Granting One Last Wish

Granting One Last Wish

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
19 ratings
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Suit & Tie Series 1:Abby King has been through a lot at a young age. When her mom passed away, she has no choice but to agree to the terms in the will—one in those conditions is to marry an extremely handsome womanizer Seb Hughes. After what she’s been through, maybe Seb is the right person she’s been waiting for—who can protect her, accept her, and love her despite her dark past.

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Loved. Another fantastic book by a talented writer. I hope there is a sequel? I just love all the characters and not ready for it to end
2023-05-04 19:41:30
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Tímea KV
Amazing book .... thank you Author ...️. I can only recommend reading it.
2023-04-28 15:33:38
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This book is awesome.
2023-04-26 21:55:17
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Riz Agabon
love this book
2023-04-26 17:03:35
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Love this story! Enjoy your books very much!
2022-10-07 09:37:49
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Sherry Sookwah
I love the story. I enjoy reading the book.
2022-01-05 12:32:07
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Awesome I so enjoyed this book and the storyline was fresh and exciting. There were some editing concerns but not enough to spoil the read. Great job author will be looking for more from you!
2021-11-14 02:28:34
user avatar
Con. p2, Story clarity would benefit with better editing. I thought the dialogue was fun & funny, which rounded out the personalities of some wonderful characters.Some beautiful sex scenes which were not just sexually intimate, but also conveyed sweet love & emotional tenderness. Kudos, author!<3<3
2021-08-29 01:56:57
default avatar
love this book!
2021-07-13 13:59:39
default avatar
Great story
2021-05-22 09:07:31
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Ofelia Marquez
love the story.
2021-03-17 22:45:46
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One of my favorite stories on here - loved all of it!
2021-03-11 02:01:55
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Excellent series loved congratulations
2021-03-07 23:20:48
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Glinda Sudduth
you ended this book in a reasonable amount of time and the story line flowed. so many. of the writers just. write and write to the point one no longer recognizes it as being the same stiey.
2020-11-08 14:08:07
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Red Ragnar
I’m done reading this story in another platform. I had whirlwind of emotions. I hated that Abby has been manipulated all those times. I just love Seb for being with her when she needs him the most. He’s not just a typical CEO billionaire, he’s a man, a husband and Abby’s protector. Good job author!
2020-10-03 15:21:37
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54 Chapters
Prologue - That Night
Mackenzie  As I expected, the party of Trey Hamilton at the lake house is in full swing. Song of Nicki Minaj is blaring from inside. The
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Becoming Abby
ABBYThree years later…I h
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Bad News
SEB I’ve been facing the window in my office while looking at the exquisite and colossal buildings surrounding me. Business people right now are busy earning money, buying and selling, and cl
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The Promise
SEB I feel so terrified to hear from her saying she’s dying. How did her daughter take the news? Where is she, anyway?“We both agreed not to tell our daughter. Not until tomorrow, at least, but I know she’s going to hate me for this or her father, Seb.” She pauses. 
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Losing Mom
ABBY     I can’t thank enough, and I want to yell out loud as soon as I step outside the exam hall. I can finally breathe—breathe some fresh air. This year is the most exhausting year for me, and all I need is a long vacation—spread a blanket in the sand, drink a cocktail while reading good books. I sigh. I pick my phone from my bag. I have five missed calls from my best friend, two from Dad, but sadly, still nothing from Mom. I feel sick in my stomach. Is she ignoring me? I ignore those messages in my inbox. My parents are still out of the country celebrating their anniversary. Mom is always Mom who worries too much. A few days ago, her call was a little bit odd. “Hey, Mom. How’s the honeymoon? I mean not that part, you know?” I beam even though she can’t see me. “Oh, honey, I know, and I wish you’re here. You’ll love this place, but we can take
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Meeting Seb
ABBY The morning sun is slightly peeking from the curtain of my window right into my eyes. I wake up, and my blanket is wrapped tightly under my arms, and it smells like jasmine and vanilla—the same fabric conditioner they used. Someone must have tucked me in last night. I peek through my blanket, and I’m still in the
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The Touch
ABBY Dad settled for only Two days funeral. I’m wearing white instead of black showing that I’m not here to mourn, I’m here to celebrate her life, her legacy, she may be gone but she’ll always remain in my heart. I didn’t recognize most of the people who paid respect. I hate every word they said. ”sorry for you lost”
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Fantasizing Abby
SEB  Losing in the stock market, dropping dollar rates and losing a deal didn’t torment me, it’s a win-win game. But It’s been agonizing two days of my life. I’m currently fantasizing a forbidden fruit and I know I’m in a great trouble.Who would have thought Mike and Catie’s daughter is Hot? I
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The Will
ABBY These past few days of my life were so exhausting and full of pain and anguish. I can’t believe that I’m still breathing, barely. Barely breathing. I’ve been through a lot for my eighteen years of life but losing someone you love is different than being held captive and torture. Although I’m also affected mentally I’m not heartbroken, unlike mom’s death. 
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Surprise. Surprise
SEB I slump my ass down the chair after receiving a call from the owner of the industrial lot. It caught my interest for a while now, and he looks like he needs money. He has a few possible buyers, but I knew he is just waiting for a price rise, and I can be persuasive when something has caught my eye.I’m still constantly thinki
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