FREED (English)

FREED (English)

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Can somebody help me? Can someone free me from the hellish marriage that I'm staying? Save Me... I'm tired of living. -AZAIA DE CASTRO

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    CHAP 1
    Four years.I counted in my thoughts while staring at a tall building standing in front of me.My lips curled into a bitter smile. It’s been four years yet this is still the place where I keep falling. I let out a deep sigh then walked towards the entrance of the house. I was about to ring the doorbell when I noticed it wasn’t locked. I decided to just come in.As soon as my eyes landed towards the interior, I felt the same vibe. I sadly smile.Nothing changed.My eyes automatically roamed around in search of him yet I did not find anything.My legs brought me towards the stairs, touching the same wooden yet smooth edges of the handle. “Bjorn?” I called out, slowly tiptoeing towards the steps.“Ahh! Faster babe!” Upon reaching the top, my heart immediately pounded hard. I was hearing familiar voices echoing throughout the hallway of the floor. “Yes! Fuck!”Slowly, my knees started trembling. Tears wanting to escape my eyes yet I continued to walk forward to his room—no, our room.My h
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    CHAP 2
    I did not realize that I had fallen asleep looking back. It was past one o'clock in the afternoon when I woke up.I started tidying up the room before taking a shower and fixing myself up.I stared at myself in the mirror.'Back to your old life, Azaia.'I thought and took a deep breath. I slowly went out and felt the house.I couldn't hear any noise, maybe my husband had left.I went down and went to the kitchen to prepare a food, but I was dumbfounded when I found a lots of alcohol in the fridge instead.I have no option in the end, but to go back in my room and decided to buy some stocks.I didn't even bother to get dressed because all my clothes are long sleeves. Just different colors and designs.I left the house and waited for a taxi to board. Soon there was a taxi so I stopped it immediately."Manong at the Manzato Mall," I politely said to the driver when I entered the car."Okay, Maam," he replied and started driving.I adjusted my seat and just focused my eyes on the road. A
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    CHAP 3
    It's been a month since I came back. I don't know if I can called it freedom— I can leave the house ,but his staff always following me.Like before, he often brought a woman home and moaned incessantly as if no one else could hear, then he would go to my room to hurt me afterwards.I am not numb, it hurts, it fvcking hurts physically and mentally but what can I do?Nothing ..I could do nothing but stay with him because of our son. I don't have anyone in my life. My parents are dead and all the property they left me as well as the company is managed by Bjorn. I don't have any fvcking knowledge how to run a company so I gave him the company before we got married. I guess I'm regretting it now although the company's doing good.Love?I don't know if it's still there but I'm still hoping that one day we can still fix this mess for the sake of our son.Rafael ..Thinking of our son makes me sad and happy at the same time.What does he look like?Is he living well?Is he healthy?Is he bei
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    CHAP 4
    "Where are you going?" Bjorn greeted me when I went out the room.I was a little surprised because he seemed to be really waiting for me to come out. Over the course of a few weeks my body re-accustomed to his pain every time he got drunk.I secretly watched him. Somehow I breathed a sigh of relief because he was not drunk. Because he's more violent when he's drunk, he doesn't really stop hurting me until I feel weak."At Ayesha. One of my friends I told you before on the phone," I stammered nervously.Yes, in those four years I still manage to connect with him through text. Though he's always cursing me in reply.I stiffened when he move forward and touch my face."Let's fvck before you leave," he said without hesitation as if the thing he was asking for was worthless.My heart beat faster with nervousness especially when he stared into my eyes.My throat went dry that I couldn't manage to speak.He did not wait for my answer and leaned me against the wall."B-Bjorn," I said when he
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    CHAP 5
    I'm currently watching a movie when my phone rang. I looked at it on the table and took it to answer when I saw the name of my friend, Ayesha. It's been almost a week since we last met, even though I always wanted to visit her to avoid my husband, I knew that it would be different for Bjorn. ‘She's back. Come here to the house and we will go to the bar together.’ She was silent when I answered the phone. I automatically stamp my feet as disapproval. I'm not fond of bars after what happened years ago, but I can't stand them. They are the only ones I have right now. "I'll be there in an hour. I just have to do something, " I said and ended the call. I sighed heavily as I stared at my phone. I bit my lower lip and start creating a message for Bjorn. I'm going somewhere. I will be with Ayesha and Cassandra, the two friends I am when I'm in America. If you couldn't remember, Cassandra was the one I worked for then as well as the next day from tomorrow. I typed long before s
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    CHAP 6
    Blink ..Blink ..And another blink .."What the fvck?" I hissed and slowly get up on the bed.I roamed my eyes at the unfamiliar room where I was. Then realization hits me. A guy was with me before I lost consciousness! I automatically scanned myself. It was as if I was drenched in cold water when my clothes changed. I'm wearing an oversized shirt, the worst is that I only wear panties.I tried looking for my long sleeve but I found none, only my bag was there. Then I feel myself. Somehow I breathed a sigh of relief without feeling anything. I'm a nurse, of course I fvcking knew if somebody just entered me. Especially and for a few years nothing get inside me.In the middle of looking around and feeling myself my eyes accidentally focused on the side table. There was a glass of water there while a red sticky note was glued. I approached it and even saw a grain of medicine. I get the note and read it in my head.Drink this when you wake up. Go to the kitchen after and eat. I'm in the
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    CHAP 7
    It’s already past six o’ clock in the evening when I got home. My heart was pounding hard while I was standing in front of the door. There were a lot of thoughts crossing my mind as I let out a deep sigh.What will he do to me? Will he kill me silently?I slowly reached for the handle of the door and upon twisting it open, silence immediately welcomed me. I roamed my eyes at every corner of the house but there were no Bjorn sight to see.I weakly dragged my feet towards the sofa of the living room and looked for my cellphone. Just as I found it inside my purse, my phone vibrated two times; a sign that someone left me a message.When I opened the screen of the device, the first thing to spring up was the name of Ayesha’s husband. I only clicked on his name and upon seeing his message, I breath out a sigh of relief.She’s fine. She’ll get discharged tomorrow.It felt like a bone stuck to my throat was pulled out. I was shock, scared and nervous when I found out my friend was immediately
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    CHAP 8
    When I finally decided to open the door and come inside, I found him at the living room, sitting on the sofa. He was watching something from the television up until he noticed my presence and turned to look at me with the same cold eyes.“Faster, bitch. Don’t act like some VIP,” he coldly said.My eyes blinked in disbelief. That’s it? There were no slapping nor kicks or punches? How come?Instead of acting like some frozen chunks in front of him, I walked up towards my room and did what he wants. I chose a simple black off-shouldered long sleeve dress from my closet and stared at how it looked like. It was a little over my knees yet it fitted me nicely. I just needed to look presentable from the whole gathering so I didn’t need to put a lot of effort into it. Applying a small amount of powder and lipstick, I quickly went my way downstairs in fear that he may run out of patience.After ten minutes of preparation, when he saw me from the last step of the staircase, he stood up from his
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    CHAP 9
    I woke up at noon the next day. I was in such a hurry when Andrei called me to pick up the child and his mother -in -law because my friend Cassandra was shot. My mind was unstable while driving. I could not believe that consecutive incidents have happened to my friends. I could not help but be afraid to think that I was next. I just held my breath and forced myself to calm down. This is really the hard part in my mind, I can’t help but control to exacerbate the scenarios in my brain.Chill, Azaia. Bjorn doesn't have an ex who is supposed to take a revenge on you.When I have finally reached the place, I quickly took Adrian and auntie to Ayesha's house to rest there for a while. After that, Ayesha and I went to the hospital to check on Cassandra's condition. Somehow I was able to breathe easily when I found out that she was not in critical condition. Yet my concern was still there because she was still unconscious until we left the hospital.I was already in a taxi and on my way home w
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    CHAP 10
    After saving some energy we visited Cassandra again. Wearing my long sleeve top and below the knee skirt I went to the hospital. We were relieved that Cassandra was already talking and joking with us.We talked about the events we had when we were in America. How unbeknownst to her that his husband was watching over them all along.We shared some jokes and mocks then decided to leave after some time. I was a little bit surprised because the guys' one friend wasn't there. I just shrugged that thought.Why am I looking for that mad man?I hailed a taxi and drove home. Like the usual, I met my husband and ex best friend's moans when I entered the house.Seriously aren’t they tired?Instead of focusing on what they were doing, I just prepared my food. I was currently eating when Safey came down the stairs. Smirk plastered on her face as she tied her robe. It was obviously conveyed to me that my husband and her had just finished.Tsk! I don't care anymore. It would be better for Bjorn to f
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