The Iron Alpha

The Iron Alpha

By:  Naomi D.  Updated just now
Language: English
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The sequel to Alpha Osiris. This book explores the lives of the, now grown, kids of Alpha Osiris and the Iron River pack. After the death of one of their packmembers, the Iron River pack and his members are changed. Asher is next in line to be Alpha, but is he really ready? And who will stand by his side as his Luna and Beta?

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71 chapters
Chapter 1
Sierra We were out in the woods. Me, Asher, Alpha Osiris or as I call him, uncle Osiris and my dad, Beta Riker. Ever since I said I wanted to follow dad in his footstep, we’ve been going on runs together. Dad and uncle Osiris usually shift and we run besides them. It’s good stamina training. Uncle Osiris shifted back and Asher handed him some shorts. “Having a Beta that is also a friend is really important. There needs to be trust and your Beta needs to be able to challenge you if necessary. You shouldn’t have someone that will follow you blindly. Your Beta is there to challenge, -“ “Yes dad, I know.” Asher said annoyed. “You’ve said it so often. And me and Sierra are friends. We grew up together. She calls you uncle for crying out loud. We’re like family.” I smiled, we were like family. Growing up in the packhouse with Alpha Osiris and Luna Lily’s kids, Asher and Kate and my parents, me and my brother Roman, we always had fun. Not to mention the rest of our parents’ friends and t
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Chapter 2
Kate’s pov “Kat, let’s fucking do something fun today. I know that dinner for Beta Riker is tonight, but please. I can’t just hang out at the farm all fucking day. Dad is driving me insane.” Leia said. “What do you want to do?” I asked. “Let go to the fucking beach.” Leia said, nodding her head yes. Her shoulder length, lavender hair bouncing up and down. “Dad won’t let me leave the pack, Leia. You know that.” I replied. Dad had been very strict about us leaving the pack by ourselves. Especially after what happened to uncle Riker. He had caught the guy who killed him, but dad always suspected there were more hunters out there. “Shit, let’s just sneak out then! It’s only for a few hours.” Leia sighed heavily. She had gotten her dad’s potty mouth, his height and his love of sci-fi movies. But her mom’s eyes and body shape. She was my best friend and we were born almost on the same day. We had celebrated every birthday party together and she was the only one I could truly be mysel
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Chapter 3
Asher’s pov “What are you thinking about, Asher? You were gone for a minute?” My mom asked. She was painting in the gallery and had asked me to help her move some paintings. Mom was the Luna of this pack, but she was also a talented artist. So naturally, dad bought her a whole gallery to paint in when she first got here. "Yeah, that's Alpha Osiris. Big on the romantic gestures." Logan my wolf said. I thinks she just wanted me to keep her company. She knew this day was hard for me. I could tell her the truth. That I was thinking back to how dad had killed that hunter in front of me. How he had torn his arms off and beaten the guy’s face in until there was no face left, only pieces of bone and brain on the ground. How I was covered in blood and had puked. Dad didn’t realize I was there until I started to throw up. Dad was so angry and upset when his best friend died and I wanted to help. So I followed him. Or I just didn’t want to be alone with the dead body of my uncle Riker. I h
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Chapter 4
Leia’s pov “Shit, we’re running late. I still need to shower.” I told Kate. “So, shower at my place. You can borrow some of my clothes.” “You have a very fucking different taste in clothing that I do.” I replied. Kat sighed, “just come shower at my place. I’m sure I have something black for you.” We were supposed to dress up for tonight’s dinner and my usual attire was just some jeans and a cool shirt. Preferably one with either a marvel movie or star wars on it. Or something black. “Fine, fuck. I’ll wear some of your colorful dresses.” I said rolling my eyes. I secretly loved Kate’s style. Her clothes all suited her very well and she always looked cheerful in them. But we had very different body shapes and style. We were just very fucking different, but opposites attract. Just like dad and Alpha Osiris. I would see Asher tonight and I wanted to look nice. But tonight wasn’t about me, it was about Beta Riker. So it didn’t fucking matter what I was wearing. I was twelve when it
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Chapter 5
Asher’s pov I woke up with a massive headache. What the hell happened last night? How much did I have to drink? I didn’t remember much after Ela and Ariel brought the cake out. “You drank a whole lot of alcohol. Like way too much. And then you threw up and passed out in bed. Do you know how hard it is for a werewolf to get blackout drunk? We can heal, dumbass.” Logan growled, clearly annoyed with me. I had some vague memories of the night. I remembered seeing Leia in Kate’s dress and thinking things that I shouldn’t. She was sixteen and my sister’s best friend, so I wasn’t going to try anything with her. It would never work anyway. The Moon Goddess would never mate a half blood with an Alpha. And I wasn’t going to just have sex with her and then go to the next. My dad and Cyrus would kill me. Kate would kill me. I never thought about Leia this way. But she did really look good. Good enough for me to quickly turn my head. She was off limits and tonight was about uncle Riker. Not abo
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Chapter 6
Kate’s pov The dinner was nice. I know that’s weird to say about a dinner that is in memory of someone’s death, but it was really nice. Nice to remember Riker together, to share memories, to see everyone. To see Sierra. She looked really beautiful and she was always really kind to me. She treated me more like a little sister than a friend, but to her, I probably felt like one. I noticed Asher was drinking a lot though. This day was always hard on him, but when I tried to talk to him about it, he stormed off. Ash didn’t come back to the dining hall, but Leia did and she looked really weird. Like in a sort of trance almost. She didn’t want to tell me what happened with everyone there, werewolves have very good hearing, so I asked her to spend the night. Maybe she would tell me when we were alone. Leia finally admitted that Asher had kissed her and I didn’t know if I was pissed at Asher or happy for Leia. Probably both. Leia always had a crush on Asher and this must have felt like a d
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Chapter 7
Asher’s pov “I am surprised you called me, I thought you were busy?” Morana said. Honestly, the only reason I called Morana or Mona as she asked to be called, was because I knew she was a sure thing. And after seeing Leia today and having those impossible thoughts, I needed someone to distract me. Mona was pretty and sexy as hell. The first time I met her, she started flirting with me right away. She had no shame in telling me what she wanted and I found that really hot. She was a year older than me, but that didn’t bother her. But something was telling me to stay away from her, like she was dangerous. That’s why I blew her off last time she invited me out. “And yet, here we are,” Logan said, clearly finding my choice very dumb. He was still grumpy, because I drank too much. “And because you are ignoring your instincts. They are there for a reason. If someone feels dangerous, they probably are.” Logan added. “Dangerous can be sexy,” I replied, but Logan didn’t even bother to ans
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Chapter 8
Kate’s pov Leia and I arrived at the farm and Cyrus put us to work right away. “We have some new workers and I need you to fucking keep an eye out.” He told Leia, “you know what I do and don’t accept. No fucking slacking and what is the most important to me?” “That they treat the animals fucking nicely.” Leia said. “Don’t let your mom hear you swear that fucking much, but yes. So let’s go. Kate? You okay with working too?” I nodded, “yes, Cyrus.” “Okay, you want to help Leia out or you want to brush the horses?” he asked nicely. Cyrus was always really nice to me, especially after uncle Riker died. Or he was just happy that I was a good friend to his daughter. Or maybe he felt pity for me, because I barely talked and didn’t have any friends besides Leia. I could imagine thousand of reasons why he was nice, but it didn’t matter why I guess. I was just happy he was. Leia looked at me, like she knew what I was going to say, “just go brush the fucking horses. I know you like them.
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Chapter 9
Leia’s pov What happened with Asher had made me think. What if the way I dress is why I’m not dating anyone? I fucking like my style, but it took one of Kat’s dresses for Asher to finally see me. Maybe I should stop dressing like my old man and instead dress like my mom. I know how that sounds, okay. But my mom is fucking cool. She still looks fucking nice and she always wears nice dresses and shit. Mom’s been asking me to go shopping anyway. So it’s a win win. I’ll have her off my back and I get some new clothes. After I showered, to get the dogs poo smell out of my hair, I went to see my mom. Who was busy getting dinner ready, while my dad was bothering her. That man is obsessed with his wife. Like non stop touching her, even now. “Mom, can we go shopping for some new outfits after school? I was thinking of getting some dresses and stuff,” I asked, trying to sound casual. Mom got really excited, “yes! A girls day. I can’t wait. “We’re just getting some clothes mom, don’t make
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Chapter 10
Sierra’s pov Asher asked me to meet up with him, he’s been having a hard time. His dad has been on him all week. Although knowing Asher, he probably had some part in the whole thing. When I arrived at the packhouse they were arguing once again. “Asher, you told your mother you’d stop fighting. And then you’re slacking off at school?” Uncle Osiris said. Asher sighed, “dad, you already told me that last week. I know! I am trying.” Uncle Osiris shook his head, “that’s why you skipped school yesterday?” “It’s not important, school is almost finished.” Asher said, like he didn't care at all. “Asher! You’re the next Alpha of this pack. You have to be the example for the rest.” I heard Asher stand up from his seat, “well, screw being the example. Who cares about school. Being an Alpha has nothing to do with brains, that’s why you have you Kate.” Uncle Osiris sighed, “you know that’s not true. You’re smart too.” Asher shook his head, “I need to go, Sierra is here.” “I don’t know wha
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