Heir to richest family

Heir to richest family

By:  murali  Ongoing
Language: English
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he can make a billion dollars in business go bankrupt with a single phone call. the heir of the world's richest family.

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19 Chapters
chapter 1
the Springfield city,the university of Springfield city,In the boy's dormitory room 117,In the room young man named Patrick Smith is sleeping on his bed with a red swollen face and tears in his eyes thinking of the events that happened to him today.That day, early in the morning Patrick woke up and went to collect waste plastic bags and bottles. So that he can sell at a recycling machine to make some money.He does it in the early morning because at this early hour not many students in the university wake up. So, no one can see him gathering waste bags and bottles.Patrick was grown up at an orphanage. he has no money on him so he studies hard with scholarships in both school and college.He also had a girlfriend named Susan who was both his school and university mate. Susan is a beautiful young girl who chose to be with him even though he has no money.So Patrick took part-time jobs to earn money and make sure Susan was happy. He even runs errands for some students in the univers
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chapter 2
" Hello, young master how are you? " when Patrick heard this voice he jolt awake from his sleep and sat up straight on the bed with a shocked look on his face.he knows the person calling him young master very well .he is none other than the Smith family Butler named George Tomson.Patrick Smith is an heir of a rich family. four years on Patrick's birthday his grandfather said "from today onwards your training starts, to control this huge business Empire you need to be trained well. from today onwards you are no longer the heir of the Smith family. you should earn money on your own for your expenses from now on. no one will help you unless it's a life and death matter. ok " from then on Patrick worked hard on his expenses. studied hard and land a scholarship for himself. eventually, he even forgot that he comes from a rich family until he heard George's voice on the phone.with watery eyes, he recalled what he went through the past four years. clearing his mind he said to George "
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chapter 3
in 5 minutes manager Warner issued Patrick his black gold ATM card. she handed the card to him with a smile she knew, she need to have a good relationship with a customer who has a black gold card in his name because he must be someone from a big background. she as handed him her business card, not the bank's but her personal one with a smile and said: " This is my number please call me if you need any help ".Patrick took them with a smile and asked her to check the balance on the card.she took the ATM card saying " one second".On the other hand, Patrick knows exactly how much was on the card but he just wants the see a shock on Ms. warner's Beautifull face.Paige warner just looks like a university with beautiful eyes long legs, black hair and perfect curves on her body.Paige was just 4 years elder than Patrick and Patrick want to leave a deep impression on her because she is beautiful with a good temper.meanwhile, Paige entered the required details and swiped the card seeing t
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chapter 4
Patrick just left the class without letting anyone say anything and he thought of teaching everyone a lesson for looking down on him just because his poor.he took the phone and called George to inform him that he want to buy the lotus hotel. listening to Patrick's command George immediately no what to do so he asked Patrick to give him some time so that he can gather the necessary details and arrange the acquisition contract of the lotus hotel.a few minutes later George called Patrick to inform him that the Lotus hotel was owned by a subsidiary company belonging to Patrick's family so technically he owns the hotel."young master VVIP room 1 has been reserved for you exclusively throughout the year. it can fit up to 30 members. you can just inform your name at the reception and they will get you to your room " George said before hanging up the phone.Patrick was just looking forward to his moment today.that day at night everyone reached the hotel and waited for Patrick to reach and
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chapter 5
as Mr John came out of the elevator he Saw a young man at the entrance of the hotel in a red shirt and blue jeans hands in his pockets and tapping the ground with his right foot looking a bit angry at the security guards for trying to push him away.when John saw this his back became cold beads of sweat started forming on his forehead.he ignored the receptionist and all of Patrick's classmates and ran straight to the entrance of the hotel to stop the security.when the receptionist and Patrick's classmates saw their little confused and when the shop Mr John the director of the hotel pushed the security side and bow down in front of Patrick and apologised to him.when the receptionist saw this she started sweating bullets because Mr John her father was looking troubled and apologizing to a man who was just thrown out of the hotel by her. she was working as a receptionist after the trouble caused by her.(the receptionist's name is Louis John who just completed college. she used her f
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Chapter 6
The next day, it's Sunday the sun is up in the sky dazzling and bright around 9:15 am Patrick woke up from his sleep got up from his bed and opened the window curtains with a simile while looking out at the city Patrick said: "let's get started".Patrick decided to buy a new house new college area and a car for riding to college.house in Springfield city is expansive. generally, people would rate a house buy a second-hand house but to buy a new house you need at least 5 million for the smallest house.Patrick heard about a villa on the hilltop at the Royal housing society which is the most modern and luxurious Villa ever built in Springfield City the builders Royal Housing Society built this house as a crown to their Housing Society.the Villa was located on a small hill with a sea view when you enter the Housing Society gets you will first see normal Apartment buildings after them they are individual Villas after that you will see a small hill on top of the hill you will find the ro
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Chapter 7
while Patrick was waiting in the sales manager's office.everyone who can to the event started talking about Patrick."How rich he must be to just pay a 90million at once," one said "but he's so young. I think he is in the college," another said they wanted to talk to Patrick but the sales office staff stop them.so they left.the sales staff also thanked Patrick because the person in charge of the royal housing society said all the staff members will get bonuses if they will successfully sell villa number 001 but they never thought about the first it went on sale so just buy it without batting an eye.some girls thought about how would life be if they have a boyfriend like him. at the same time, Patrick has nothing to do so he's just scrolling through the phone.on the other hand, the sales manager was done with paper and phoned his boss Jessica to inform her.when Jessica heard she so and wanted to the person who brought the villa so she immediately started.after informing Jessic
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chapter 8
"come in " saying this Rita turned around and walked into the showroom. Jessica and Patrick followed her closely.as there entered the showroom Patrick noticed a Porsche taycan car on the display. so he stopped and started looking at the car carefully. the two women walking in front of him noticed it and stopped.Rita followed Patrick's gaze and found that he is looking at a Porsche taycan so she was confused and thought ' isn't he want to buy a limited edition car ' she immediately asked "Mr Patrick I thought you were here for a limited edition car right? " Patrick turned his head at said " yes! I am here for a limited edition car but I also like this car" Jessica and Rita were taken aback and took at Patrick thinking 'how rich is this guy?'looking at the girl's confused face Patrick smiled and said "why don't we see the limited edition cars first?" hearing this Rita took them with an awkward expression to the garage door of the showroom.the garage doors are highly secured beca
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chapter 9
on the next day morning, Patrick was sleeping suddenly his phone rang with sleepy eyes Patrick took the phone and looked at it.he didn't know who's call it is but when he looked at the screen his eyes widened and his wide awake.it's none other than his ex-girlfriend Susan. initially, he didn't want to answer it but he pressed the green button and put the phone near his ear and said "hello" on the other side Susan immediately shouted "Patrick why didn't you reply to my messages. ok! anyway any way come to the lake behind the university or I will jump into the lake and commit suicide on your name " without letting Patrick respond she immediately cut the call.Patrick was stunned for a moment looking at the phone and he immediately rushed to the lake he didn't to his because it will be too troublesome now if Susan see the car.he knows she is want to talk about the money she thinks he won in the lottery.as he reached the lake Susan was standing there alone she is beautiful but he neve
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chapter 10
"Are you sure " Walt pushed the woman on top of him and stood up. Walt was a man in his 30s little fat.when Patrick was young he met mat Walt at a party.Walt wants to force himself on a woman server Patrick found it and made his man beat him black and blue. Patrick could have taken care of Walt all by himself but his grandfather ordered him to keep his ability a secret.Walt wanted to use his family background to destroy Patrick's family but after learning about Patrick's background he didn't dare act recklessly because his family might be rich but they are in no way a match against Patrick's family so Walt's family did not do anything.on the other end of the phone, jack confirmed saying "yes, sir I confirm. it is 100℅ him " hear this Adam Walt's heart leapt with joy 'that bastard, I fill found him in the time. now I can have my revenge '.A few months after the incident between Patrick and Adam Walt, adam's father the head of the Walt family called him to a plan to get revenge on
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