Hunter Bride

Hunter Bride

By:  Amanda Smith  Ongoing
Language: English
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I joined the Order of Valhalla Bridge because it was simple; they get the jobs; they send you your assignment, and once completed you get paid. That's exactly how this assignment was supposed to go. Just somewhere along the way, the web became so tangled. One slip messed up everything, now my target has turned into the hunter, intent on making me his prey. Determined to take what he thinks is his. Why would he think I was his Bride? They ordered my team to track him down, recover what was stolen, and kill him. Yet I reacted to his touch. If The Order found out, I would be dishonored. Now I am stuck between a possessive Alpha obsessed with a new toy, a vampire who thinks me his bride and a Berserker intent on winning me. What could possibly go wrong?

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14 Chapters
Chapter One
My clothes were bloodied, and my arm broken from the recent battle. I stumbled into the nearest night club I could find. After studying the target, I knew he had gone into one of these clubs. I looked down the street. Now to figure out which one. I scanned the room, my arm hanging at an impossible angle when I zeroed in on him. I smiled, seemed luck was with me the first club I tried and here he was. I heard Thana, my second in command’s voice, came over the radio, “General Nerine, did you find him?” I grabbed the walkie talkie and hissed, “Yes, first club on the right, he's not exactly a runner. Cocky bastard.” “Everything is ready on our end.” “Good, see you soon.” I walked to the bar and sat down as I waited for the bartender, keeping an eye on my target. Reva was supposed to help lead the target from here, but the coward ran off when we were fighting Prince Dagon’s men. I will have to deal with her later. “You need me to call an ambulance?” The bartender asked, walking over
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Chapter Two
Racing towards my teams trap I didn’t notice when he appeared Infront of me, skidding to a stop I dropped down and narrowly avoided his clutches, I rolled to the side jumped up and got close enough to my team to know that he was surrounded. Our target Prince Dagon was a ruthless killer and thousands of years old, not that he showed it. I braced myself for his attack, but he paused and looked at me, confused. “Why do you run from me? You are my Bride.” "Like I would be with vermin like you," I hissed, crouching low to the ground, getting ready to attack. I pulled my Sais from my thigh holsters. My blades sharpened to perfection, having been used to kill hundreds of vampires in my five hundred years with the order, were thirsty for another kill. “Those pointy things won’t stop me.” He laughed as he lunged for me, I pivoted and dodged his attack, slicing his arm. “Would you stop and just talk to me?” he asked, annoyed as his wounds quickly healed. “Unless you are going to give me th
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Chapter Three
Of course, they had to send Abtez’s team, why would they punish me sending me away and then sending the reason I was being punished here as well? Is it to test me? “Isn’t he the Berserker that got you in trouble to begin with?” Bryia asked. “It’s not a secret.” I mumbled grumpily. “Sorry.” She laughed, “I just can’t believe you of all people got in trouble with the order. You are our general and the leader of our team and respected by the higher ups.” “Don’t remind me. I fucked up, and it won't happen again.” I retorted, pulling out my dagger and pulling out my sharpening stone, spitting on it before sharpening my blade on it. It was a little difficult to do with one hand, but I wanted to distract myself as we continued through the city. I glanced out of the window every once in a while, watching the buildings going by and people going about their business, completely unaware of the creatures that threatened their very existence. We headed out of the city and drove deep into the
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Chapter Four
I headed out of the building and down the street, heading past numerous houses and buildings, past the pack house and into the trees surrounding the packs town, towards the campsite that we had made when we first arrived here. I walked up to our site, and Bryja appeared in front of me. “So General, what did Alpha Rawlins say?” She asked, her blonde hair falling in braids around her face, blue eyes piercing into mine. “He wants us to stay until the target gives up the location to the Berserkers.” I paused, “And just call me Nerine, it’s only around people that are not our team that you need to be formal. I reminded her. “Sorry, I forget sometimes. Did he say what he had stolen?” I shook my head, “No, I still have no idea why we were sent here, or why the order won’t divulge the information. The pack must have paid the order a fortune.” “Yeah, or they just wanted to get you out of Norway.” Thana spat, disgusted, as she walked over. I sighed, “This again, really? I already told y
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Chapter Five
“Great, the Berserkers are early.” I mumbled as I stood up and headed toward the noise. I left the tree line, finding General Abtez and his men arguing with the pack guards. One guard looked at me. “General Nerine, do you them?” I nodded, “Yes, although I thought they were arriving tomorrow. This is the Berserker General Abtez and his team. They are here to interrogate the vampire.” I informed them. “I already fucken told them that.” General Abtez snapped as he looked at me, then noticing my arm frowned and walked towards me. “Are you okay?” he asked as I looked at his men smirking behind him, probably knowing what had happened between us. “I am fine.” I retorted, backing up. “Why is your arm in a cast then?” he inquired angrily, his dark brown eyes shifting to a vibrant ice blue. “Price of the job.” I shrugged as he towered over me his broad muscled frame reminded me of a bear, he intimidated me, but I refused to show it, he was bald with raven tattoos covered his neck and hea
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Chapter Six
“Nerine, wake up?” I opened my eyes, seeing Thana looking down at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked, sitting up and facing her. “General Abtez wants you to go with him to meet Alpha Rawlins.” “Really? You woke me up cause the big scary Berserker needs me to hold his hand?” I laughed. “Pretty much.” Thana laughed. “Very well, I’ll be out in a minute.” “I’ll let General Abtez know.” She shared before leaving my tent. I looked at the cast on my arm; I knew it was healed already, so used my claws to slice through it and remove the plaster. “I stretched out my arm.” Good as new. I smiled. I loved being immortal. I quickly dressed, putting on my leather skirt and breast plate. I pulled on my boots and laced them, grabbing my Sais and sword before heading out of the tent. I pulled my long brown hair into a ponytail as I headed outside of camp where General Abtez was waiting. “Morning General Nerine.” General Abtez smiled at me. I narrowed my eyes at him, "I told you to stay away from m
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Chapter Seven
I left his office, my head going in circles, what the hell was happening to me? First, my target recognized me as his bride and now a werewolf as his mate, not to mention the stuff with General Abtez. This must be some kind of sick joke. Why would they recognize me a Valkyrie as theirs when I am not even capable of having a destined mate? I headed towards the pack prison, annoyed with myself for getting into this situation to begin with. “Nerine.” Dagon boomed in my head so loud it felt like my skull split. “Quit ignoring me, you are in as much danger as I am.” I guess the Berserkers have started their work. I doubled over as the pain in my head increased. “Hey are you okay?” A man I hadn’t met asked me. I forced myself to stand upright. “Yes, sorry.” I smiled. As I picked up my pace heading to the prison. As I reached the door to the prison, I heard Dagon yell, “I stole nothing, you idiots have the wrong person.” Before he yelled. “You are not just hurting me.” I felt as if s
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Chapter Eight
When I awoke, it was dark outside, and I could hear people talking. “You should’ve stopped the interrogation; you could’ve killed her.” Sáta yelled at someone. “She told me not to, she knows how important our mission is.” General Abtez retorted. I sat up, looking at my blankets. Blood was everywhere, groaning I stood and headed outside. “Why is there a Berserker in my camp?” I asked Thana as Sáta and General Abtez jumped, turning to look at me. “You look like shit.” Thana stated. “You are too kind.” I smirked. “Are you okay?” General Abtez asked concerned. “Right as rain. Did he tell you anything useful?” He shook his head. “No, he is adamant that he has stolen nothing.” I frowned, “They are positive he took it, so just keep at it.” “But…” “Just find out where he hid it, okay?” I turned away from them and headed to the nearby river. I stripped and washed the dried blood off my clothes with a piece of damp cloth before wading into the river and washing the blood from my hair
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Chapter Nine
“What did she do exactly?” I asked, now worried, if she gave away any of our secrets, our whole team would be put on trial and judged. “I don’t know if she broke any laws per se, she disappeared for a while last night and didn’t tell anyone where she went to.” “So, she did what you guys did to us?” I asked, breathing a sign of relief. “Yeah, but when she returned, she was acting differently.” “Differently how?” “More reserved and less like herself, it was as if someone else had taken over her body.” “Keep an eye on her and tell me if you notice anything else, okay?” Hetha nodded and headed back to her tent. “Great, now we have to worry about what she is up to; she was difficult to deal with before.” Thana fumed. “Hopefully, it is nothing we have to worry about.” I put in. Reva was the newest to our squad, having been with us for only about fifty years. Reva and I butted heads a lot, she had challenged me more than once to be the leader of our squad, every time I had won and a
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Chapter Ten
I woke as the sun was rising and readied for my day; I walked out of my tent; my team was gathered eating breakfast. “Good Morning, Nerine.” Thana smiled as she hands me a cup of the herb tea and a bowl of porridge. “Thanks.” “Can’t have that bond screwing stuff up while we are heading into the mountains.” “Yeah, that would be inconvenient.” “When will we be leaving?” Sáta asked, walking over to us. “As soon as everyone has finished eating.” I replied, after taking a sip of the tea. Valkyries didn’t really need to eat human food, but when we did, we found it doubled our strength and helped speed up our healing. In times where food was unavailable, we could siphon energy from the souls we collected for Odin, or from the adrenaline of battle. Once everyone was ready, we gathered our weapons and headed out. “Bride, where are you going?” Prince Dagon asked in my head. I rolled my eyes and headed towards the trial we would take until we were far enough from the pack and village t
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