Dear Husband, I'm the Fortune Heiress

Dear Husband, I'm the Fortune Heiress

By:  Alena  Completed
Language: English
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Emily Watson is the next heiress to a multi-billionaire industry company. Instead of taking her fortune and next step as royalty, she let it all go for a man she fell in love with for 7 years. Little did she know that the 3 years of her marriage was going to be cold and distant. Her husband has never touched her since that night, her mother-in-law hates her. Her life was miserable. Yet, she linger on because she loves him. Even if she watched him from a distance, it was fine with her for he was her every breath. Until one day he divorce her to be with the woman he loves. What's this? The woman is pregnant. Heartbroken she left her husband and the home she had called for so many years. 6 months later she showed up at the biggest and grandest Watson's ball. There Emily stood, the next heiress to the multi trillionaire of the century. Her ex-husband, Joshua MacClare was shocked that the woman he have divorce have made him yearend for her. His heart was beating rapidly for her, his eyes followed her every movement, his breathing was unsteady as she was close to him. He gulped as he wanted her. Wanted her as his wife again. "We're divorced," said Emily. "No, we're not," said Joshua. "Huh?" questioned Emily. Joshua smiled at her and said, "On that night, a rainy night if you have forgotten, the documents were destroyed." "What?" asked Emily. "You see, you threw our divorce paper into the stormy rain. So, the rain have washed away our prints." Emily's breath quickened. "So, since there is no legible signatures on the divorce paper, we're never divorce." Emily backed away from him. Joshua walked over to her and said, "You're still my wife."

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#Cringe the first few chapters! #BUT as the story unfolds, ML's love for FL will be revealed. #FL's first love (ML) will always be the hardest to forget. #PLEASE NOTE it does start out rougher than most novels.
2024-04-28 14:11:12
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Olga Del Toro
Nice story really interesting
2024-04-27 09:49:19
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mai velazquez
Good story, good plot, good writing. The story is easy to understand, logical in detail. The romantic scene is very spicy. I love it
2024-04-23 10:01:16
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Brenda De La Mater
Fabulous story
2024-04-20 02:13:57
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Such an awesome and beautiful love story. Great storyline, lovable characters, moving ups and downs, did not drag, written well and held my interest from start to finish. Bravo author keep up the great work and I will be reading more of your completed work.
2024-04-11 11:17:36
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Joan Williams
Another desperate woman book.
2024-04-10 03:03:41
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is this book complete?
2024-03-06 05:46:13
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Christine Owings
103 chapters 2/23/24
2024-02-24 09:15:18
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Easter Pitcrai
I hate this when authors make female so pathetic, begging man to stay with her and love . Can’t think you make better novel than this? Utterly a turn off.
2024-05-19 01:16:41
user avatar
Ellen Holt
Fantastic book ...️
2024-03-27 04:23:50
103 Chapters
Chapter 1: Never Sleep In the Same Bed With You
“I will not share the same room with you!” shouted Joshua. He pushed his small wife down the small flight of stairs.Emily reaching the bottom of the stairs was panting for air. She was trying to focus her visions as they were blurred from the fall. Joshua walked down the stairs and lifted her head to him, “I will never sleep on the same bed as you! Not before. Not now. Not ever!”Emily had tears in her eyes. She didn’t understand why he hates her so much. Why does he despise her so much.Joshua could see the blood on her lips and said, “Good, you’re bleeding again. More bruises and blood from that hideous face of yours.” He pushed her away from him.Emily’s tears came dripping down her face. How sad it was for him to call her ugly.Joshua scoffed as he didn’t care if she was crying. He stood up and said, “I want you out of here by tomorrow.”Emily looked up at Joshua and grabbed onto the sleeve of his pants. She said, “Please, Joshua. I’m sorry. I won’t ask you to stay in the same
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Chapter 2: Photos of Memories
…To her that was enough. It was enough that he cared for her, and he wouldn’t hurt her. Every small details like that was precious to her. Precious memories she kept locked inside of her heart.Joshua shook his leg free of her. Emily let go of his pants. He straightened himself as his pants was wrinkled from her gripped. He looked as if he was disgusted with her touch. Emily sat there on the ground with tears glistering on her face. She thought that even if he didn’t sleep with her, as long as she was able to stay next to him, it was fine. Even if-Even if she’s the only one who loves him than that’s all that counted. As long as she can still tend to his everyday needs, she is happy. She’s content with their life. For a woman’s first love it is their hardest one to let go. To fall in love at first sight is even harder to forget. For that person is forever imprinted in their heart. Even their faces will be the hardest for you to forget. Emily wept into her unbroken hand. “How is she
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Chapter 3: The Bank
…They were like animals that night. They took each other to their heart’s content.While they were hot and heavy, they didn’t mind each other’s touch and embrace. They both enjoyed that night together. They went on till morning dusk. How they held each other and whispered each other’s name. That night was the most magical night for her as all her dreams came true. She was finally with the man she dreamed of. All of her years of patiently waiting for him paid off.“What? Too many memories for you?” asked Joshua, noticing she was holding onto the pictures.Emily shook her mind free of the past. She put down the photos. Then her eyes caught several other pictures of her standing in front of the atm machine. She was taking out money from her bank. They both shared the same bank but different accounts, so it doesn’t matter if he taken picture of her. It was her money that she took, not his.Joshua smiled at her and said, “That’s a photo of you taking money out of my bank account.”“What?”
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Chapter 4: His Lover Have Returned
Emily’s eyes widened as she saw Megan. She looked at Joshua and he stared back at her. “So, this is why,” she thought. “You’re divorcing me because she’s back. Your lover have returned.”Megan stepped next to Joshua and grabbed his arm.Joshua smiled at her. Emily chuckled and asked, “So you been gathering all these evidence for these past few years for this day, haven’t you?”“What?” asked Joshua, flipping his head back to her.“You knew she was coming back, so you prepare all of this as a parting gift for me.”“Don’t think too highly of yourself.”Tears rolled down her cheeks.“You knew that he always loved me and that I loved him,” said Megan.“Right, that’s why you slept with his nemesis,” said Emily.“I did that because you kept standing in our way. So out of anger I took it out on him. So, I made a mistake. So what? Everyone makes a mistake.”“Ha-Ha. But your mistakes is far deeper than mine.”“You-” Megan frowned deeply at her.“You took aways Joshua’s planned and project wit
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Chapter 5: Sign From Above
“You naughty woman,” said Joshua, edging closely to her.Emily put her head down. She didn’t want to see their affection for each other. Now that the woman he loves is back, there is really nothing she could do. There is nothing stopping Joshua. For he loves this woman more than his life. Even their time during high school, no matter how many times she cheated on him, he will always forgive her and go back to her. He always does. She was the one whom he never forgotten.Emily knows that no matter how she stick by his side, he will never see her now. Even if she takes away all his worries, wipe away his sweat when he is sick, he will never realize her. He will never see her love for him.“See how they much love each other?” sneered Vicky.Emily didn’t know what to say. She was at wit’s end.“Even after all these years their affections for one another is still as strong as ever.”Emily’s tears started dripping down uncontrollably. Her heart was aching painfully. Her heart was shattering
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Chapter 6: Dark Clouds
PLEASE READ WITH DISCRETION! “Boss, our little princess is kicked out of her husband’s home,” said a man, on a walkie talkie.“Got it,” said a strikingly good looking man. “Make sure to keep an eye on her.”"Yes boss.""It's raining heavily, I need to get to her before she gets caught up in this weather. The last thing I want for her is for her to get sick."“Alright, boss, I'll keep a watchful eye on her.” The man hang up."Drive to the MacClare's home," said the good looking man.His driver nodded and the car turned around quickly and was driving over to where Emily was.Emily was strolling along the sidewalk of the street. Remnants of the past came flooding through her mind.Emily is twenty one years old this year. Joshua is twenty-four. Ten years have gone on by them like a flash within their eyes.They first met on a rainy day like today. She was eleven years old. He was not her first crush, but she was her first ‘real’ love. The first person to make her felt that her whole is o
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Chapter 7: Five Men. Five Prince. Five Uncles.
Emily woke up in a hospital bed. She felt her body burning all over. She felt like she had a fever and was trying to recover from it. She coughed as she was getting up.“You’re up,” said her eldest uncle, John. He was helping her to sit up.Emily nodded her head wearily.“How could you get this sick!” shouted her second uncle, named James.Emily didn’t say anything.“I knew it. That jerk couldn’t take care of you,” said her third uncle, called Jason.Emily felt their anger and had tears in her eyes.“I told you he wouldn’t love you,” said her fourth uncle, called Jordan.Emily started crying as they were all right. Correct from the very beginning. She was too blind to believe them. She didn’t know that they were all telling her the truth. She believed in her heart and her false intuition. She was too young and naïve back then.Her fifth uncle, Jack, walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulder and said, “Cheer up little princess,” his voice was soft and caring. “You will be fine
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Chapter 8: An Old Friend or Is it?
6 MONTHS GOES BY“Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to join in on the celebration of Daniel Watson’s granddaughter’s birthday. She turns twenty-one today,” said the announcer.The crowds was cheering loudly as they were all standing behind the red carpet.“Yes, everyone is excited as we are all eager to see the mysterious woman behind the name of the Daniel’s only heir.”“Whoo!” shouted the crowds.“Yes, this is the biggest and grandest ball that everyone is waiting for people,” said the announcer. “This is what we all been waiting for!”“We want to see her,” said the crowd.“Yes, I do too,” said the announcer. “But we will see her momentarily.”“We want to see the five princes too,” shouted a female fan.“Oh yeah, we’re going to be seeing the five prince as well,” said the announcer.“We heard that they been all over the heiress. We want to see which one she chooses,” said a paparazzi. “Oh,” hissed the host. “That folks, have been the hot topic for the past six months.”“Do yo
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Chapter 9: The Big Man Himself. Big News Indeed.
The announcer said, “Please everyone, meet the one and only Daniel Watson!”The lights dimmed and down the stairs came Daniel Watson. He came down the stairs with a big and bright smile at everyone. He was an elderly man in his sixties. He had a full set of hair. It had white hair throughout. He also had a short and stubby white beard. He was quite fit and good looking. One could tell from one look that he was quite handsome when he was young.“Please give a round of applause to our host, the big man himself, Daniel.” The crowd was clapping loudly.The announcer handed the microphone over to him.Daniel took the microphone and spoke into it, saying, “Thank you. Thank you everyone for coming to my grand ball and congratulating my granddaughter’s twenty-first birthday.”Everyone was clapping loudly at his announcement. Everyone was excited to see his hidden granddaughter that he kept so well from society. “I’m so nervous,” said Emily, standing behind the red curtains.“What is there t
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Chapter 10: If She Knows, Never to Show Her Face Again
Joshua frowned as to how Beatrice knew of this much. For someone whose only in the fashion industry she sure knows a lot about the Watson’s family history. “Does she know them more on a personal level than just business,” he thought.“Now, Jason is a young and handsome man,” said Daniel.Some of the fan girls were giggling among the crowd.“Jason is among one of the most highly seek out talent among all male actors. He is also known for having the highest paid salary among everyone else across this nation,” continued Daniel.“Whoot! Go Jason!” shouted Beatrice.“Oh, you like this young man?” asked Vicky.“Who wouldn’t? Especially that sexy body of his and good look of his.”“Oh, you want him?”Beatrice laughed. “No, of course not. I’m much too old for him.”“Who cares. Some women does it.”“Well, I’m not that type of women,” said Beatrice, glaring at Vicky.“Right. Of course not,” said Vicky, nervously.Beatrice looked away from her and said, “He’s a perfect match for someone who is d
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