastard must have seen Sheila sneaking out earlier. I smirk back as I sip my coffee, “no blue balls here.” He laughs outright. “Yeah, you know if your mom catches you…”. He doesn’t have to finish his sentence, we both know my mother would skin me alive. She wants me to wait for my mate. “She won't,” I reply. “What were you doing up so early anyway?” He takes a sip of his coffee looking sheepish before answering. “No blue balls on me either my friend. But, at least I’ll walk the girl to her car.” I smile at my best friend before grabbing my keys, ignoring his jab. “You riding with me today?” “Yep”, h
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Chapter 3: Cara
I finish out my school day and head for my locker. Jason is my ride today, as we take turns driving to school. This is his week. I’m rearranging my books to take home what I need for my homework when a shadow falls over my locker. I look up into the glacial blue eyes of Alpha Rik. Great! What does my future alpha want?I reign in my impatience and aggravation. No use pissing off the one I’ll most likely be bound to for my entire life. I take a deep breath, “Alpha, how can I help you?” Personally, I think I did a great job of acting uninterested while still being polite.“Hey there beautiful, I don’t believe I’ve seen you around before.” Seriously? This is his opening line? Like we haven’t gone to the same schools our ENTIRE lives? I put on my best fake smile, “I guess you haven’t. It’s a bit hard to see past all of your adoring fans.” I close my locker and lean my shoulder against it, facing him. I decide to have a little fun and bat my eyes. “You ARE an alpha right?”
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Chapter 4: Rik
I don’t know every member of my pack? Meaning she’s part of my pack? No way! My father has drilled it into my head since I was a pup. ‘Know every member of your pack by name. They are what makes the pack strong. Show them how much you value them as a pack member and they will always be loyal to you.’My head is full of these thoughts as I turn and head out to my car. Who the hell could she be? And I didn’t realize it at the time, but she never submitted to me. If she’s a pack member, she should have submitted to me like Jason did. So why didn’t that she-wolf submit to me? And, fuck, I didn’t even get her name. I’m so absorbed in my thoughts that I almost run into Chase.“Hey Rik, did you catch her?” I look at him and frown.“Huh?”He looks at me quizzically, “The brunette from earlier? Did you get her name and what pack she belongs to?” I look at my friend over the top of my car, ignoring his question. “Did you recognize her?” He frowns at me as he slides into the passenge
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Chapter 5: Cara
When I arrive home, my father is ready for me. I think when I’m at school, he sets up the training for the evening. He has a variety of training sprints that he puts me through. He mixes it up every day and I never know what it will be. Sometimes, it’s focusing on balance in case I lose the use of a leg or arm in battle and have to fight with a broken or injured limb; sometimes it’s sensory deprivation, in case I have to rely on my sight or sound only. He’s even taken both of those away and had me fight with only my sense of touch, taste and instincts. That was miserable. I got knocked down more that day than any other. But, it’s all good training and makes me the best and strongest fighter that I can be.“Hey dad.” I state as I walk over to the table and drop off my backpack before leaning over and kissing his cheek.“Hi honey, how was your day?”“Good. Classes are getting harder as we head into the end of the year, but it’s all good.”“Still getting straight A’s?” he asks.
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Chapter 6: Rik
Mom and I arrive at the memorial for Lily Nelson. It’s not the only one here, we memorialize all of our warriors and pack members that give their lives for the pack. However, Lily’s is the largest. Mom had them create a stone statue of a woman with angel wings keeping watch over her wolfpack. Each week, we bring several different types of flowers and plants to the memorial site. This week we have some poinsettias, winter jasmine, winter aconite and snowdrops. As always, mom walks up to the statue and places her hand on the joined hands of the statue and quietly says, “Thank you Lily for your sacrifice. I told you I’d never forget and I never will.”We begin quietly working around the area, removing snow, pulling out the plants that are dead or dying and replacing them with the new ones that we’ve brought. “Mom, have you ever met the Nelson’s daughter?” I ask.“Cara? Sure honey, haven’t you?” I look over at her and shake my head, “I don’t think so. I know I’ve never been int
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Chapter 7: Cara
The next morning at training, Alpha Anders put me up against three of his warriors. I wasn’t concerned, Dad has been training me for multiple attackers most of my life. Two of them will be easy to take down. Trevor, however, will take some work. Next to me and the ranked wolves, he’s their best warrior. He’s smart in his fighting, not just relying on his strength which is the mistake that most warriors make with me. Trevor watches his opponent and learns their weaknesses. He’s still trying to find mine, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit. I wait until they are in position, putting me in the middle of a triangle between them. I face Trevor, my biggest threat, while keeping the other two in my peripheral vision. Trevor comes in first swinging to punch me in the gut. I quickly duck under his right arm, sliding down to my knees and skidding over to Richard, or The Dick, as I call him. I swing my arm as hard as I can up between his legs and crush his family jewels, bringing h
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Chapter 8: Rik
All day at school I watched her. I attempted to approach her several times, but each time, I was either waylaid by one of the girls going dancing tonight or when I got to where she had been, she was gone. I’ve never been so aggravated about having girls hanging on me before. I wanted to know who my mystery girl was and it was really starting to piss me off that I couldn’t get to her. By the time I got home, I was in a piss-poor mood and I took it out on the guys in training. They were all limping and grumbling when training was done. I didn’t care, I was still in a bad mood. I didn’t have any interest in going to a club tonight, but Chase was adamant that we were going. I guess he’d found some red-head that he was hoping to bring home tonight. I really wasn’t interested. I couldn’t seem to get a green-eyed brunette out of my mind. Kai had been quiet in my head, but he was just as irritated that I wasn’t able to talk to her. I got ready in a pair of jeans and a tight fitting bla
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Chapter 9: Cara
When I saw Alpha Rik heading toward the bar where I was standing, I immediately moved to go back to the dance floor. Right about that time, the DJ announced the dedication of Who Runs the World to me. All the warriors in my pack begin to cheer. Bastards! I know they did this on purpose to try and embarrass me. Joke’s on them, I’m totally going to own it along with all the other female warriors. Lacey and I take the lead and rock the song. More and more girls join us and it’s total attitude until the song is done. Then, like the rock stars we are, we howl our dominance to our male counterparts. When I look up, I see Liam smiling at me. Oh Goddess help me, that smolder. Good thing these jeans are dark because a line of heat just went straight south and now there’s most definitely a wet spot giving away my desire for that sexy man. I dance through another couple of fast songs, knowing Liam is waiting for the next slow song. As soon as it starts, he heads my way. The dancers make
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