Married Life With My Superstar Idol

Married Life With My Superstar Idol

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A promise that Phyllis Lu made when she was only five years old will lead her to marry her superstar idol. If she was in love with the said idol, she would be extremely happy. However, her heart is with someone else. She had an unrequited love with her internet friend, whom she had never even met. How will she lead a married life if she has another person in her heart?

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1: Arranged Marriage
'What's wrong with grandma… She doesn't have any disease… She's so lively that she even attends her Zumba class… Why was she admitted to a hospital?' Phyllis was lost in her thoughts as she rushed through the long and busy hallways of the hospital. And as soon as she entered the VIP ward she found her family together with her grandma who was lying on the bed. Even her twin brother who was busy studying abroad immediately went home because of her grandmother's 'urgent family meeting'. “Phyllis? Come sit with grandma,” her grandmother weakly said with a pitiful face. She obediently sat beside her grandmother's bed. “Grandma… What's wrong? How come you're in the hospital…” The old lady just smiled at Phyllis and caressed her soft cheeks. “Grandma is running out of time… I think it's time you fulfill your promise to grandma…” “What do you mean grandma?! Running out of time? What?” she bewilderedly asked. She looked around the room to see her family's reaction but they were all c
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Chapter 2: Fans and Marriage
With Phyllis' approval, the family quickly planned the wedding with the groom's family. However, Phyllis was busy taking care of her grandmother. That's why she was not involved in the planning. In the hospital, she was watching over her grandma who was energetically chatting with her best friends. “Aiya, grandma, how did you make Phyllis agree with you?” Leila Parker jokingly asked. She was one of Phyllis' good friends who came to visit her grandmother. “That brat just can't say no to any of my requests!” the old lady said with a hearty laugh. Her friend, Rui Yoon-Eno, leaned closer to her and whispered, “Are you sure that you're going to marry that guy?” Sensing Rui's unusual question, she frowned. However, looking at her plump pregnant look, she shrugged her doubts away. 'How could Rui know who I'm marrying? My family didn't even tell me! Maybe it's because of her hormones that she's asking weird questions…' she thought. “Yes… I don't want to worry grandma so I'll just g
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Chapter 3: Preparations
After a whole day of practice in the company, Zacharias went home to his apartment with Eon, his nephew. His company, Gem Entertainment, is located in Dixon City. So he has to stay in an apartment near their building. Though it is only an hour's drive to go back to Lieren City, he still chose to stay close to their company to avoid the traffic. He was simply living a colorful yet chaotic life as a singer. However, there were times when his life was troubled by miscellaneous tasks from his father. Just like now. He is happily taking care of his nephew because his mother is busy preparing for his wedding. Yes, his wedding. Yes, they already got the green light. The go signal from her! He is finally getting married. That's why even if he's given tons of chores or errands, he'd be doing all of them with a grin plastered on his face. Finally, his single life is over! “Uncle, where's my tablet?” his nephew, Eon Eno, asked as soon as he settled down on the couch. Zacharias was
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Chapter 4: Groom
“Mom, what do you mean by–” is what she wanted to ask. However, her mother was too preoccupied with chatting with her friend, Rui. “So how are you and your husband, Rui?” Hillary asked. Rui carefully gathered her hair to place them on her shoulder before leaning on the chair. “We're still in our honeymoon phase so we're quite peaceful.” “Yeah… Newlyweds are like that. I'm sure that Phyllis and her future husband would be the same as well.” Rui agreed. “Phyllis is such a considerate child. She'll get along with him for sure. After all, she knows him well…” “Hmm… Correct! Leila, you should also start dating someone. Your best friends are all married. Try to keep up with them so your kids are also bff's!” Leila chuckled. All of their mothers were close friends. Their connection, however, is not because of their mothers. It was because they all stood with each other as sisters connected by heart. “I'll find a hot boyfriend soon auntie!” she cheekily said with a wink. Phyllis fr
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Chapter 5: Run Away
It was as if time had stopped. Everything around her became null. And the only person she could see was him. The last person she thought of marrying. Her idol. She grew up with his cousin so she also interacted with him. They only spoke of simple greetings; there was nothing that could lead to marriage. They were just simple kids. There was no romance that blossomed between them. No childhood sweethearts of some sort. They were just kids who happened to know each other. Growing up, she knew his talent for singing early on. And at that time, she knew that he was meant to shine. He was born to be a superstar. She sincerely rooted for him. She was his fan. And now, she's going to be his wife. How ridiculous is that?! And just by seeing his handsome smirking face, her brain went haywire. 'What in the good novel is this?! I'm marrying my superstar idol! Damn am I so blessed?! Is this real?! Is this a prank?!' she thought as she frantically searched the vicinity for
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Chapter 6: Rooms
After a few speeches and inspirational messages, the newlyweds were sent out by their family and friends. On their way to their house, the couple did not utter a single word about what went down earlier. They just silently held each other's hands. It was a quick trip from the hotel to their villa. Their villa is just beside the Lohr family's mansion and a few minutes drive to the Lu family's mansion. Upon entering the gate, the car stopped in front of a modern two-storey house. The cantilever part of the house was supported by tall steel beams. It gave shade to the cozy patio underneath. This is where Zacharias meets his visitors so they don't need to go inside his house. As a famous singer, Zacharias is often plagued with ridiculous rumors. Sometimes, inviting someone inside the house would create a thousand stories. So he just decided to meet visitors outside to prevent such rumors. Zacharias held Phyllis' hands as he guided her inside his house. He was feeling bad for his
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Chapter 7: Just A Crush
“Aias, to be honest with you, I didn't expect you to be my husband.” This made Zacharias raise his brows. “Then are you expecting someone else to marry you?” “No! It's just that, I never expected that you would agree to this! Did my grandmother force you?” Hearing her mutter these words, Zacharias couldn't help but frown. When Phyllis saw the change in his expression, she assumed that she was right. “I knew it! I'm so sorry, Aias! Because of me and my family, you were forced into this marriage. Don't worry, we can get a divorce!” When he heard her bring up divorce, Zacharias' patience finally met an end. “What do you mean by divorce?!” he asked in a slightly loud voice. This startled Phyllis. The courage that she worked so hard to collect went all down the drain. Her hands trembled as she hung her head low. Seeing that he scared his wife, Zacharias felt guilty. She gently took Phyllis' shaking hands and said, “I'm sorry, Phyllis… I was just surprised when you said that
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Chapter 8: Take Things Slow
The next day, Phyllis woke up alone on the bed. She didn't even notice that her husband slept next to her the entire night. He just got up early to avoid being caught. She stretched on the bed before checking her phone. “It's… two PM?! What?!” she exclaimed as she sprung up. She cannot believe that she slept until it was so bright outside. For the first time in forever, she slept like a log! “Woah~ What kind of magic does this bed have? I suddenly felt like my insomnia was cured~” she murmured as she rubbed the mattress. She laid back down again to laze around. She opened her phone to check messages from her friends. The first one she opened was from Rui. She sent multiple messages. [Girl, my uncle wants to invite you guys for lunch.] [Are you guys still asleep?] [I'll tell uncle that you guys are still tired and will cancel today. I'll just arrange it for tomorrow since I heard that Phylian's flight is next week. I thought we could have a family dinner.] Feeling guil
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Chapter 9: Catcalling
In a luxury mall in Lieren City, the three ladies strolled around the mall to shop for a few pieces of clothing. Phyllis just went out in her casual clothes while her besties were all dressed to kill. Rui Yoon-Eno just wore a pink maxi dress that hugged her pregnant body. Leila Parker flaunted her sexy body with a white lace bralette top, a fitted pair of jeans, and a cream blazer. They were all gifted with beautiful body proportions. But the biggest factor that enhanced their charm was their confidence. Women with confidence always look stunning no matter what they are wearing. As close as sisters, they walked side by side, as they usually do. Rui was the youngest, but she and Leila always sandwiched Phyllis to shield her from the others. This is due to the instinct that they developed when they were growing up. Phyllis was such a clumsy little girl who needs assistance even when walking. Plus, her two best friends wanted to match her pace of walking. Rui and Leila's legs w
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Chapter 10: Catcalling (2)
Inside the car, Rui and Leila scrolled through their phone after sending Phyllis home. They read all the nasty stuff the people were talking about Phyllis, the vulgar girl. Leila frowned. “Wow, people really are so dumb! They even have the guts to talk about morals when they overlook the disgusting comments we, women, got?!” Rui just rolled her eyes. “Yeah, it's so stupid. And penis isn't even a vulgar word. It's an organ! What else should we call it then? Eggplant? Flaccid cucumber? That's dumb.” Thinking about how people decided to not visit Lu's family mall, Rui got an idea. She clicked the comment section to type in a reply. [Chase Eno: I'm the pregnant woman beside the girl you're bashing. If you don't want to visit her mall, you're also not welcome to our mall. We don't offer our services to perverts.] Upon seeing a comment from a verified account, people instantly replied to her. [How can you be a pregnant woman? You're clearly a male account!] Reading this response re
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