No Feelings lnvolved.

No Feelings lnvolved.

By:  Rinna O'Shea  Updated just now
Language: English
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NO FEELINGS INVOLVED Axel ... " , I squealed out when l noticed that my hands were trapped under my legs . " You look so hot " , he groaned out and even before I could respond to him , l felt him line his cock with the opening of my core . " Axel ... " , A scream immediately fall out of my mouth when he all of the sudden slammed in to my pussy . Shocked by the intrusion , l felt my eyes water at that instant but then he only went on with thrusting in to me , hard , rough and deep at a pretty good speed . With his hips and thighs slapping against mine , he pounded in my core while panting breathlessly . Every thrust of him kept on bringing me on the edge and l had a feeling that l was soon going to cum .

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    Let's go to the party
    TRIGGER WARNING :Before you read this story , l would like to warn you that this story contains hot mature contents and it should be read by people above 18 years and if you not interested in reading erotica and sexual contents please don't risk reading the following chapters . RINNA'S POV . ( We going to the party )" You need to get laid tonight " , l rolled my eyes at my brother's remark and continued to ignore him as he leaned on my door frame . He was my elder brother but every time he only thought about sex and fucking different types of girls . " Did you even hear what l told you Rinna ? " , He asked again while standing up in my door way . " My door was closed up for a reason Mickie " , I finally spoke out after shutting my laptop ." I know Rinna but you can't keep mopping in your own room , you damn 18 years old now for heaven's sake " , As expected he spoke out while plopping down on the bed next to me . " Will you please help me and drop that topic , every time you come
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    Xenia's old brother
    ' " Did he just do that ? , that Axel l do know " , l shook up my head in disbelief when I heard the clink meaning that he had seriously closed up the door . " Axel you fucking c**k sucker open up the door and let me in " , Left alone baffled and angry , l began banging my fists against the damn wooden door . " Come on Axel , you fucking grow up and get the hell out of Xenia's room " , l yelled out more as l continued to bang my fists against the damn wooden door but then the more l continued , it didn't take long for the door to flung open and with me caught up off guard , l ended up falling face flat in to Xenia's room actually on the cold floor because there was no bed . "Err ! No " , my position was so ashaming and to make it worse Axel was currently laughing his head off with his hand on his stomach . . "Ass holes , like you only deserve to rot in hell " , Pissed off l stood up , walked out of the empty room and after closing up the door , l crossed my hands against my chest b
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    Wild Desires
    Puzzled l felt him put his hand on my chin , then tilted up my head on one side before he finished up his sentence . " .... he really likes to meet you " , Before l could process what he was talking about , l out of the sudden felt his lips crash against mine . " Oh ! God hell no " , Taken a back , l left his lips to linger on mine before I pushed him away from me hurriedly .. " Is he fucking seriously for real ? " , The situation unbelievable , l stared at him but then surprisingly he was still sorely having his focus on me . " Honestly Axel what was that fucking kiss for ? , I thought that you hated me " , I lastly asked while shaking my head because it seemed like a dream to me . '" huh ! " , Before replying to me , he first chuckled as he licked his pink lips . ." What made you think so , that l hate you ? " , He asked with a grin on his face before he reached out and leaned in next to me but I still pushed him away from me for the third time . . ." You ! , fucking Axel yo
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    Erotic sensation
    " oh ! My goodness Axe ... Axel , yes am gonna .. .cum " , l moaned out more loudly as soon as l felt his fingers thrust in to my wet p***y in a scissor like way with also his mouth on my clit , biting in to it a bit roughly . " Yes baby c*m for me , your taste is damn good " , He groaned out while curling up his fingers deep in her wet p***y . With that said , I immediately felt myself clench around his fingers and it didn't take long for me to release my juices , Cumming all over his face . " Yes , you so fucking good " , He groaned out and with my chest heaving and down panting , l rode my high out on Axel's fingers and his tongue ." Yes .... " , As my breath calmed down , Axel reached out and hovered on top of me with a genuine smile on his face . " For heaven's sake , you fucking beautiful and hot " , He murmured before he reached out and leaned down next to me and with our faces inches apart , l pulled him instantly making our lips to crash against each other .With our ton
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    Xenia's arrival
    " oh ! My goodness , Rinna get under the bed . .. get under Xenia's bed " , He mumbled in chuckle and hearing Xenia's foot steps more closer , l humbly with no option left decided to make my way under the bed and shockingly the moment l did the door out of the sudden swung open and there she lastly entered my best friend . Under the bed , l could see her feet getting closer to me but then just as she was about to reach where my hand was , she out of the sudden stopped in mid motion before l heard her yelling out . " Oh ! My goodness . .... .Axel in my bed ? , Are you naked ? " , I felt my heart instantly best my chest , the moment l heard her scream . l honestly knew it that soon she was going to guess it that he was having sex and no doubt with me ... oh ! My goodness , l was honestly screwed up . " Xenia can you please me alone , l wanna sleep " , My eyes widened to the size of saucers at his response and confidently l felt him shift on the bed . " Did you just have sex in my bed
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    " Hey what are you thinking about ? , Let me see for heaven's sake " , She murmured tapping her fingers on her chin in thoughts before she lastly snapped out with her eyes wide open . . " By what l know you thinking about some guy and you have to tell me who the hell he is " , She blurted out excitedly and rolling my eyes at my best friend's statement , l also scrunched up my face . " You nosy , do you know that Xenia ? " , I asked her while shaking my head . " Rinna ... Well as your best friend am supposed to be nosy most especially when it comes to romance , so come on tell me that handsome guy who is taking over your mind " , She spoke out before plopping down next to me . ." Calm down Xenia , there isn't anyone " , l murmured flashing her a smile hoping that she would buy it but just shook her head while eying me suspiciously before she let out an exaggerated sigh . " Not now Rinna but soon enough l will make you confess the person you currently love " , , she mumbled the thing
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    Blow job
    " Left alone with the handsome devil himself who was staring at me keenly made my body to strangely and quickly get aroused . . " You have really annoyed Xenia " , I murmured in a low voice before l walked back and sat down on the couch . . However as soon as l sat comfy like a queen , l felt Axel adjust himself and in the end he was standing up behind me . " Err ! " , I immediately gasped out when l felt his hand creep up my hair then until he gripped it firmly . As l closed up my eyes relaxing , a gasp immediately escaped out of my mouth when l instead felt him pull my hair until when he made me rest my head against the couch . .."Isn't everything that happened before on your mind , right now ? " , Axel asked and with him tightening his grip on my hair holding me up in place , l saw him lower his head next to mine . " Err ! Noo ... My goodness " , l felt my breath hitch in my chest as soon as l felt him rub his nose against mine . " F**k we were so close and sensing danger , l t
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    Sexual Desires
    " Oh ! Darn it Rinna ... You gonna be the death of me " , He groaned out and with a wide smile on my face , l adjusted myself on the sofa settee and after propping up myself properly on the couch , l reached out and tugged his sweat pants down , freeing him from his boxers . ." Mmmh ... . " , I hummed inwardly in my heart as l stared at his monster veiny c**k . " That's what you do to me Rinna " , He groaned out and giggling , l innocently reached out and grasped his monster c**k and placed the mushroom tip in my mouth . It was my first time but just trying , l swirled my tongue around his mushroom tip , tasting him .Groaning out , he reached out and placed his hand on my back making me take in his all size . " God Rinna losing my control " , he groaned out when l began to move my mouth a bit more faster on his d**k , taking him in and out ." oh ! S**t Rinna oh ! My goodness " , Axel groaned out before he began to thrust his d**k inside my mouth before his hand moving to my h
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    It is not wrong
    . . " You so fucking sweet for heaven's sake " , Just as l leaned back down on the couch , l watched Axel lick his cum coated index finger and seeing him , A blush immediately creeped on my face but then l re - gathered my clothes not wanting Xenia to catch us . Once l was clothed up properly , l knelt down on the couch but then as soon as l shifted my gaze and looked up in the door way , my eyes immediately widen to the size of saucers and my jaw dropped down at what l saw .At what l saw , I immediately felt fear run down to my spine and l nudged Axel with my knee to alert him of the danger but instead he just didn't care . " Rinna stop touching me .... I know that you want me so much but you just had me so control yourself " , He chuckled out instead . " Oh ! My goodness " , l face palmed before l kneed him more harder , more harder that it caused him to fall on the couch but to make matters worse , his sweat pants that he had tugged down only fall down more to his ankles . . " Wh
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    Think about you only
    " Enough oh ! My goodness am screwed up ' , At that l lowered my face in my palm as a blush made its way on my face . " Oh ! My goodness , she also saw the part where Axel ran his index finger over my c*m coated p***y and the thighs " , l face palmed before l slide the glass to Axel to pour more drink .Noticing my nervousness , Axel reached out and threw up his arm around my shoulder and after giving it a little squeeze to comfort me , with that l raised up my head with a new plan in my mind . " Marie ... Am .... Mmmmmh sorry . . " , At this time in my mind l felt that it was the appropriate word to be spoken out" Sweetie .... " , she reached out and covered my hands with hers and didn't say anything before she continued . " Am actually not interrogating you , am just trying to make sense of this situation " , she continued in calm soft voice and with that l nodded my head in understanding .With a smile on my face l turned my attention to the same empty glass l shared with Axel . A
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