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As the unofficial king of Lycans, Ezra has to get a Queen in other to fully take over the throne. So he sets up a ball which gets many she wolfs excited and ready to steal his heart. But this ball is meant for Alphas daughters alone, and not omegas, like Zara. She wasn't even interested in the ball, she was just an Alpha's daughter's maid After all.

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ZARA The ball, that is all the maids speak about these days. To me, it is wack and a very useless idea. I still wonder why the unofficial king of Lycans would set this useless competition up to find a Luna, it was pointless. "Zara, where is the salt?" I hear willow say from where she stood, the salt was next to her, was her short-sightedness that bad?"It's in the blue jar, willow," I say softly, flipping through the pages of the romance novel which I held in my arm firmly. "Can you please drop that book and help me out!" I could tell she was trying so hard to control how frustrated she was, but, it was vivid on her creased forehead, that she wanted to cry. "Okay," I say, I closed the book which I was reading and walked over to her. "What do you want my help with?" I asked calmly. She heaved softly, and then pointed at the dough, she was trying very hard to bake bread.I mocked at the sight before me, "You are failing miserably at this" "Very funny" she rolled her eyes."Would y
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ZARA The weather today isn't one which I like at all. It is cold and foggy. I was awaiting Alpha Helen outside the parking lot like she had instructed yesterday. She was taking quite the time, I was beginning to get annoyed, I was holding onto my tiny suitcase that only had three pieces of clothing in it. Taking a second glance at the exit of the pack house, I saw the Alpha's daughter walking out in all glory. She looked beautifully dressed in a black gown. Her make-up was done lightly and her honey-brown hair basked in its glory. "You are early, I like that." She said once she stood before me. "Thank you, Alpha Helen, good morning," I said. I had been so concentrated on her beauty, I didn't even notice she was standing before me. "Morning! Let's hop in, shall we?" She said and I nodded. "Sit with the guards," She ordered and I took calm strides over to a black SUV that was parked right in front of the Lamborghini the princess was going to make use of. I sat in the backseat
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ZARAThe party was over and everyone have returned home, The Alpha King had a maid bring me to his room. I was really scared and happy at the same time, I had found my mate. Selena was also happy and kept rolling in my head, I could feel her happiness and our connection was stronger. 'I can feel your emotions, Zara, mate wants us. He declared you his in front of everyone in the ballroom.' Selena said. She was right, I was feeling scared, never in the history of the supernatural has an Alpha king been mated to an omega, this is the first and it's scary."I pray he truly does," I said. The creaking of a door opening made me shoot my head up, walking inside the room was the Alpha king and he wasn't smiling, he looked really angry and as soon as our eyes met, he hissed.'What is wrong with mate? He looks disturbed.' Selena asked. 'Zara, go talk to him, let's see if we can make him happy.' Selena said to me. I hesitated for a while before walking over to where he was standing. I placed my
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EZRA Finding my mate was supposed to be the best thing that should have ever happened to me, but in my case, she's the worst. I know I had Norah, and I love her very much, but I've always imagined who my true mate would be, not this dirty omega, her sight simply disgusts me. 'You're a bastard!' My wolf growled at me, I rolled my eyes. He has been complaining ever since I unofficially rejected my mate. “I’m not a bastard, she’s an Omega and you are an Alpha, have some sense, Dexter!” I snapped at my wolf, Dexter simply rolled his eyes. ‘She’s better than you, you’re evil, Ezra’ My wolf growled at me, I rolled my eyes and shut off the connection between us, he was getting on my nerves. Presently I was standing on the terrace and watching the clouds in the dark sky, I couldn’t bare being close to my mate, she disgust me a lot and I do not want to see her, she’s very irritating. Sleep was slowly getting a hold of me, I could no longer continue standing here, so I decided to go back i
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ZARAThe chirping of the birds was the first thing that awakened me, I opened my eyes slowly to find myself laying on the floor on the terrace, I looked around and saw that the sky was very bright. I immediately got up and dusted the dress I was wearing. My head was hurting and I decided to take the risk and go into the room, in the hopes that Ezra wouldn’t be there. I pushed the door slowly and I came to an empty room, no one was there. I looked around calmly and then walked towards the bathroom, as soon as I got there. I took the dress off and immediately took a warm bath, I knew I was taking a risk because Ezra might not be happy with me using his bathroom, but I stink, so I needed a bath.Once I was done bathing, I immediately wore the dress again and instantly dashed out of the room, I sat on the floor and stared into space, I didn’t know what to do. ‘Zara, let’s run away.’ I heard Selena say, she knew very well that running wasn’t an option because he is the Lycan king, he’ll
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ZARAI Sat back on the bed as soon as Ezra left, I let the tears in my eyes flow out, I was so sad, he said I ruined his life and I don’t understand how is being an Omega a sin. Why do Alphas look down on us so badly? “You know, you can always reject him!” I lifted my head to see Norah staring at me, I didn’t even know when she walked in here. I didn’t pay any attention to her, I kept staring at my feet, not acknowledging her presence. “He’s mine, and he’ll never love you!” She said again, I lifted my head and stared at her. “You’ll never be his mate,” I said softly.“Is that what you think? Do you think we cannot become chosen mates?” She asked. A chosen mate, I never thought of that.“You’ll still never have the connection we share,” I said and she busted into laughter, immediately she laughed, I understood how foolish my words were, we do not share any connection and we never will.“Oh please, I’m not ready for this right now, go grab your bags, we are leaving!” She said, then a
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EZRAAs soon as our car halted in front of my mansion, I took in a very deep breath as I pushed the door open, Norah was asleep, so I have to carry her in my arms. I pulled her calmly and then placed her gently on my arm, she looked so beautiful as she slept, I can't wait to wife her and throw that dirty omega out of my life as soon as I officially take over the throne. I made sure Norah was placed gently on my arm, she was snoring softly and snuggled onto my shirt, I couldn't help the smile that crept upon my face. I walked calmly over to the entrance of my mansion, Luciano and my mate whose name I can't even recall were standing there and staring at me as though I had grown a horn. "Ezra, you know, you can just wake her up right?" Luciano said, he has never been a fan of Norah. "I don't want to disturb my beloved," I said, stealing a glance of my mate whose head was held low. There was no doubt she was uncomfortable around me."Please, let's go in, I'm sleepy," Luciano said, I ga
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ZARAThe first sound I heard was the great pounding on my door, I was asleep on the bed in the room Ezra had given me. The knock was so hard, that I found myself getting up and twisting the door knob. Opening the door, I saw Norah staring at me with her eyes wide, she was probably shocked by the expression on my face, I looked very angry. “Oh, it’s you, what do you want?”I said to her coldly.“You know sometimes it shocks me when I see you acting like the boss.” She said, I rolled my eyes.“What do you fucking want, Norah?” I snarled at her. She chuckled and shook her head pitifully. “Ezra wants you out, he said I should tell you to fucking get dressed and get your filthy omega ass on the road and get a job.” She said with so much happiness in her voice, I did not doubt that Ezra would say a thing like that. “And?” I asked, I had a bored expression on my face.“Just make sure you’re out by 7 am!” She said, I rolled my eyes and banged my door on her face, I could hear her gasp, and
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ZARAAfter Luciano had dropped me off, I thanked him as he drove away, he is such a fine young man, he’s very nice and I bet any woman that would be his mate would be extremely lucky. I walked into the building before me, I didn’t know where to go, I was really confused and Luciano couldn’t help me because he had to run. He had to run for work, but he had given me money in other to get food at the Caffe close by, and he also said he’ll pick me up by midnight, like I said, he’s such a nice man. “Excuse me, madam, may I help you?” A lady asked, I turned around to find a slender lady staring at me, she wasn’t smiling.“I’m here to see Mr. Jefferson,” I said to her, I felt a bit timid standing before her, she looked very perfect. She was slim but her curves were very visible.“Mr. Jefferson isn’t here, you can speak to me.” She said, I read the name engrossed on the badge that her chest and it spelled Willow. “Willow?” I asked, she suddenly had a smile on her face. “Yes, my name is Wi
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ZARAIf there was one person I knew Ezra hated, it was the man that was seating before me. Xavier Moon, the head of the Malani Rouge Empire. “What do you want from me?”I asked, there was no way he could be here by my side without a motive.“I felt your Aura, it was very powerful.” He said, I was confused at the moment.“What Aura? I’m an Omega!” I said, he chuckled.“But you are mated to Ezra, I knew you were the Queen the moment I walked in here.” He said, I took in a deep breath.“But I haven’t been marked, that’s not possible,” I said.“But you stayed with him in the same room, but, shockingly, a king didn’t immediately claim his mate.” He said, I looked away. Lycan Kings were possessive and if he could feel that I was the Queen, then other werewolves can and they would for sure sense that Ezra does not love me.“Yeah! Shocking!” I said sarcastically and he laughed.“Ezra is a very funny man, I would claim a woman like you in a second.” He said, I raised a brow at him and he chuc
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