Ruthless Mate

Ruthless Mate

By:  KATHLEEN HAYAT  Updated just now
Language: English
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A gasp escaped past her lips when she felt his tongue licking her skin where her neck meets her shoulder. Her heart drummed in her ears. Her chin quivering and her body trembling. A jolt of electrifying jolts ran down her body as his lips gave soft feathery kisses on her neck. She was a nervous mush in his arms. "Sweet," He rasped in his deep baritone voice. She stiffened, even more, when his nose caressed her jawline and he inhaled her scent. She was squished against his hard muscular chest and all she could feel and inhale was him. His big veiny hands, his muscular steel-like arms around her waist, and his sinful lips. "Your scent...mhmm... so f*cking addicting," a growl reverberated from his chest. "S...stop," She stuttered. "Shss..." The rough pad of his thumb caressed her lips.

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    Her brows furrowed when she heard heavy footsteps approaching. She barely stood up when the door burst open and her heart lurched to her mouth when she noticed his eyes swarming with hues of gold in them. He was mad.He closed the door harshly and then locked it causing her to flinch."I told you not to get involved in this," his voice was calm but it was filled with raw malice causing her heart to pump wildly."W..what?" She stammered cluelessly.Draken prowled towards her like a predator and she stumbled a step back. Her eyes went wide when he hovered over her like a mad beast and her back touched the wall. "Didn't I tell you to stay out of it?" He asked menacingly, causing her heart to squeeze in pain at his ruthless tone."I..I.. didn't do a..anything," She stuttered while not meeting his gaze. She was terrified to look in those onyx orbs that were filled with acrimony and rage toward her.She gasped when his calloused hand roughly grabbed her chin and he jerked her face up, mak
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    She inhaled sharply.Her eyes snapped open wide and without a bated breath, she dashed into the woods holding her dress up in her fists. She looked like a princess on a run under dazzling moonlight.She didn't know she would've been able to find her mate so soon.Aurora followed the scent as she heard Luca calling behind her. She needs to get to the source of this scent. It was luring her in.It was as if that scent had controlled her being. No matter if she tried to stop she couldn't. She just had to get there.Aurora didn't know when she almost reached the border and came into a small clearing. Her eyes were wide as she gaped at the huge back of a man who had massive muscular shoulders.She could hear her heart thumping in her ears as adrenaline coursed through her veins.She was panting but still, she moved forward and stopped when that man slowly turned around.Her breath hitched when her eyes met with the darkest shade of onyx hues. The man was huge. He was probably 6'1 and was w
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    He let go of her rather roughly causing her to stumble back as she breathed heavily. Her heart thumped so wildly that she was sure it would burst out of her ribcage. Her back touched the door as she grasped the doorknob tightly in her hand. Her head was lowered down as she stared at the floor terrified. She could feel his gaze drilling holes in her form.This can't be.Every cell in her body was trembling in fear. He would kill her pack. But what if he was lying? Then why would he be here all alone? He wasn't lying, he was truly there to attack her pack.If she tells her brothers. They would fight him head-on. He was alone and she had her brothers, her father, Luca. He can't beat all of them but what if?What if he killed someone? A chill ran down her spine as she recalled the death of Sarah. It was a brutal blow to all of them, they barely survived it. How could she even live knowing that someone died because of her?If anything happened to Rasmus what would she say to Catherine? Mo
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    Xander was keenly looking at Draken and he had seen through him. It was clear to Xander that Draken wouldn't reject Aurora that was why he let him talk with his daughter. He deliberately said that Draken would reject her just to see Draken's reaction and he got the feeling that Draken wouldn't do that.The man thought he was smart but Xander could read him a little bit."I will keep her safe and protected with me and no harm will come to your pack from my side if she goes with me," Draken said calmly but Hunter was just glaring daggers at him."How do we know you won't hurt her?" Rasmus asked with control over his rage."You have no other choice," Draken said casually as Luca gnashed his molars."I'll p...pack my t..things," Aurora whispered as she was about to leave when Draken stopped her by saying, "there's no need," Aurora clenched her jaw as she faced Rasmus."I'll get my things," she said calmly before walking out of there. Draken narrowed his eyes at her retreating back. Prett
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    She was frozen in absolute shock. The scream about to escape her lips got muffled by his big, veiny hand that covered almost half of her face."You don't seem to understand me, do you?" He asked coldly as his fingers applied pressure on her cheeks.Her ocean eyes were opened wide as fear danced in them. She immediately tried to get off his lap but his free hand grabbed her thigh keeping her in place.Her frail hands came up as she attempted to remove his hand from her mouth but he just watched her struggle. Her eyes were closed. "Don't scream," He muttered and she immediately nodded her head. He slowly moved his hand away.Aurora took in a deep breath filling her lungs to the fullest as her lips parted slowly and then she screamed at top of her lungs."HELP-" He abruptly covered her mouth again rather roughly and grimaced at her. Her eyes were closed as she tried to pry his hand off her mouth."I f*cking hate disobedience," He hissed lowly near her ear as he pulled her face closer.H
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    She woke up in the middle of the night, for a second she was stunned to see a different ceiling than her room but within a blink, everything came back and she sighed. Her eyes closed shut again. The lamp was on, illuminating the room in a hue of soft orange. She checked the time and it was 2 am. Her eyes widened when she recalled something. Getting out of bed she sprinted to her suitcase and fumbled through the clothes finally finding her phone in there.It was powered off so she switched it on. The screen lit up. Putting a password in, she wrote a text to Rasmus.'Rasmus, how is everyone? I'm okay. Tell everyone not to worry about me. I reached the North pack a few hours ago. I was tired and instantly fell asleep. Just woke up so texting you. Take care of everyone and please don't stress yourselves for me. I'm completely fine.' She pressed the send button and the message was delivered to Rasmus.She didn't wait for his reply and shut down her phone. She knew once he saw the message
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    All the breath escaped her lungs as she groaned feeling his hard shoulder digging into her belly. It took her a second to compose herself as her small fists rained punches on his back but it did not affect him. "P...put down," She tried to sound angry and cold but her voice came out scared.He would kill her now.She struggled only for his arm to tighten around the back of her thighs. She jerked her hair to one side as she tried to figure out where he was taking her. To the dungeons probably so he could cut her up into tiny little pieces and then feed her off to wild animals.Tears brimmed her eyes but she refused to cry. She will not back down without a fight."STOP!" She screeched and did something unexpected. She started pinching his back and tried to bite him but his back was so firm that she couldn't get a bite no matter how much she tried, but the last attempt was successful as she got a grip on his skin and she bit him with everything that she got. He barely twitched
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    Charlotte was persistent in aiding her to get ready for the night but Aurora's heart kept dropping down deeper and deeper.Aurora told her that she took care of her hygiene and that she was all neat and clean. There was no need of getting her ready for that crazy ritual.Charlotte on the other hand seemed excited about it at first but seeing the worry etched over Aurora's face told her otherwise. She left the girl alone.Aurora was pacing her room. Her heart was beating fast and she was panicking nonstop.She can't sleep with him. She would never sleep with him, mate or not. The man has done nothing that loving mates do. The only thing he did was threaten her and that was all.Even the thought of sleeping with him had her whole body trembling in fear.How would she face him tonight?She should probably lock her door. She gazed at her door and couldn't help but think about his huge muscular stature. He was a man and he could easily break down that door.What can she do?Escape?The tho
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    "NOOO!" She screamed, punching his back but to no avail. She barely registered where he was taking her before she found herself in an unfamiliar room and then all the breath was knocked out of her system when he tossed her on the bed as if she was a mere thing.She gathered her bearings and sat up abruptly, brushing her hair away from her face as she found him near the door, and the sound of him bolting the door echoed in the grim silence.She was panting, her eyes wide as she kept her gaze fixed on the predator. He slowly turned around and she gulped scurrying out of the bed. In her haste, she was about to fall face first on the floor but she balanced herself.Her throat was all dry and there was a stone-like obstruction in her throat. As soon as he took a step forward, she took two steps back though she was on the other side of the bed, far from him but still, the distance between them did nothing to ease her worry."I d...don't want this," She said shakily and he clenched his jaw.
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    “N…no… please… don’t hurt me,” she whispered shakily as big fat tears poured out of her eyes and her chin quivered in fear.“I don’t have a choice,” his voice was gruff and it sliced right through her heart.He was her mate. How could he hurt her like that without any remorse?“How c…can you hurt your m…mate?” She whispered in a broken shaky voice and he gnashed his molars looking away. “You’ll be fine,” he grumbled as he grabbed her knees and forced her legs open.She let out a cry and immediately pulled the dress down between her legs, covering her intimacy. He inhaled sharply. His eyes fixated on her thighs.“P…please… don’t do this,” she begged him with big teary eyes and he refused to meet her gaze.She took in a sharp breath when his veiny hand grabbed her thigh. Her eyes widened when she felt the wild sparks raking through her body and the warm tingling feeling where he was touching her.He brought his knife closer and she visibly tensed. His hold on her thigh tightened and hi
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