Ruling Mafia's Heart

Ruling Mafia's Heart

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"Well, Myra,” he whispers, his voice low and seductive, "being late comes with consequences because I hate when somebody makes me wait." "What kind of consequences?" | asked, my heart pounding. Zayn's gaze intensified as he looked into my eyes. "The consequence, Cupcake," he huskily murmured, "that I'm going to have to punish you." ••• Myra Oberoi, a symbol of sweetness and kindness, held a heart of gold despite her troubled past. Zayn Hunt, the merciless Mafia King, had a reputation for crushing anyone who dared to cross him. He was a cold-hearted king, while she was a kind-hearted conqueror. He was a dangerous flame, and she was as fragile as water. Yet, their hearts entwined, and she ruled the heart of the Mafia who ruled the world. Her father tortured her throughout her life, and she thought Zayn was no saint. Yet, against all odds, he filled her life with happiness and love. However, fate played a cruel game, tearing them apart and leaving them to face a heartbreaking separation. What does fate have in store for these two souls? Will they ever find their way back to each other?

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23 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Russian Mafia
Zayn’s P.O.V.“King, I think we should back out now. I don’t think it’s safe to go inside. We’ve lost 90% of our men. I’m pretty sure that we have some rats in our group, and we need to figure that out first.” I clenched my fists, suppressing the urge to kill Marco upon listening to his words. If he were not my right hand, he would be dead by now.“King—” He halted, catching sight of my face, now reddened by anger. He gulped down his saliva and apologised, taking a step back.Good!I knew he served as my second-in-command, but it didn’t grant anyone the privilege of giving me suggestions.No one could tell the Russian Mafia how to execute their tasks. No one.“I’m being generous towards you, Marco, to keep you alive.” I glared at him. “And always remember that I’m the King of Russia who never backs out of his mission. I’ll make it happen once I decide something.” I declared in a stern voice, leaving no room for argument. He just nodded, looking down, feeling scared and ashamed.I roam
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Chapter 2 Her Kindness
Myra's P.O.V“I’m sorry, sir.” I murmured, my voice hardly heard as I lowered my gaze to the floor.“Your apology will not change the fact that you caused us a loss, Myra.” The manager of the hotel, where I worked in the housekeeping department, growled through gritted teeth. His voice echoed through the room, causing me to tremble in fear.My heart raced, and I trembled in fear as memories of past traumas flashed through my mind.“Just because you have been one of our punctual employees, we forgive you. However, you must repay the amount.” He continued in a serious tone.His every word sent shivers down my spine, returning me to a time when voices like his had struck me with terror.I nodded, trembling, unable to find the words to respond. I stood there, paralyzed by fear as he glared at me.“Now clean up the mess you made, and the rest of you, is there a movie playing? Get lost.” He barked, and I jumped, hearing the loud voice, which made others laugh at me.I bit my lip, fighting b
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Chapter 3 The Shooting Star
Zayn’s P.O.V."How is he doing, doctor?" I asked, clutching the phone, trying hard to control my emotions.I couldn't fall weak. I couldn't!"He's still the same, King." I closed my eyes, hearing the response, which I had a clue about, but every time my heart wanted it to be different. I didn't want to face it again."Take care of him." After saying this, I quickly hung up the phone and wiped the lone tear that was trying to escape my eyes without my permission."I know whatever I say won't make you feel any better, but like I always say, I'll repeat it. You're not alone in this. You know that, right?" As I heard Kabir's words, a faint smile spread across my face. He placed his hand on my shoulder from behind, hoping for a response.After turning around, I responded, giving him a sad smile. "I know, Kabir." He just stared at me for a good ten seconds before engulfing me in a hug. I closed my eyes, almost falling weak, and hugged him to gather some courage.Kabir and I had been best fr
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Chapter 4 A Greek God
Zayn’s P.O.V.After exhaling a deep breath, I settled down on my large black leather chair in my office. Leading the Russian Mafia was hard, but I couldn't let all the sacrifices, training, and torture go to waste without reaching my goal.I had been in the Mafia since the incident that took place in my childhood when I was only fourteen. It had been eleven years since that incident, but I still felt the same pain even now. But one day, I would certainly find closure, and I knew what I had to do.Mr. Shrikant Oberoi!Yes, only the death of this man could cause me closure.A knock on my door snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked up and saw Marco and Kabir entering my office."We finally got the information, Zayn," Kabir said, and Marco nodded."About?" I asked."Shrikant Oberoi." I clenched my fists upon hearing his name.He informed, "This time the yearly meeting of all the billionaires to meet and interact is happening in India, and as Shrikant Oberoi is from India, it's quite obvi
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Chapter 5 Who was she?
Myra’s P.O.V.We pressed the lift button, eagerly waiting for it to arrive and take us down.Boy, oh boy, we had been walking in these heels all morning, and the idea of trekking down 15 floors was definitely not appealing. It was a difficult task; I tell you!My poor feet were screaming in agony, and all I wanted was to reach the ground floor, retreat to my room, and slip into some cosy clothes. Ahh, the mere thought of that comfort made me close my eyes and let out a moan of relief.These heels were seriously killing me!As the lift doors opened, I sighed. I had expected an empty lift, but to my surprise, five women stepped out. They were dressed up like, umm... I know I shouldn't judge someone by their outfits, but their outfits are slightly way too on the revealing side. I mean, just a strap is holding their dress and there's nothing hidden? Okay. I should stop it.But something I didn’t understand. How did they even get here?The top two floors were only accessible with a passcode
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Chapter 6 Kabir or Asshole?
Kabir’s P.O.V.As I settled down on the plush couch in my suite, exhausted, I muttered to myself, “Finally, some rest.”It was 3:30 a.m. and Zayn had ventured out to the hotel garden for some fresh air, while I craved the solace of my room.Just as I was about to close my eyes and sleep, I heard a knock on the door. I let out an annoyed sigh and called out, “Who is it?”A male voice came from the other side, “Sir, it’s me, the manager.” I clenched my teeth, trying to keep my anger in check.“Come in,” I reluctantly said, permitting him to enter.He opened the door and stepped inside, looking nervous. I cut him off before he could say anything, my voice firm. “You better have a good reason for disturbing me.”He stammered, clearly intimidated by my presence. “Y-yeah, sir.” I could see the sweat forming on his forehead. “For your relaxation, I’ve got something special planned to help you unwind,” he quickly explained, his voice trembling.My curiosity sparked, and I raised an eyebrow, a
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Chapter 7 Fiesty Roshini!
Roshini’s P.O.V.I got startled to hear the apology from the man who was ready to shoot me a few minutes back.“Huh? Did you actually apologise?” I asked, my surprise evident in my voice.Just moments ago, this intense and brooding man had me on edge with his aggressive demeanour, and now he was apologizing. It was unbelievable.“Yes, I’m sorry, Roshini. I misunderstood you with someone else,” he explained, his voice filled with guilt. I stared into his striking grey eyes, searching for any sign of honesty. It was clear he genuinely regretted his actions.“Accept my apology, please.” He implored, holding my hand and placing a soft kiss on it. His unexpected tenderness took aback me.“Just a few minutes back, you were all alpha and now this?” I asked, still staring at him.Sometimes, I just couldn’t resist speaking my mind.I found myself drawn to both his strong alpha side and his unexpected gentleness. It was an intriguing combination.“Alpha? Or more like a pervert!” As he asked, ra
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Chapter 8 Angel
Zayn’s P.O.V."I really need to fucking see my actions. What the fuck I was doing?" I murmured under my breath and unlocked my room door in haste. I was shocked to find two attractive Indian girls sitting on the bed, clad only in lingerie, and they gave me a seductive smile while gazing at me.Then I noticed a note placed between them. I moved closer to read the note, stepping towards them and pulling it out without even glancing in their direction.The note read, 'Gift for our boss. Hope you like it, sir. The Manager.'I glanced at the note and then at the girls, hoping their presence would distract me from the girl who was driving my mind insane."Start your work," I ordered them in a stern voice. They both looked at each other and then at me, completely intimidated by my tone."Fast," I said, staring at them. Both got startled, and immediately one girl knelt on the floor in front of me, while the other one knelt on the bed. The one on the bed started unbuttoning my belt, and the ot
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Chapter 9 Unforgettable Encounter
Zayn’s P.O.V.After taking a quick nap, I dressed in my navy blue tuxedo. It was already noon, and we had to discuss the plan.In three days, there was a meeting for which I had come here. I was going to meet that Oberoi there, so we had to prepare for it.I had to make this visit useful. Initially, I wanted to kill Oberoi, but now I aimed to destroy him. I wanted to ruin his business and everything he had. He had shaken my whole life. Everything he did for money, he backstabbed my dad for money. For him, everything came after money, and I wanted to snatch everything away from him. I was determined to ruin him, and then I would kill him.Yes.I was engrossed in the conversation with my men when a soft knock on the door disturbed us.I closed my eyes to control my anger. I hated getting disturbed during my conversation.“Who the hell is there? Wasn’t there a ‘do not disturb’ sign?” I asked in anger.I could clearly sense the tense atmosphere as everyone tried their best not to show how
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Chapter 10 Enchanted By His Eyes
Myra’s P.O.V.I stepped out of his room, my heart still racing from the intensity of our encounter.After leaning against the wall, I placed my hand over my chest, trying to catch my breath.Being alone with him in his room had left me feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness.The surrounding air still carried his presence, his breath, and the lingering scent of his cologne. It felt as if he was still right there with me, even though he had stepped away.The effect he had on me was undeniable.My heart was pounding so fast, so I exhaled a deep breath, trying to calm myself. It was a sensation I had never experienced before, and it took me by surprise.I closed my eyes, trying to regain control of my emotions, but his piercing blue eyes flashed in my mind.Oh, those blue eyes. I had only heard about how mesmerizing they could be, but seeing them in person was a whole different story. When my hazel eyes met his intense blue gaze, it felt like a magnetic pull drawing me in. His eyes i
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