The Zombie King

The Zombie King

By:  Birdy Rivers  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ryan is the Zombie King, the man who helped the zombies take over the human world. Now, he's on the hunt for the one human he can't forget. Lacey is on the run for her life from zombies trying to forget Ryan. She didn't know he was a zombie, and she can't help being conflicted over how she feels about him. Zombies aren’t the mindless creatures that humans thought of in their stories. They are intelligent and function like humans do, minus the human brains they need for food. Turns out that zombies come from a mutated gene that only activates after death. They have been around just as long as humans and now they rule the world. When Ryan finally finds Lacey and brings her to his kingdom their worlds collide once again and so do their feelings. Can Lacey forgive Ryan for abandoning her after using her? Can their love survive in the new world?

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1- Lacey
On the run. I never knew what that phrase meant till I had to be on the run to save my life. It’s never ending. No place to call home. Never knowing where your next meal will come from or where you will sleep. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and it can drive a person mad. I wasn’t always on the run. Once upon a time, I was a normal girl living in the suburbs. I had parents, lived in a house, and went to school. I never thought I’d miss high school, but I’d rather endure hours of lectures and bullying than running for my life. Everything was normal. I had a crush who was also my friend, yet I also feared this person. Ryan was my protector from the bullies. He was three years older than me, but he made sure no one bothered me, and if they did. Let’s just say I don’t want to know what happened to them. Those bullies would often be found the next day with their own bruises, broken bones, and some flat out never made an appearance again. Ryan Adams was dark, scary, and intimidating. H
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Chapter 2- Ryan
Being one of the Zombie Kings has its perks. My father and many of the other Zombie leaders worked hard to overthrow the humans. We knew they would never live with us in peace. They would hunt us, kill us, and experiment on us. They would never allow us to co-exist as their fear would overtake all common sense. I’ve always known I was going to be a zombie. My father never hid the fact that he had the mutated gene. He transitioned when I was five. Growing up, I thought he was an odd man. Working as an undertaker for a funeral home, but when he told me the truth, I realized that was his source of food. Dad broke the news to me at twelve what he was and what I would eventually become when I died. He also brought me into the fold of what the zombies had been planning. A full takeover. Decades in the making, passed down from generation to generation, crafting the perfect hostile take over. I had never intended to fall for a girl. My focus was the mission. Overthrow the humans rule one o
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Chapter 3- Lacey
My mind is in a fog as it slowly comes out of the drugs. I was captured by zombies, just fucking great. I’m not sure I want to wake up unsure of what the hell I’ll find myself in. I imagined one of them was Ryan. There’s no way it was him. The drugs must have played tricks on my mind. Slowly I open my eyes. My body is sore. I panic when I realize I’m strapped to a bed. My arms and legs are restrained to the bed posts. What the hell? What is going on?“Easy, Love.” Ryans' voice fills my ears before he appears next to the bed. “Ryan?” I ask in disbelief. Maybe the drugs weren’t playing games on me. “Yes. I know I had to drug you pretty hard to get you here, but I assure you it’s me.” “Where am I, and why I’m restrained?”“I restrained you because I wasn’t sure what state you would be in when you woke up. You are in my home.” He informs me as he starts to undo the restraints. When he is done, I sit up quickly, which was a mistake because now I’m dizzy. “Easy, Love. You’ve been drugge
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Chapter 4- Lacey
After crying and sulking for a little bit, I decide to get up and explore the room. It’s a decently sized room. There’s a black four-poster bed. It’s a double-sized bed. There is a matching black dresser. I look inside. There are tons of black nightgowns. Some are simple, and cotton others are sexy. There are a few lacey bras and thongs. Near the bathroom door is a black desk with a matching chair. I notice there is a window, and I dart to it.I move the black curtains with the hope that there might be a chance to escape. To my dismay, there are bars on the window. I also realize I’m at least two or three stories up. Even if there were no bars, I’d die or be severely hurt. From what I can tell, Ryan really did bring me to his home in his territory. There’s a full-fledge zombie horde outside. I head to the bathroom. It’s a full bath with a tub and shower combo. There’s a sink with a vanity and toilet. It’s a nice bathroom. I haven’t seen a bathroom in two years. I run my hands over ev
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Chapter 5- Ryan
My meetings are done for the day. I was briefed on the raid of the human camp I found Lacey. Best not to tell Lacey what happened to her companions. Hopefully, she doesn’t ask. I’m waiting for the fifty questions to come spilling out. I know she has them, and I’m prepared to answer them even if I don’t want to. Before I head to get Lacey’s food, I stop by the medical supplies and grab a syringe filled with knockout drugs. I hope I don’t need it, but caution can’t hurt. I stick the needle in my back pocket and head to the kitchen. I grab Lacey’s food. Fetching alfredo, garlic bread, and a brownie with iced green tea lightly sweetened. All of Lacey’s favorites. I know appeasing her with her favorites probably won’t win me any brownie points, but I’m trying. I know it’s going to take a lot to win her back. I can’t even fully justify what I’ve done other than I’m a zombie and had to fight for my rights. Humans would have never accepted us. Hell, humans can’t even accept different races,
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Chapter 6-Lacey
Blinking my eyes open, I find I’m back in bed. The last thing I remember was having a panic attack about not feeling safe. I find Ryan next to me. He knocked me out. I thought for sure he would leave. I’m also not restrained, so that’s also a bonus. Ryan notices I’m a wake. He sits up and then helps me sit up. “How are you feeling?” Ryans asks, brushing a stray hair away from my face. “A little groggy, but okay. Did you really have to drug me again?” “I tried getting you to breathe, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t sure how to help you, so I knocked you out. I didn’t give you a big dose. It should wear off sooner with some rest. I’ll let you get that rest and bring breakfast in the morning.” Ryan says as he strokes my cheek. He goes to pull away, but I grab his hand as it moves from my cheek. “Wait, don’t go. I don’t like to be alone after a panic attack.” I confess. I should want him out of my sight, but I don’t. He stayed when he could have left. I also do hate being alone after a pani
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Chapter 7- Ryan
aking the next morning, this is a warm body next to me. Lacey. Last night was one hell of a surprise. I’m not complaining because I enjoyed every damn second of it. I was having a hard time holding back. My sexual urges are stronger now, especially around the only girl I’ve ever loved if love is the right word to use. The verdict is still out on that one. Can a sociopathic zombie be in love? Stranger things have happened, right?Lacey is still sleeping soundly. I wore her out pretty good last night, and I was not gentle at all. Although, Lacey seemed to enjoy it. I always knew she had a taste for the darker things, but not because she was dark like me. Lacey is her own little masochist. Pain is her way of helping with her anxiety. She was a little bit of a loner because of her social anxiety and general anxiety. I carefully get out of bed, trying not to wake Lacey. I want to go get her breakfast and process the night before she wakes up. I don’t know how I’m going to tell her the tru
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Chapter 8- Lacey
My head swarms with a dozen different things. I know I wanted answers, and I knew I probably wouldn't like them. I didn’t think the answers would have anything to with babies, turning me, or being introduced into the zombie world. I didn’t know zombies could have kids or that they would find a way to turn humans that didn’t have the mutation. It’s all too much to process. I’ve barely processed being back with Ryan and being in his territory. I’m freaked out being surrounded by zombies. Now, Ryan wants to make me one, but first, I have to give him kids. I’m terrified of zombies for justified reasons, and Ryan wants me to integrate into his world like it’s nothing. This is too much to process. I don’t even know where to start. Ryan wants to be in a relationship. It’s not a bad thing. I just don’t know how it could work. I don’t regret last night. I enjoyed being with Ryan. His roughness is a major turn-on. However, having sex is one thing. Being in a relationship is another. I don’t s
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Chapter 9- Ryan
Have you ever felt like you met someone at the wrong time and that things would be perfect if you had met them earlier? That’s how I feel with Lacey. If I had more time with her before the apocalypse, maybe I would have found a way to bring her with me instead of gambling with her life. As much as I hate to admit it, she is right about that. At the time, it was the safer option which might sound crazy, but it’s true. I had no way to keep her safe then. Perhaps if I had met her a few years prior, I would not have only had time to come up with a better plan to keep her safe but to build a better relationship with her. I spent an entire year trying to convince myself she was just some meaningless human. I pushed her way when I could, but yet kept her close as a friend. When I finally decided that I couldn’t ignore my feelings any longer and it was time to make a move, it was also time for the zombies to execute our plan of taking over. If only I had met her sooner, maybe things wouldn’t
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