Saving Levi (MxM)

Saving Levi (MxM)

By:  The Awkward Leaf  Completed
Language: English
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Levi is a billionaire. Lavish lifestyle, huge mansion, fancy cars. He could have everything in the palm of his hand. Levi has it all, but a companion. He can't seem to keep genuine friends. His only true friend was his butler, George, but after he passed, Levi was engulfed in loneliness. So Levi hired an escort instead of going to therapy.

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30 Chapters
I stared down at the casket as it was being lowered into the grave. There was no one else here besides myself and the priest. I just stood there motionless as they covered the grave. The only man who ever gave a shit about me is now buried six feet underground. "The man loved you like his own son. He's proud of you, that's for sure." The priest says before patting my shoulder and leaving me alone. I just gave him a nod in response. "Bye, George. Until we meet again." I bid my final goodbye before turning to leave. I got in my car, I was dreading going home. I'm too scared to be faced with the reality that I'm alone again. I let out a sigh before turning on the engine and making my way home. It didn't take long before I reached the driveway. I turned off the engine and stayed in the car for a few minutes before mustering the courage to get out. As soon as I opened the doors to the house, I was met with an eerie silence. "Fuck this," I say before slamming the door shut behind me as
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It has been a week since George's funeral and it's been a week since I've gone home. The mansion was left empty except for the housekeepers and gardeners who come in from time to time. I still couldn't bear to go home. I stepped out of the car and let the valet take my car before entering the hotel. I went straight to the elevator, not wanting to deal with anyone and as the elevator doors closed, a hand stopped it. I let out a sigh of frustration as another person entered. I pushed myself onto the corner, trying to avoid any conversation as much as possible. I could feel the man, looking at me from time to time, but I kept my gaze forward. "Hey." The man greeted me, but I ignored him. "O-kay. My name's Alex." He said with a small wave. I let out a sigh and moved forward so that he was behind me. The elevator ride suddenly felt excruciatingly long. The man tapped my shoulder before slipping a calling card in my suit pocket. "Call me. You look like you need it." He said with a wink
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I look back into the mirror for the nth time after changing my shirt again. I don't know why I'm so anxious about this meeting. I don't even know what possessed me to meet up with him. I finally settled with a printed button-up shirt and some jeans. I put on my sneakers before heading out of the room. I entered the elevator and once again, prayed that I'll be alone for the whole ride. My feet wouldn't stop tapping against the floor as I anxiously waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor. The elevator finally stopped and I quickly got out. The cafe wasn't far so I decided to just take a walk. I immediately spotted Alex sitting in one of the booths. We locked eyes and he waved me over. I gave him a small wave before entering the cafe. He motioned to the seat in front of him so I hesitantly took a seat. "Don't look so nervous. I don't bite." He said before sending a wink my way. Blood rushed to my face. "Did you order already?" I asked, trying to seem unaffected by his comme
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A while later, a knock sounded on my door. I quickly got up and let Alex inside the room. "Just sit on the couch, I'll get you your payment," I told him before entering my closet where my safe is. I took sixty thousand dollars of cash out of the safe and quickly closed it. I went back into the room and handed the cash to Alex. He looked at me in shock. "Give me the whole payment already? You have way too much trust in me." He said as he took the cash and I just shrug. "You haven't given me a reason to not trust you," I replied. "I haven't given you a reason to trust me as well." He said. "Do you want to rest first or do you want me to tour you around?" I asked. "I'd like a tour, please. Let me just put this in my room." He said as he slaps the wad of cash on his hand. "I'll wait for you in the hallway," I said as I exit the room with him behind me. I closed the door to my room and leaned on the wall as I waited for him to go back out of his room. He soon entered the hallway an
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Alex told me to stay in my room as he prepares for our date. I kept on insisting that I should help him but he just shooed me away, telling me that it would ruin the surprise. I walk around my room, trying to think of what to do to pass time. I decided to just work on what to wear so I went inside my closet and looked through the clothes that I could probably wear. Alex just told me to wear some earth tones. The fuck does that even mean. I took out my phone and looked through earth-tone outfits before deciding to settle on one outfit that I knew I could replicate. I put the outfit on and walk over to the rack of perfumes. I decided on using a perfume with smokey notes because it's brown. I picked up some white sneakers from the shoe cabinet and put them on. I stand in front of the mirror and look over my outfit. It was good enough, I guess. I walked back into my room and sat on the couch as I waited for Alex to call me. Soon enough, there was a knock on the door so I stood up to open
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I sat in the shower as the water flowed from my head down to the rest of my body. I just sat there and stared at the wall. I couldn't get over the embarrassment of what happened earlier. I heard him knocking at my door earlier, but I just decided to ignore it. I couldn't face him after what happened. It's best if I just terminate the agreement as soon as I can. The water soon started to get cold so I finally stood up and turned off the shower. I stepped out and dried myself off with a towel, wrapping it around my waist before going back to my room. I decided on just wearing some boxers and a large shirt before getting myself in bed. I tossed and turned, not being able to sleep. I let out a sigh and stared at the ceiling before finally closing my eyes. Thoughts keep on running in my head. What does Alex think of me now? We didn't even talk about signing an NDA and he could easily use this against me. I don't know how I would approach him after this. ... The brightness of the sun wok
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"You were saying," I said, clearing my throat."Uhm, Mr. Leroy wants to meet with you today. He's here right now actually." Liana says.I let out a sigh and motioned for her to let him in. That man is such a pain in the fucking ass. He keeps on insisting to allow him to buy shares, but I won't let him. I don't want his kind of men to be involved with my company. Alex gave me a look as if asking if I was okay and I just responded with a smile. Mr. Leroy soon came in and I could see Alex freeze from behind him."Good morning, Mr. Leroy. What is it that you want today?" I asked, ready for this conversation to be over."No need to be rude, Levi. I'm just here to buy shares." He said with a smug look on his face.I don't know why I put up with this man. "You already know my answer. No." I said with a firm tone.Leroy sighed and shook his head. "What harm will it bring you to let me buy your shares?" He said as he looks around my office.He turned around and his eyes landed on Alex. A smug
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The photo from the paparazzi spread quickly. Luckily most of it did not show Alex's face. People didn't mind that I had a relationship, they minded that I was with a man. I think Alex's feeling guilty about all of this or anxious. I didn't mind being blasted by the media every now and then, it's Alex I'm worried about. A few of my investors pulled out as well after the pictures spread, but I could not care less. "I'm sorry. I should've just met you inside the building. This wouldn't have happened." Alex apologized as we sit on the couch."I keep telling you Alex, it's fine. As long as your face was not shown, it's fine." I replied, quickly realizing that I could've worded it better. "I mean, it would be better if our relationship was kept private. People will disturb the fuck out of your private life once they knew who you are.""Thanks. You really don't need to care this much about me. I'm just your escort." He replied."Are we not friends? At the very least? Three months is still a
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We're currently in the theatre room, watching a horror movie because Alex insisted on it. Despite wanting to watch a horror movie, he's currently under our shared blanket with his head buried in my chest and his arms around my waist. A loud scream erupted from the speakers, making Alex tighten his hold on me. I couldn't help but laugh at him."You kept on insisting to watch this movie, yet you're hidden under the blankets." I teased."It has a good storyline!" He replied under the blankets. I rolled my eyes at his response. Alex stayed under the blankets for the duration of the movie. He was awfully quiet so I checked under the blanket and saw that he had fallen asleep. He looked absolutely peaceful while sleeping. His lips were slightly parted and half of his face is basically mushed on my chest. I brought my finger up to his lips, running my thumb across his bottom lip.His eyelids start to twitch so I pulled my hand away as he woke up from his sleep. He lifted his head as he woke
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Low and behold, my father barged into my house again to yell at me. Alex wanted to fight and push him off, but I held him back. The sooner he lets all his anger out, the sooner he'll leave. Alex is looking at me with worry as I stood in front of my father berating me. Alex took my hand in his, making me smile. It made me feel better than if I have someone who understands me."I never knew you would stoop so low as to hire a fucking prostitute to piss me off." My father spat on my face."He's not a fucking prostitute." I defended Alex, pushing him behind me. "He's my boyfriend and what he does for a living is none of your fucking business! And you know what? I'm genuinely fucking tired of you running into my home only to yell at me. For fuck's sake, I never do anything right in your eyes! Everything I do is fucking wrong. You go out of your goddamn way to pick on the things that I do wrong! I'm so fucking tired of you. Get the fuck out!" I screamed at his face.I finally had enough. I
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