Desired By The Two Devils

Desired By The Two Devils

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"I will reject you," Kahlan cried, "I, Kahlan Kye of pack Crest, reject Alpha Eric as my mate." "No! " Eric screamed, " You can't do this to me!" " No yeah, she already did, " Hardin came from behind and wrapped a hand around Kahlan's waist. Eric Creed was framed by Kahlan for killing her parents. He was her mate but she hated him the moment she discovered the truth about the death of her pack. Every one of her pack was annihilated except for her and her stepsister who wanted Alpha Eric for herself . She doesn't care anyway, since she doesn't even want him. She was however bent on avenging. However, lies were waiting to unfold. What will Kahlan do when she discovers that the hand she took was actually the one responsible for the death of her family. And Alpha Eric was innocent. However, she had already rejected Eric

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28 chapters
Chapter 1:Hell broke lose
Kahlan pov"She was poisoned but she will be fine," the doctor revealed and I felt the blade in my chest twist. My mother was poisoned? My mind strayed towards my stepsister. I knew she was the only one that hated my mother so much to want to kill her.But, I decided not to talk and watch what my father's reaction would be."Is she really going to be alright?" David inquired with a worried expression or maybe he was just faking it. I can never really guess anything with my father."She is in a stable condition," the doctor confirmed and my father released a long sigh."That's great then, thanks," he stood up and walked out of the office as if nothing had happened. I wasn't expecting him to take everything so easy, though I wasn't surprised that he did. He has never stopped amusing me.I rushed after him quickly. "Dad!" I called him to a stop. He was on the way to entering my mother's room.He turned to look at me. "You should go home and make something for your mother," he said casual
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Chapter 2: Meeting the mate
Kahlan povMy heart beat was coming faster when I entered the room. Everywhere was suddenly quiet, eerily silent.I pulled myself to a stop as I try to comport myself but that soon failed when I saw my mom lying weirdly on the floor.My legs made a mental check to my brain and I found myself kneeling beside her in the next minutes.My breath was caught up in my throat as I watched her. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving. I didn't want to guess. No, it must not be what I'm currently thinking of."Mom," I called softly as the tears flowed down my cheeks and they burned with it. " Mom," I called again. "Please, get up."But she wouldn't reply to me. Perhaps, she was pranking me.I shuddered for a moment and my fear became reality. "Mom!" I cried as I pulled her weight on me. I couldn't breathe properly. It looked as though I had something in my throat, no! On my head! It looked like something was choking me."Mom!" I cried harder! And that was when I noticed that there was a hol
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Chapter 3: Hatred
Kahlan POV Suddenly, I’m conscious again. Though, I wonder where I was. Was I dead? Well, Eric could have killed me. Or not! Maybe he didnt want to kill his mate. Well, he would be damned if he doesn’t take the choice. Suddenly, heat rushed into me as I felt hands wrapped around me. The hands pulled me closer to a hard chest. I felt a little vibration and my senses were being robbed. What the fuck was happening to me? Opening my eyes, the first thing I was looking at is a cream colored wall. It’s strange and unlike my room at the pack house. My gaze went down slowly until I realized I’m on the bed. Not only that, hands are truly wrapping around me. I can scent peppermint and wood. Without anyone telling me, I knew it was Eric. It was the same way that he scented as earlier. Jerking away, I landed on the floor. I looked up at Eric and realized that his eyes were closed. My gaze searched around me again for something sharp that I could use on him. I want nothing more than to
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Chapter 4: The threat
His eyes switched immediately and he looked scary. The green eyes that I found beautiful some moments ago turned even scarier. "You will submit to me, Kahlan!" He repeated in a deep accentuated voice. He looked very angry. It actually looked like he was going to kill me. "Never!" I responded quickly. He groaned and pulled aside a little, giving me space. I proceeded to hit him in the manhood but he pulled back, then twirled me around quickly. When I looked up again, I'm suddenly confined to the bed. His hands were holding mine against the bed like a chain as he hovered above me. He was so fast that I could barely see him move. I've heard a lot about the Lycans. They were very fast and strong. They were like the doubled qualities of usual wolves. I guess that was why some group of Werewolves came together and made them the Alpha. The bed, the stairs, the vibration. I had another fight within me. My body wanted this man so much, like the air I breathe but my head won't stop remindi
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Chapter 5: Motives
Eric POV I couldn’t stop the anger from eating me up. I felt totally angry. I can’t even bring myself to think it through. Stepping inside the room and I took the first thing my hands could get. I threw the vase against the wall angrily. It broke and scattered around the floor. I don’t know why it took me a long time to find my mate and when I do, she’s being so stubborn. Why must the moon goddess mate me to Kahlan? I've just spoken with Sonia and she seemed to be aware of how stubborn her sister can be. Though, she did tell me something very important. Sonia told me Kahlan loved to be forced and dominated. I'm supposed to show her the steel I'm made up of and she would concur. But why does it have to be so difficult? If I wasn't so bothered about having an heir, I wouldn't seriously be here. I give no damn about mates and I'm not going to. I just need to keep the Lycan race running. The thought of it was giving me headaches. Yes, I know she was probably angry at me because she
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Chapter 6: Mine!
Kahlan pov It’s semi-dark here but it felt like my life was in total darkness. I felt a huge headache set in and the tears won’t stop flowing down my face. I was the only one in the prison and even around. There was no one to talk to and somehow, it suited my purpose. I seriously didn’t want to talk to anyone. I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t stop blaming myself. Maybe my parent would have been alive if I hadn’t left home angrily. Maybe, I would have been able to rescue the whole park. The thought of it made me want to go raving max. There was suddenly a twist in the lock. “Get out,” one of the guards ordered. I heard alright but it seemed like half of my brain was dead. I stared into the space and somehow, it seemed like I was out of the world and still in it at the same time. “Did you hear me? I said you should get out!” The guard repeated, a little angrier. I didn’t turn to look at him, as I was still lost in my thoughts even though I could hear him vividly. There was
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Kahlan pov The kiss was like one I had never tasted before, I seemed new to it. If a kiss could do me like this, I wondered then how the consummation night would be. I sincerely didn’t want to think about it. But I couldn’t stop! Suddenly, my mind and head had two minds of their own. No matter how much I wanted to pull away, it felt even impossible. Instead of moving away, I was moving even closer. “See?” Eric had a smug on his face when he finally pulled back. I had to mentally slap myself. If he hadn’t stopped me, I wouldn’t have been able to do so. I heard how thick a mate bond could be but I sincerely didn’t know it would be like this. Well, not with Sonia anyways. She didn’t feel such a strong bond with her mate. Maybe it was because she was just a shifter. She got to decide who she goes with If she wanted. Now that I think about it, I suddenly wanted to exchange places with Sonia. Why can’t I be the shapeshifter? “See what?” I raised my brows at him. “Your body wants me,
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Chapter 8: The Fight
Kahlan POV I couldn't stop the tears from flowing, I couldn't even stop crying. My heart actually shattered when Eric walked out. I know I made him leave and it hurts me so much that we are like this. I've always wanted to know who my mate was. I've always dreamt of finding him but who would have thought he would turn out to be an enemy? The painful thing about this is that I can't even hate him. This thing would only get better if I could reject him but that was even more difficult to do. How would I go about with my life? I felt so miserable. "Hey! Get up before I change my mind!" The guard yelled at me. He must have been so happy that the Alpha permitted him to do as he liked. I forced myself up, yet he moved closer and dragged me out of the cell violently. "If you try to resist now, you will be severely punished," he warned in a thick voice as he pushed me out of the big lonely place. We walked for a moment and passed some men building something I was unable to see clearly
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Chapter 9: The best option
Kahlan POVI laid back, naked and very tired. Sonia was just a few feet away from me. I could have continued the fight even though I'm so tired. But that might result in us killing ourselves.We've already injured ourselves so much. I felt pains at every corner of my body and somehow, my body was taking time to heal."You are so lucky, Kahlan," Sonia muttered.I let out a sigh. "I sincerely don't know who the lucky person is among us but I'm very certain it's not me."Sonia didn't talk again and I had no idea if she was still breathing. I didn't care anyways.That aside, I was just too weak to get up. So, I stood in the position that I was. My thoughts wandered around for a moment and slowly settled on my mother.I missed her so much that I could cry every day. And my father? I loved him so much. I wished we had settled our differences before he died.Unconsciously, a tear slipped out of my eyes and I didn't blink it away. It was the only thing I could do at this time anyways. No matt
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Chapter 10: Explanation
Kahlan POVI awoke with a terrible sense of doom. I had a nightmare, a scene I would love to blot out of my head. If only it was possible, I would really love to erase my memories. But what would that do? It would only force me to do something I hate now.Being with Eric is like my darkest nightmare. I remembered passing out in Eric's arms and I don't know where I am currently. But, I can feel heat slip into me. My body felt guarded.Opening my eyes, I gave my surroundings deep scrutiny. I have been here once and I would never forget it, especially the scent that was in the air.I will never forget Eric's room.And like that, I woke up in Alpha's bed again.Just as I tried to sit up, a hand held me by the shoulder. "Easy. Stay still," the voice said and slowly pushed me back to the bed.I looked up at the strange man. He was tall, maybe the same height as Eric. He has these nice blue eyes that I love. I have always loved blue eyes because my mom has blue eyes."How do you feel now?"
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