Twins For The Ruthless CEO

Twins For The Ruthless CEO

By:  Authoress Rhema  Completed
Language: English
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Stella Carpenter wanted nothing but to live a good life with her boyfriend, make sure her brother goes to a good university, make her mother smile and become a popular chef but that changed from the moment she set her eyes on Davis McClure. He is a well known cold-hearted, dangerous and famous man,also the owner of a well producing technology company, a CEO himself- the kind that no one could mess with but what will happen when Stella messed him up? Davis decides to punish Stella, it is a punishment that ruined her life and made the man she loves abandon her. Stella thought her life was officially over, she found out that she was pregnant with not just a baby but twins. What will happen when Davis comes back three years later and decides to marry her and take his children, will Stella give in or will she fight him for her babies?And at the same time, the man Stella once loved returns to her, how will Stella choose?

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180 Chapters
Respect For The Body
The lights were dimmed and the background was a bit noisy. Inside the bar were seated many young men and women, some chatting, some drinking, some smoking and some watching the pole dancers.This was one of the most biggest bar you can ever find in Switzerland, a lot of rich people do come here to chill and enjoy themselves, the bar is filled up with lots of sexy female workers with sexy uniforms where by all the girls must be dressed in a black short tight dress, by short- it means the dress would stop just below their butt cheeks, the girls must also put on a sexy make up and high heels so they would look like an attractive meal to their customer.Inside the back room, a girl could be seen hiding there and adjusting her gown, from the look on her face one would be able to tell that she was uncomfortable with the way she was dressed and that was correct because she was.Stella was only used to working in the morning shift, she had never been to the night shift before but she joined i
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The Night Shift
Stella walked up to her boss who was standing at the front of the counter. He is a middle aged man of 40 years, also known as the famous Landon who is; the owner of the bar. Stella hardly sees him because he almost never shows up in the morning shift, she heard that he was always active in the night shift and wherever she heard that from, the person was not wrong.He was making a phone call when she came so he signalled her to wait by placing a hand on the mid air, Stella politely waited and it took him over thirty minutes to end the phone call. The moment he was done, he stared up at her and his gaze began racking her from body head to toes."You must be the girl named Stella Carpenter?" he asked when his gaze finally settled on her face.Stella flashed him a low smile and nodded, he looked at her and nodded then his gaze continued racking her body from head to toes and Stella was beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable."Why haven't I seen you here before?" He asked and she loo
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Don't Feel To Ahead of yourself Mr,
Clearing her throat, she decided that it'll be best if she speaks up at least it's better than standing like a pile of nothing. "Good evening sirs my name is Stella and I'll be the one to serve you guys this night" she bowed lowly and placed the drinks on their table."Stella, what an interesting name" the man that first looked up earlier was the one who spoke up."Thank you Mr…"Awwwn sweetie, there's no need for Mr. You can just call me Richard and I'm pretty sure that you've heard of me," he smiled.Stella looked up at his face and studied it thoroughly then concluded that she hadn't seen or heard of him before. "I'm sorry Mr... I mean Richard but you're wrong I haven't heard of you before" she replied in a polite tone.The moment that sentence left her mouth, the other two guys stared at themselves looking slightly shocked. "You haven't heard of him before?" The second man sitting next to Davis spoke up and Stella creased her brows. Yes she hasn't heard of him before so what was
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You Don't Need To Be Rich To Look Handsome
Stella got to the backroom and shut the door angrily then sat on the small stool to calm her breathings. After calming down she began reminiscing about what she had just done. She had promised to be calm no matter what and yet she had lost her temper again, just what exactly has she done?What have you done Stella?, She clenched her fist tight and angrily scolded herself, she bet that if Landon hears about this then he would be angry with her. While thinking, someone opened the back door and she looked up to see her friend coming in with a kind of expression."Stella" Arya called and slowly bent in front of her. "I heard the gist about you, why did you do that?, I thought we agreed to be obedient?" Arya scolded.Stella looked up with her usual pout and bent her head back down. "Arya, I really didn't mean to have acted that way but the man was literally harassing me and I couldn't bear it" Stella replied.Arya sighed, "I know and trust me I really understand your feelings, I know you d
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The Most Gifted Girlfriend
When Stella got to her mother's room, she met her tucked like a baby in bed, looking as peaceful as ever while sleeping. Stella let out a low smile and moved closer to her then on the edge of the bed that was just beside her mother's head, she brought her hands to her mother's face and traced it lightly then bent her face slightly lower to kiss her mom's forehead. She would do literally anything just to see this woman smile because this woman right here has done quite enough for her, Stella was sure that her father's death had affected her mother the most because she really loves him, back then when her father was still alive, Stella would always get tired of watching them practice their lovey dovey and all but now that he's gone, she wishes that she could just see everything one more time.She heaved and raised her head up, she wiped the tears that were threatening to fall off her eyes then stood up. "Goodnight Mom" she flashed a smile before leaving the room. Stella went straight t
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You just slapped a famous man
The alarm kept ringing nonstop, indicating that it was time for Stella to get up from bed but as lazy as she was, she was finding it really hard to, even though she was inwardly awake but after seeing that there was no use in pretending to be asleep anymore, she lazily stretched her hands towards her alarm clock and turned it off.It was another day, another morning that was going to be like the usual morning, a morning that will be filled with nothing but pure stress. It'll start with her getting up and going to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, showering, drying her hair, looking for a corporate cloth to wear for her morning shift but before that making sure she prepares breakfast for her mother and her brother.Letting out a cute yawn, Stella found her way out of her bed then dragged her lazy ass to the bathroom to brush her teeth, she doesn't know why but she was having the kind of vibes that says everything about today is going to be sour but who's she kidding. This is the kind o
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He wouldn't dare
Jace's eyes widened at the lie that his sister had just spat out, he turned to look at her abruptly and she secretly cut her eyes for him. He just smiled and faced his front, his sister will surely make it up to him today."You went to Arya's house? why did you forget your phone at home then, do you know how worried I was" Hannah complained and Stella let out a sad pout. "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to make you worry, I thought I'll come back earlier, I didn't know that I'll be back late" she pouted."Naughty girl, don't tell me that you'll be going to Arya's house this evening too?" Hannah rolled her eyes and came to think of it, she has to use that Arya's house excuse again because she would be going on another night shift right?, "Mom actually, Arya isn't done fixing her house yet so I might wanna go there again this evening" she muttered.Hannah could only just look at this daughter of hers. Just what did Arya buy that they would have to spend hours fixing? Shaking her head, she
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I'll tell him during lunch
The moment Stella stepped into the bar, everyone began looking at her, some were even pointing their fingers at her and murmuring. Stella just sighed inwardly knowing that it was the gossip with Davis, I mean if it's not it then what else?"Stella" Stella heard her name and she looked forward to seeing Arya rushing towards her. When Arya got to her, she held her shoulders and stared at her face closely. "Have you seen what is trending all over the news and Media?" Arya asked.Stella just slowly slapped her hands off, walked over to the counter to drop her bag before facing her. "I saw," she replied."And... Don't you have anything to say about it?" Arya asked again, making Stella roll her eyes."What do you expect me to say? It's a rumor and it'll clear up soon" she replied. 'Hopefully' she added that one in her mind."You're in trouble Stella, what if Charles sees this, what are you going to do?" The moment Arya asked that question, Stella realized that it was actually making sense
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I did it for my brother
It was already three o clock and as promised, a car stopped at the front of the bar. It opened and Charles stepped down from it with both hands in his pocket. He had promised to take his girlfriend out for lunch and he is not going to miss it for anything.When Charles stepped foot inside, he noticed how everyone began looking at him and murmuring but he just decided to ignore them. His eyes searched around for his girlfriend and he saw her standing at the counter and having a chat with Arya. A smile appeared on his face and he began moving closer to her."Stella your boyfriend is here" Arya whispered to Stella and Stella immediately spranged up. She turned to her side to see Charles waving at her and she smiled at him. Damn, he was so early and she hasn't even finished packing her bags yet, seems like he misses her a lot and couldn't wait to have lunch with her."Babe you're really early" she pouted."Didn't we agreed three o clock?" He asked casually causing Stella to blink.Yes th
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If you want her, you shall get her
"Boss, the report you asked for yesterday" a man dressed in a neat and corporate suit dropped a white envelope on Davis' table."Thank you Alex" Davis replied in a casual tone, he took the envelope at his front and stared at it before staring back at Alex who was still standing at the front of him like an unmoving statue. "Is this all I need to know about her?" He asked again just to confirm.Alex nodded in nothing but pure assurance and Davis smiled slowly. "You can go" he ordered and Alex could only just do as he was told.Davis sighed and began opening the envelope. Since yesterday when the news about how that girl had humiliated him publicly, the media refused to allow him to rest, his company kept getting calls, reporters had surrounded the company since yesterday, asking questions and causing all these tantrums. Over twenty bodyguards or more had to join hands to drive them out.Yesterday when Davis had got home, his father was waiting for him and just as he had expected, his f
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