Fated Lovers of Magic: Book 1

Fated Lovers of Magic: Book 1

By:  KPE.Snow  Ongoing
Language: English
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The World is set in the modern days. Earth who has a tragic love story was given a chance to reclaim his love for Sky. However, Earth will soon discover that he is the chosen Guardian of the Destiny Coin. He will enter the Academy together with Sky through the portal in his university after he was transported back to the past where he will be discovering the world of the supernatural. There will be witches, warlocks, wizards, and many more. Earth's power is not easy to manifest or control as he is a unique being. He will be having problems being accepted in this new world as he doesn't show any signs of magic and is branded as being a mistake and was just lucky to enter the Academy. Then Sky is discovered to be a genius, a talented wizard, and will be liked by many people, hindering Earth from achieving his goal. Since Earth is having a hard time manifesting his power, this will become a rift between them. But with the help of his newfound friends, he will discover his powers step by step through the people around him. Follow them and their friends on this full of action and emotional ride to conquer his power and Love for Sky.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-31 11:56:58
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Wow! That was intense. Keep it up author
2021-08-19 12:12:24
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Rick Born
Please upload the next chapter
2021-08-19 12:09:48
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Eo Gun Wu
This is something new. Looking forward to the next chapter
2021-08-19 12:07:33
user avatar
Worth the read.
2021-08-19 12:03:12
17 Chapters
Falling for you... Again
Since Earth didn't want to make a bad first impression. He woke up early to avoid traffic since he is new to the place, and it was his first day at work, as he was transferred by his head director. When the bus arrived, he immediately took a seat at the far end. The place is so beautiful, that he was enjoying looking out at the city until the bus stopped and the other passengers arrived. He felt that someone was seated beside him, and the scent of that person smelled so good. He thought this person had good taste. On second thought, he realized that it smelled familiar. How couldn’t he recognize it immediately? It was his first love scent, and his heart started beating fast. He also wished and prayed that it was not the same person he was thinking. The fear in him was evident as his hands started trembling. “Why? Why now, when I’m almost over with this love...” he thought. All thoughts were confirmed when the person who sat next to him started talking. “Shit!” he whispered. Ea
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Burden of Secrets
It took 45 minutes to get to their place. The house looks simple, the walls are painted grey with a traditional brick-style design, and complemented by a brown roof, and a big wall window. As they entered the house, Earth saw some luggage and immediately thought that this was for Sky, since he didn't see him with any. He showed Sky the place. It has 2 bedrooms close to each other, 1 bathroom, a decent-sized kitchen, a living room with 4 couches, a coffee table in the center, and a backyard with a patio. Sky excused himself and went to the vacant room on the right side. He looked dead tired, so he didn't bother him and let him rest. Earth went out into the backyard and got seated at the side of the pool. Yes, they also have a pool. Dipping his feet in the cold water, thinking about what he needs to do next. Should he just ask him? or get the answers from Gun, because clearly, his best man knows the answers? He decided that it was better to get the answers from Gun. He pulled out h
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Here We Go Again
Contrary to what Earth expected, Sky was silent and calm, then he turned around and finally faced him. “That's enough bro, I knew that it was pointless to ask you while you’re drunk. Let’s go, I'll take you home”, Sky offered. He didn’t believe any word that he said, rather, he couldn’t believe anything as he refused to believe what he said. “NO! I may be drunk but I am well aware of what is going on around me. You think that being drunk makes all the people dumb?” Realizing that he was taken as a fool, Earth got mad and continued.“Well, not me, it gave me the courage to tell you all this and it was with this courage that I obtained I finally was able to tell you the truth.It made me sober, and I may regret saying all of this once I wake up tomorrow. But I will never forget everything that happened tonight, not even in the past or in the future. I am done hiding this.” Earth protested and stood firm with a determined look.“How long have we been friends? We stuck together like gl
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**Authors Note** Magic words are in Latin. In the year 2023, on the eve of Sky's accident, a person in a hooded jacket was outside of the apartment. This person seemed like he was waiting for someone. When Sky was running out of the apartment building, this person followed him. Looking at this person’s body build, you can easily tell that it’s a guy. He just followed Sky silently, while observing. When Sky fell down the stairs, he was calm and just kept staring at the unconscious body. Finally, he reached out from his back pocket and dialed 911 for an emergency. While Sky’s lying in the hospital bed. The person who came with him filled out all the hospital-needed information. This person knows a lot about him. But what was he doing outside of the apartment, and why didn’t he call for an emergency and wait for a long time just staring at him out in the rain? Is this person a friend or a foe? After talking to the nurse, he went back to Sky’s room and just sat there, staring at the
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The Vows
Chapter 5 “Enough of this talk,” Gun said sternly while walking towards the center table and sitting on the right side. “We agreed before, for ten years, I will be with him, and if he still can’t get over you, then I will allow you to reunite again” he continued after taking a seat. “Yes, I remember, but it hasn’t even been ten years yet, if I’m not mistaken it has only been three years, so why?” Sky agreed but then questioned because he wants to know the intention of meeting at a critical moment at the hospital. “It has been 10 years in my timeline, I told you that the Coin I gave you will bring you in the future, exactly 10 years we agreed upon,” Gun said as a matter of fact. “How could I believe that? Is it even possible?” Sky tried to deny it, but deep down he is already believing him, all he needs is confirmation. Gun just stared at Sky with a look of pity. He grabbed the remote on the table and pressed the power button for the television. Sky looked at the screen and what h
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And now begins
After the vows that they made, they looked straight into each other’s eyes and then smiled. They have this unexplainable feeling of tightness in their heart. “Ah, Ah, Mic check”, then they heard a male voice, and a high-pitched ring was heard all over the campus that came from the broadcasting speakers. This caught the attention of the new and old students. The older students made a short pause in their activities as they recognized the voice and then resumed the busy preparations for the opening ceremonies. “Welcome, freshmen!” The announcer started after making sure that everything was good. “This year will be more exciting and fun for you. We hope that you can find the courage in you to finish your school years. We aim to bring the best out of you. Develop your personality and lead you to your chosen path” then a short pause. “I look forward to seeing outstanding students this year from the freshmen who will carry the mantle of their House! “Without further ado, let the cer
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Fated beginning
After the Headmaster gave the instructions everybody cheered. It is evident in each other's expressions of excitement, fear, and doubt, but they are all excited to know which house they will belong to. For Earth, he still couldn’t believe what he was hearing and seeing. A part of him still thinks that he is dreaming and he will eventually wake up and come to the realization that everything was just an illusion. A loud cheer was heard and this brought his attention back to the event that is happening. He looked at the crowd to see what got the people excited about and he saw a guy approach the bowl and placed his hand inside of it, anticipation was written on his face as he waited to receive his pouch. Not even a minute passed and everybody saw the bowl glow and the next second they saw the guy holding something. The first person who braved and lead the group of freshmen raised his hand with the pouch feeling proud and screamed. He showed everyone as the first person who was chosen
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Surprise, Suprise
He immediately pulled out his hand and opened the pouch. Then it shockingly made the Vice leaders on high alert. His eyes widen in disbelief and the students gasped upon seeing the contents of his pouch. It was a symbol of a sea serpent wrapped around what seems like a coin. A very rare sigil, especially among the four houses of the academy. The headmaster was at a loss for words for a moment. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. Immediately, he steps forward and he caught everybody's attention including the Vice leaders. “Boy, what is your name?” he asked seriously. Earth was startled and couldn’t speak immediately as he felt pressure from the headmaster. Sky witnessed Earth's reaction and saw the fear in him. He went next to him and took his hand and gave him a firm shake as they both stood side by side. Earth looked at Sky with a smile and thanked him for supporting him. Then he looked straight into the headmaster's eyes and replied “ My name is Earth Anderson”. The headma
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Lark the Friendly Ghost
So who could it be? A Ghost or just his imagination? He was so scared that he hid behind a bookcase. He pulled the shelf close to him hoping that whoever he hears will not notice him. When he was sure that nobody is near him, he turned his attention to the bookshelf where he thinks the voice came from and noticed a small figure standing beside the shelf. He immediately jumped out of hiding as he was really scared. He dropped his bag and went in front of the shelves as fast as he can. “Who are you? Why are you hiding?” he asked. The figure was already gone. “I-I-I can’t see you!” Earth screamed out loud in panic. He looked around again and again but he has not seen anyone. “Calm down, there is nothing to worry about. You are safe, you are among friends, we are all here for the same reason” a familiar voice spoke. “Who are you? What do you mean by friends? And what are you talking about?” Earth panicked. “I am Lark, and yes, I know, you can’t see me, because I am invisible, I w
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Body and Soul
The next day Once they reached the house, they went straight to the House library first and started looking for the answers to their questions. After several hours of searching, they still couldn't find anything about the subject. "What a pain in the ass! Why won't anyone help us?" Earth complained with dissatisfaction. "Let's try to ask someone outside the House," Lark suggested. So they went out of the house and looked for someone who might know something about the topic. There was no one around so they decided to look for someone in the school. They took a walk around the school grounds before they finally found someone. It is a young boy wearing a white robe. "Excuse me! Do you happen to know anything about this sigil?" asked Earth while showing his arm. "Oh yes! Yes! I can answer your question! I'm going to college here and I've already taken the subject of history. Please follow me." the boy said excitedly. As he walked along with them, he explained everything about the s
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