Lucifer's Alpha Slave

Lucifer's Alpha Slave

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*Warning* please this book contains explicit, BDSM and matured Erotica content. Read at your own Risk! He is a legend. A name Forbidden. Heartless and Darkness itself. He is an Alpha God... She is a proud Ruthless Alpha Wolf Princess who ruled all kingdoms with iron fist. Men, strong men tremble at her presence. She was feared and has been unmarried. But how did she became a Slave and a Mate to a man who was said to be a legend. A man who hated her very existence.

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82 Chapters
Lucifer Alpha's Slave is a Dark romance novel intended for adults readers only. This book has a villainous heroes, enemies to lovers, angst, and explicit/ intense/ kinky-forced situations. If you're looking for a sweet romance, then this book is NOT for you.***********************Exempt from the story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"You should have knelt down when I asked you to. You shouldn't have challenged me but you did. Now, you will see my warth.""I am begging you, stop this." she tried again, maybe he will change his mind. It wasn't her fault she couldn't bow down to him. She just can't.Dark didn't say a word, instead he knelt down between her open legs and leaned down to bite hard on one of her breasts drawing out blood from it and Raziah cried out from the pain. Sucking the breast and blood together. He moaned when her blood trailed down his throat.*********************Prologue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Once Upon a time, three best friends, Barwolf, Gerwulf and Zelina, went in search of powers un
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Chapter 1
The Dangerous King (Enemies To Lovers Werewolf Romance Series Book 1)❤️ Demon's Attack (Part 1) ❤️ He has a visitor early this morning and he knows why she is here. "Where is Raziah?" Barwolf Omar asked one of his wives. Faith, who was the first wife, pointed at a direction with shaky hands. "You know where she is, why are you asking us?" she whispered to him. She was eating at the table with two other women. "Or do you want to force words inside our mouths and have us killed just like she has done with the others." Kate, Barwolf's second wife said. "Don't mind him, he is pretending as if he doesn't know what his daughter can do." Ama, his third wife, spoke. Faith, Kate and Ama are the only surviving wives of Barwolf. Raziah had made sure she had killed the other wives against any little argument. They had both learned how to shut their mouths and not throw insults whenever Raziah was around. Heaving out a deep sigh, Barwolf headed towards the direction Faith had pointed. Wal
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Chapter 2
❤️ Demon's Attack (Part 2) ❤️ "I know that I am your King but the lives of my subjects depend on how much you pay me. I can help you if you cooperate or you can lose your lives and that of your people in the hands of the demon's. But remember this, I will still take over your kingdom." Raziah told the Hobgoblin Queen. "When the money is ready and will help you and your kingdom." she added and without wasting time she turned around and left, heading straight to her room. The Hobgoblin Queen watched with disbelief at Raziah until the taller lady was out of sight. She wondered if the Giant and Gnome Kingdom had felt when Raziah visited them but unlike them, they didn't have demons lurking around and waiting to feast during the night. "Don't you know how to control your daughter?" She asked once she was sure Raziah wouldn't hear her. Even at that, she lowered her voice. Huffing out. "In case you haven't noticed yet, I am a servant in my own kingdom. I am a servant to Raziah." "How can
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Chapter 3
❤️ Demon's Attack (Part 3) ❤️ "I am sorry, my King." the Queen of Hobgoblin apologized to Raziah, her head bowed. "Whatever," she said in a dismissively tone. "Barwolf, get me my bow and arrows." she ordered her father. "Make it fast." Barwolf hurried up to get what she asked forand he came to meet breathing heavily. He had ran all the way to Raziah room to bring her bow and arrows and ran back immediately Taking her bags of arrows and bow from her father and strapping them on her back. "My horse, must I keep reminding you of this father." "Sorry." Barwolf whispered and went to bring Raziah horse. He was grateful that Raziah didn't slap him for forgetting to bring out her horse. "Let's go." she said to the Queen of Hobgoblin. Raziah was wearing a short gown that was sewn into tight a brais at the edge. It fitted her body, it was transparent on both the sides with her back and it barely covered her arse and wide hips. Her big bre.asts were barely fitted in it and the upper side
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Chapter 4
❤️ Dark Dotizu ❤️"Hmm." the woman said and entered the portal.The portal opened once again at the same castle where the demon who had escaped was still standing at the same place he was."That was more interesting than I thought," the woman said to the demon. "You are the only survivor of the troop sent out of here. Go and meet the others, I will inform Dark.""I will do that my Lady." the demon said, bowing before the woman and disappeared.The lady scoffed and started walking towards the castle, swinging her waist. The castle was in total darkness but even without the aid of candles, everyone in the castle could see perfectly. The demons guards guarding the entrance and the rooms around the castle all bowed to her when she walked past them.After their master, she was the second person they feared.Stopping in front of a door, she opened it and walked inside without knocking. She rolled her eyes at the sight that greeted her.Loud moans greeted her ears.On the bed was a naked man
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Chapter 5
❤️ The Promise Made ❤️"I am sorry, Dark. It's just that the chil-"Interrupting her abruptly."It's King!" Dark snarled at Amaya, showing his teeth which began growing in size, his horns puffing out dark smokes. The sharp-pointed head of his spear made of gold also buried itself on the ground beside the chair he was sitting on."I am sorry, my King." Amaya apologizes as she slowly moves back away from the child she was holding herself from putting an end to the life in her."Come here." Dark gesture with his hand for Raziah to come. His teeth going back to their normal size, his horns seizing it's smoke.Slowly getting up to her feet, Raziah approached the man."Why are you here?" Dark asked, staring into her eyes."I am here for my mother. I was told she is here by one of my father wives." Raziah answered."And you've seen her?" Dark asked, pushing off the ladies that were trying so hard to get his attention. Somehow, the little girl grabs all of his attention and he couldn't tell w
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Chapter 6
❤️ Broken Promise (Part 1) ❤️"Unless you make it not too hard for the girl to pull out whenever she wants." Amaya told him. "That can only be the explanation behind this."Still finding it hard to believe. "I didn't make it easy for her, you know me, I would have told you that night.""If you didn't then how come she carried your Golden spear?""I will find out the answer.""You are planning to pay her a visit, right?""Yes, besides, apart from that night we haven't crossed the Werewolves kingdom but u will be going there to see if what you said about her is true," Dark said and Amaya smiled. "Leave, I need to think without disturbance.""Dark, if you ever need someone to talk to, just know that I am one step behind you. I am always here to listen.""Leave Amaya."Amaya quietly left the room leaving Dark to his thoughts.****Hobgoblin Kingdom:Raziah screamed out in rage when no more arrows were shot. Staring at the place the demons were before made her start growling.Destroying th
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Chapter 7
❤️ Broken Promise (Part 2) ❤️"I remember but you know it's been long. I keep hearing 'be patient' 'be patient' but for how long will I continue to be patient?" the woman asked the dark mist and began pacing around in what looked like a cave."I am just as impatient like you too but what will I do? Patience is the only thing we have to hold on to. Showing yourself will ruin everything." The man covered in dark mist told her.The unknown woman heaved out."Fine," she said, tightening her lips. "Fine then." She added again."Keep preparing your body for the powers." the man said and immediately the black mist was gone leaving the woman alone. Sitting down and crossing her legs and closing her eyes, a few minutes later she was a rock statue which merged with the rock behind it.****Wolf Kingdom:"We will keep reminding you every day of our lives." Ama told him.Without another word he stood up and went to his room leaving his three wives behind.His heart was heavy. How the might has fal
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Chapter 8
❤️ The Duel (Part 1) ❤️Wolf Kingdom:"You, go and get my horse ready," she said to a guard not bothered about the gathering dark clouds. "Tell Barwolf to prepare my spear for me. He should not keep me waiting.""Yes my King." the guard responded and hurried up to do as told.Snorting out loud she went back to her room and quickly had her bath putting on a revealing short gown.She left her room and when she came out of the opening, her father with the help of some other guards were waiting for her with her spear. Her horse too.Collecting the reins of her horse and climbing on it. She took the spear from them."Where are you going?" Barwolf asked, wetting his lips nervously as Raziah turned to stare coldly at him. "Just in case someone seeks you, I might know where you are and send for you my King," he added."The Vampire kingdom. Someone better seek me Barwolf if not, I swear by my mothers, I will cut off one of your toes." Raziah told him and without another word kicked her horse a
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Chapter 9
❤️ The Duel (Part 2)❤️"I said you are beautiful," the Vampire Prince said, his lips stretching a bit. "I mean have you ever looked at the mirror before? You'd understand what I am saying by now. You're beautiful" he added, not bothered about her angry expression. It didn't faze him, instead it made her look more stunning. And let him not start by talking about her alluring.With a fast reflex, Raziah held his neck tightly in her hold and hit his back against one of the pillars around, breaking the pillar into two halves."Don't you dare call me that again or else..." Raziah told him with clenched teeth, adding more pressure to mark her words as she left it hanging.Smiling even though he was held. He did not want to fight with her. His red eyes shine brightly and he licks his sharp canine teeth. 'Your blood is enticing me.' he thought smelling the hand that held his neck, provoking Raziah the more.By now they have attracted the attention of every single Vampire in the palace."But y
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