The Bad Boy's Dirty Little Secret

The Bad Boy's Dirty Little Secret

By:  Anna Kendra  Ongoing
Language: English
7 ratings
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Kai Hunter is H University’s biggest player and heartbreaker. Known for his good looks and for being one of the brightest students on campus, he is one of the most eligible bachelors that everyone wants to ‘tame’. However, everything changes when freshman Night Winters becomes his new dorm mate. Kai is instantly attracted to the hot, young freshman who he had caught having a one-night stand at a bar and hasn’t been able to get out of his mind ever since. Night is openly gay, but Kai has been into girls his whole life…or so he thought. Can he let go of his pride and accept Night for who he is? Or will Night forever be forced to be just his dirty little secret, under the sheets, inside the closed doors to their dorm? However, Night is hiding secrets that can break the fragile foundation of their relationship at any time, and if Kai waits any longer…he just might end up losing the only person precious to him.

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This is a very good story that is captivating and inspiring. In my opinion there aren’t that many well written bxb stories on Good Novel but this is an excellent read. I hope the author finds the time to finish Kai and Night’s love story. Looking forward to reading their happy ending hopefully.
2024-05-22 09:56:39
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Lovely story
2024-02-24 05:45:19
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Shirley Toto
Oh my goodness, this is such a great book!!!! Can't wait for more updates!!!! Goodness for you, author!!! You've outdone yourself!
2023-10-28 19:19:58
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Beanca Minnie
One of the best story's I have read on here love it can't wait for more
2023-09-14 04:13:05
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I love this story ,it’s damn interesting. I wish the both of them end up together. Pls upload the remaining chapters
2023-08-26 21:27:21
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It’s been a good read hopefully you’ll be updating soon
2023-05-11 03:14:28
user avatar
Ellen Holt
Fantastic book ...️
2024-04-06 02:17:47
63 Chapters
Chapter 1: Eyes off of You
Chapter 1: Eyes off of YouKai’s P.O.VIf my best friend came up to me one day and told me he was gay…I’d probably be fine with it. I’d probably even support him…even though watching my friend with his ‘boyfriend’ in public might still be uncomfortable for me and it might even cause a strain on my relationship with him, no matter how progressive I try to be or how much the world has changed.I’d always been firm in my beliefs. I’d always believed I was meant to be who I was and I knew exactly who I liked.Trust me; I had nothing against the LGBTQ+ community, as long as they had nothing to do with me. I’d seen men kissing other men. I had seen girls getting down and dirty in the club. They had been a pleasant show. Especially when I watched two hot as hell women kiss each other in the club, it had low-key made me want to join them as well.But watching two men kiss each other like they were doing now? Watching them explore and touch? It had never really been my thing. Maybe because it
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Chapter 2: Hello…Dorm-mate
Chapter 2: Hello…Dorm-mate Kai’s P.O.V He raised his eyebrows questioningly and I realized I was standing completely still like an idiot as the elevator doors opened behind me. “Sorry.” I murmur under my breath while balancing Cole’s weight on my shoulders. But I must have underestimated his weight because the moment I turned to get into the elevator, I tripped over my own legs and almost went crashing down onto the floor. “Watch out!” The next thing I know, I’m being hauled up into a standing position with a hand on my waist as the man from earlier rushed in for my rescue. “Thanks.” My voice came out more of a whisper as I looked up at his face, meeting hazel eyes that looked more green than brown from this close. There were a few golden specks thrown in those orbs as well, but what I noticed most was just how handsome he was. His skin was all clear, a light golden in color that became even more prominent in the overhead light. “No worries,” his lips tilted up in a slight sm
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Chapter 3: I’d do You
Chapter 3: I’d do You Kai’s P.O.V “Hello there…dorm-mate.” I stared at his hand like it was some kind of a foreign object, before my eyes reached up to meet his. Dorm-mate? The man that I saw this evening in the club…hooking up with another man inside the washroom stall…was now going to be my…dorm-mate? “Did you wash your hands?” Fuck it, Kai! Did you wash your hands? Was that seriously the first fucking thing you could come up with? “Do you take a bubble bath every time you fuck a girl?” Night dropped his hand to his side but tilted his head to the side, giving me a narrow-eyed look. “N-no…” wow…that got awkward real quick. “Then why did you expect me to do that?” His eyebrows drew together wearily before he turned and carried his suitcase over to the other side of the room. “Move your stuff off the bed. I want mine.” “Take this side,” I went over to the bed closest to me and removed all the clothes that I had dumped on it before I went out to the club. “I prefer to stick c
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Chapter 4: Competition?
Chapter 4: Competition?Kai’s P.O.V“Wow.” Devon gave the three of us a once over as he leaned back in his seat with a smirk. “The three of you sure look wonderful this fine morning.”Three consecutive groans came from three different people but for three completely different reasons.Joshua, the red-headed player of our group who got spotted the most because of his unusual hair color, gave Devon the middle finger as he laid his head back down on his desk. “Fuck you, man! I nearly had a heart attack! And this is what I come back to?”Apparently, the woman who he went home with last night was barely eighteen and had a Lieutenant for a father. So it was safe to say…he spent the rest of the night running away from cops and ultimately getting away with a ‘polite’ warning as to never set foot near his daughter again ‘or else’…well, I’m sure none of us would like to know how that sentence ended.As for Cole, he was lying on his desk with his head in his hands, still recovering from his kill
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Chapter 5: More than a Tease
Chapter 5: More than a Tease Night’s P.O.V “Holy shit! The guy from the club?” Trey, one of my best friend’s, gave me a wide eyed look as he almost spit out his coffee. “Eat with your mouth closed for god’s sake!” Tanya, Trey’s girlfriend and the only girl in our gang, used her hand to shut his jaw while giving him a disgusted look. To be fair, she had way more testosterone than any of the boys in our group and the fact that all of us feared her was a testament to just how tomboyish she was…if the fact about her being on the women’s boxing team wasn’t clear enough. Which was Landon and I had been flabbergasted when Trey had announced that he was dating Tanya. But that was two years ago. Now, the two of them were pretty inseparable…although watching the two of them together sometimes felt like watching a bunny tagging behind a lioness… “So? How did he take it?” Landon seemed concerned as he narrowed his grey eyes, leaning forward in his seat as if that would let him get the scoo
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Chapter 6: Taken or Not?
Chapter 6: Taken or Not?Night’s P.O.V“What ‘taken’?” Kai scowled at his friend before bringing up his hand to smack the back of his head. “Ruby and I broke up ages ago! Stop making up stupid gossip just for fun!”I released the breath that I didn’t even realize I was holding.Fuck! What was wrong with me? Yes, the guy was attractive…but it didn’t matter if he was taken or not! I hated commitments myself.“Hey! Don’t insult me in front of the freshmeat!” The blonde guy rubbed the back of his head while pouting.Kai shook his head before turning to face me. “This is Night Winters, one of the freshmen in Communication Arts and my new roommate.” He turned to face the blonde guy. “He’s also the one who helped me get your drunken ass back to your dorm last night.”“Shit!” He stopped rubbing his head to turn towards me. “Now that’s embarrassing! I’m Cole Harvard by the way. Third year Economics major.”Third year? Now that’s something I wasn’t expecting.When I had seen Kai leave the build
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Chapter 7: Campus Hotshots
Chapter 7: Campus HotshotsNight’s P.O.V“Guys…not again!” Kai groaned from next to me as he looked at the two girls with narrowed eyes.“Seriously,” Devon’s tone was just as sour. “By now it feels like you guys are just running our fan club.”“Well, we are,” the dark haired girl answered in all seriousness. “But that’s just a side business and its non-profit.”“Oh?” Cole smirked. “Your pants haven’t caught fire yet? Non-profit my ass! You guys sell our photos to the girls on campus for a large amount. I’ve had my people spy on you.”“Really? That confident?” The dark haired girl grinned and leaned closer to Cole. “You really shouldn’t trust your source, Cole, because your so-called spy? She’s the one who got your pool pictures to us in the first place.”“Fucking hell!” Cole yelled in exasperation. “My sister’s working for you guys?”“More like with us.” Yin flipped her hair back with a shrug. “We’re partners.”“Shit!”“Um…” I nudged Kai with my elbow. “What exactly is going on in her
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Chapter 8: Breaking the Ice
Chapter 8: Breaking the IceKai’s P.O.VTo call…or not to call…wasn’t that the question?I sat frowning at the sleeping figure on the opposite bed, meanwhile waiting for the security to deliver my DoorDash order as I kept shaking my legs in agitation. I was lowkey hoping that the sound of the knocking would wake him up, so I wouldn’t have to, but with my luck…that didn’t happen.The security knocked only once and that too in such a ‘polite’ manner that it was hard for even me to catch the sound. Sighing, I got up from my bed and accepted the package before setting up the breakfast on the little table we had to the side of the dorm room that acted as the ‘living’ area and got out two plates.Finally, I went over to Night’s bed and placed a hand on his shoulder, shaking him slightly so I could wake him up.“Night.” I called out to him, keeping my voice low so I don’t wake him up suddenly. “It’s time to wake up.”“Ughhh…mom…five more minutesss…” He groaned in a soft voice, pulling the co
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Chapter 9: Unknown Troubles
Chapter 9: Unknown Troubles Kai’s P.O.V “So? The freshmen really managed to drag us into their group party?” Devon sighed, swirling the whiskey inside the glass. “But I gotta admit…the bar’s pretty lit.” “Who cares about the bar? The drinks are free and the chicks are hot!” Cole smirked as he waved at a pretty girl at the bar, who waved back at Cole shyly. “I think I’m gonna go buy her a drink.” “Sure.” I shook my head. “And I’m pretty sure that’s her girlfriend right next to her…the one giving you the evil eye.” That had Cole’s eyes widening until they looked like saucers. He shook his head, rubbed his eyes…and then looked at the woman once again…only to find the dark haired biker woman next to her pull her in for one hot, steamy make out session. “Holy shit!” Cole’s jaw dropped to the floor as he observed the couple before his eyes roamed around the entire room once more. “We’re at a freaking gay bar!” “That’s why I said it’s pretty lit,” Devon smirked at our poor friend. “Th
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Chapter 10: Deeper wounds
Chapter 10: Deeper wounds Kai’s P.O.V Author’s Note: Proceed with caution; this chapter might have a few trigger warnings. I closed the door the our dorm, locking it shut before making my way over to the fridge and getting out two ice packs. “Hmm.” Walking over to Night’s bed, I handed him one of the packs before taking a seat next to him and placing the ice to my cheek, wincing a bit when the sting came from out of nowhere. It hadn't hurt when I had gotten that punch, probably because I had been too preoccupied with punching the life out of that fucker. “Good thing Landon got Devon to help us in time.” I sighed, trying to break the ice between us. Night had been unusually quiet since the whole incident. Landon and Devon had taken the other kid home first, who…as we had found out later, wasn’t even out of high school yet. But we were glad that he and his friend were both safe, at least for now. As for what will happen in the future…we had no clue. Hopefully the kids got their le
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