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[MATURE CONTENT 18+] "I hate you !!" Angelina cried out while beating his chest with her hands. Danzel just smirked at her little attempt. He lowered himself until he could feel the fear from her breaths and said, "Oh my Love, you can hate as much as you want, It doesn't affect me either way!! But one thing you get straight into that brain of yours is that there is no escape from me. I am your biggest nightmare! ". Angelina's eyes widened in fear. But little did she know that she was just waking up the dead feelings in his heart..... [contains sexual scenes, abusive language, and explicit scenes]

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94 Chapters
chapter 1
hello, my lovely readers, bunnykoo is here! i love to come up with different and unique concepts to write. I challenge myself with different genres. Hope you love and appreciate my work. ♥︎ANGELINA -"Angelina, get up!" A high-pitched voice rang in my ears. A groan escaped from the back of my throat. Not wanting to open my eyes, I decided to igno—"What the hell!" I screamed in shock and disbelief as I stared at my best friend who had an empty bucket in her hand and a smirk playing on her lips."Have you gone insane, Lexi?" I yelled at her, pointing at my wet shirt and wet bed.She just rolled her eyes and said, "Come on Angel, you are the laziest person I have ever met, I wonder how I put up with you."I glared at her words.Lexi was perfect in her own sense. With beautiful green eyes and short brown curly hair which swayed across her neck, she had a beautiful body. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Swartz, owned a small publishing company and they had a good reputation in society. She lived
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chapter 2
DanzelI stared at the lady who was laying next to me. Her face was full of sweat and she seemed exhausted.I smirked.After all, I did worn her out. I fucked her rough and exceptionally hard till she.couldn't help but fall unconscious as soon as she came. I stared at her frowning slightly when I couldn't come up with a name. Shit, I don't even remember her name!! Not because I didn't ask her but my mind was busy imagining someone else. What would I do, the way my mind was fucked up by the black-headed girl?Angelina...Oh god!The way her name falls on my lips makes me want to say it the entire day.I still remember the day I saw her for the first time...I had gone to take my money from the owner of a shop who had refused to give his loan to my men. He denied paying back even after two warnings, so there was only one method left, which was my favorite one!!To kill him!Yea, I loved to kill. I loved to see the fear in their eyes when I had their lives in my hands. It seemed to boast
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chapter 3
Angelina-"Angelina, wake up. You'll be late!"I groaned in my sleep when my mother called me from downstairs. I ignored her and pulled the pillow over my ears to mute her voice. I heard her call me twice and then she screamed,"Angelina Patrick! If you don't get your ass down, I'll personally come up and pull you by your ears!"My eyes shot open at her angry voice. When my mother calls us by our full name it means she's done being good and will soon turn into the dangerous mom.Letting out an irritated groan, I got up from my bed and headed toward the shower. After a quick hot shower, I chose to wear a simple white dress and then strode down. I always preferred wearing simple outfits. I didn't have any glamorous figure to show up so I never thought about what to wear.I looked at myself and smiled. It did look good on me. Applying a hint of make-up, I went downstairs.As soon as I entered the kitchen the sweet aroma of pancakes filled my nostrils and my stomach growled in hunger."Go
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chapter 4
Angelina My head hurts a lot. I tried to open my eyes and take in the surroundings. Where am I? This isn't my place neither Lexis's nor my aunt's. I tried to focus on the last thing I remember and then the images of last night start flashing across my mind. I start sweating.Oh god... am I kidnapped by the same men..?? But I vividly remember a man who was fighting for me. He did save me, didn't he? Could he leave me there with those man-eaters and run. He was too strong than them so possibly he couldn't lose.I needed something to drink. My throat felt dry. I saw that there was a glass of juice kept on the nightstand across the bed. So I took it and drink it in a breath.Damn my throat hurts.I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain in my throat to subside. After I feel a bit better, I open my eyes to take in the room where I have taken comfort. When I look around the room it seemed familiar. Then the realization hits me and I gasp.Oh my god...This is the room which I always dreamt o
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chapter 5
Angelina I stood there staring at the walls; my brain was still processing what had happened. I have never let any man enter my personal space till now. Of course, I've had crushed in the past but I remember never being so dumbstruck in front of a guy I just met.I should have slapped him for just walking in while I was naked but my mind and my body betrayed me. Instead of pushing me away, I let him hold me against me. It was like my body liked his touch, his minty breath, and mostly his piercing blue eyes. The way those beautiful pair of eyes stared at me, eyeing me up and down, I felt myself trembling under the intense gaze. My mind started coming up with all the excuses for my inappropriate behavior, maybe it was his looks. Yes, it was only because he was handsome and sexy or maybe it was because I liked his tense, hard muscles, the way his lips were almost there too—Oh god, Angel! Get a grip!! Stupid girl, stupid hormones, I scolded myself.Not soon did I feel my stomach churnin
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chapter 6
Angelina“Yes now you belong to me my angel"His words kept ringing in my ears.Tears pricked my eyes as I stared at the bookshelf behind him. My eyes darted towards the room and then I gasped in shock.The room, the closet-"How is this room planned exactly like I wanted it to be?" I asked him, "How is that possible?""I have my ways. "He said shrugging off.My ways? What ways? It wasn't possible to know everything I liked unless my eyes widened at the realization when I joined all the pieces together."It was you, wasn't it? You were stalking me this whole time, right?" I asked him, my heart palpitating under my ribcage.He didn't answer but instead, smirked in response.My anger rose. "You are a sick man, you know that?" I said harshly. "How dare you do this to me! You are a pathetic, obsessive, and ruthless monster. "I yelled at his face.Hearing my words, his eyes darkened. "Shut up!" He shouted and punched the wall in rage. A whimper left my life at his voice. My blood ran cold
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chapter 7
AngelinaI blinked open my eyes and stared at the white ceiling. A faint throbbing at the back of my head made me his. I did not move but tried to remember what had happened. I remember Danzel leaving the house and I tried to escape, he came and found me hanging down, and thenOh god, I fell!Crap! Danzel going to kill me!He told me not to leave the room and I tried to run. My heart raced at the thought of him hurting my family for my actions. And if that ever happens, I don't think I'll ever handle that. I glanced at my state and then gasped. I had bruises over my body, my foot was bandaged but it did not hurt when I moved it slightly.I stopped moving completely when the door opened and Danzel walked in. He was busy looking at some papers in his hand so he didn't acknowledge that I was awake. So instead of making my presence known, I took in his appearance. Felt droplets of water dripping from his hair. He had his coffee in one hand and papers in the other. He walked over to the cou
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chapter 8
AngelinaMy sleep was disturbed when my phone rang just beneath my pillow which made me jump in my sleep and jolt up on the bed, my heart thumping vigorously in my chest. I glared at the screen and then snapped,"What?""Good morning, sunshine!" Creed's voice rang through the speaker. I groaned in annoyance. God, how can he be so cheerful?"Morning!" I grumbled. "Why did you call?""Well, Danzel called me and said you wanted to go out somewhere.""Did he now?" I asked yawning loudly."Yes, he did. Now get up and get ready because it's ten in the morning.""Okay," I mumbled.I leaned my face on my hands and closed my eyes. Last night, my eyes closed around two in the morning. I kept thinking about him, about our kiss. My fingers went over and grazed my lips, feeling a strange feeling growing inside. He kissed me. The feeling was nothing compared to what Lexi had described to me. It was more than that; it was more intense and deep. My thoughts were interrupted by the buzzing of my phon
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chapter 9
Angelina -"Thomas".I whispered in shock.What is he doing here? Oh god, what if Danzel sees him here?"Angelina," Thomas breathed out, "Where have you been?""Uh--""Forget it," he said suddenly, "let's get you out of here.""Wait!" I stopped him."What?""He's there outside waiting for me, "I whispered frighteningly."Who?" Thomas asked confusingly."Dan—" I stopped and then spoke, "my kidnapper!"Thomas clenched his fist, probably sensing the terror in my eyes, and then assured me, "He won't catch you. I won't let him, okay?"I nodded.I slowly peeped out of the washroom to see whether Danzel was there nearby. There was no sign of Danzel. Maybe he must be waiting for me in the store.I turned around and nodded at Thomas, "He's not there."As soon as the words left my mouth, Thomas took my hand, pulled me by his side, and walked out. I kept my head down, blood rushing through my system faster than usual. We stopped by the elevator and then stood in between the crowd."Hey, it's oka
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change 10
Danzel "Fuck!"I cursed loudly and threw the lamp on the wall, shattering it into pieces.I drank the remaining bourbon from the glass and crushed it in my hands, and watched the blood dripping from my hand. The pain multiplied the anger I felt boiling up my senses.She is right, I am a monster. How could I do that thing? How did my own bloody hands hurt my Angelina?"Fuck! Fuck, I am a monster, fucking heartless beast." I repeated her words aloud.I had never hurt any women in my life, never laid hands on any of them but still I hurt the only one who was close to me, who mattered to me.I sat on the couch holding my head in my bleeding hand. As soon as I closed my eyes, her face flashed through my mind, recollecting everything that happened today.I was scared when she didn't come out of the washroom. The thought of her being hurt by any of my enemies made my hands fist. I hurried to the washroom and called her from outside. But when there was no response from the other side, I went
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