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Not every wolf meets their mate and has a happy ending. What happens to those who don't or get rejected? Annie has lived on her own for years in the human world, when she meets Hugh, a wolf belonging to the fearsome Reiver clan hailing from the highlands of Scotland, his business with an organised crime group have made him some serious enemies in the human underworld and when they come for revenge her world and security is turned up side down.

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    22 chapters
    Hugh’s panic was off the scale. What had started out as a perfectly normal day had in the blink of an eye descended into a nightmare. His mate was missing. How could she be missing? They lived on the most secure pack territory in the United Kingdom. Aisling had never even been off the pack lands in all her twenty four years so the fact she was missing was inconceivable, he tried constantly to reach her through the mind link but to no avail. When the pack nursery called to say that Aisling hadn’t picked the pups up, he hadn’t panicked initially, maybe she just got held up somewhere. When he couldn’t reach her he had gone to pick the children up himself. Lyall, his daughter was only three years old, she was happily playing on the floor but his son Lennox was five and much older than his years, his little brow was furrowed with concern as Hugh walked through the door. Hugh took the children home and left them in the care of their nanny while he searched the house for her. He
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    Chapter 1
    “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. Rudyard Kipling 22 years later Annie ran through the train station, swerving around the Friday rush hour commuters and school children as fast as she could. Trust her to be late, although to be fair, it had been a hell of a week at work with Fresher’s week and all and she hadn’t counted on her taxi finding itself in gridlocked traffic navigating the small Northern town where she had lived for the past twenty years or so. Jumping out of the taxi, Annie saw the train already idling in the station. Dashing along the platform, trying to find her carriage, her inner wolf’s voice encouraged her to move faster. “Hurry Annie…..wait it’s this one, you’ve run past….go back.” her wolf urged in her head. Annie skidded to a stop and turned about. Scuttling back to the carriage she’d just passed, she jumped on board and dumped her bags on the luggage rack. Checking the seat number on her ticket, she proceeded
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    Chapter 2
    Ye are Blood of my Blood and Bone of my Bone. I give ye my Body, that we Two might be one. Celtic wedding ceremony. Patric followed the lead cars through the enormous iron gates which marked the entrance to the Reiver pack house. They were accompanied by six Reivers in wolf form, three on either side of their little convoy. The wolves had stood across the road blocking the way about half a mile before the start of the territory. Alpha Henri had left his vehicle to talk to them and they had been alongside the cars ever since. Werewolves can be wary about attacks from other packs or rogues, lone wolves with no pack, but this display of strength seemed excessive to Annie. They had been driving through the territory for over an hour before reaching the gates and according to Patric, they still had a mile or so to go. “This pack’s territory is something else.” remarked Sabine. Annie could feel Sabine’s anticipation at a good run as soon as they entered Reiver territory. She had
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    Chapter 3
    In the calm deep waters of the mind, the wolf waits. Unknown author. The evening reception was also a beautiful well organised affair. Everything was planned with military precision, Annie and Ben’s family were seated at an enormous table as family of the bride and groom next to the table that was reserved for the Alpha’s, Beta’s, and their respective families. All the other guests were seated with their clansmen/women at huge round tables that were scattered around the marquee. The food was local fare and delicious, a choice of beef, boar or locally caught salmon. Dessert was a delicate dark and white chocolate mousse with gold powder sprinkled over the top. Bottles of wine were constantly replaced as soon they became empty by more omegas who seemed to float around effortlessly carrying more plates than Annie had ever seen one person carry. Patric stood up to make his speech and although clearly nervous, he carried himself wonderfully, controlling his emotions to give an impassio
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    I am wolf, Quietly I will endure. Silently I will suffer. Patiently I will wait. For I am a warrior And I will survive. Unknown Author After a night of fitful sleep, Annie sat on the little local train as it bumped and weaved its way towards to the Scottish Lowlands. Jacques had driven her to Inverness in Patric’s car to catch the train and for the hour’s car journey Annie had stared out of the window with unseeing eyes. She hadn’t been able to communicate with Sabine since the night before and she was worried. Annie however didn’t feel the pain as bad as she had expected to, yes it was there, a heavy weight in her chest, but she knew she would survive this. When she was a child she had believed the stories that said anyone who rejected a mate, or a wolf that had been rejected would pine away and die a horrible, lonely death taking their human half with them. The first time it happened to her, she thought she would surely die, the pain had been so intense she thought she was lo
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    Chapter 5
    Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to tread. Lord Byron Hugh arrived back at his car to discover he had got a parking ticket, he checked his watch, he had over- stayed by over an hour. Sighing, he pulled the ticket off his car and climbed in. He needed a plan for finding this woman but his information on her was scant, he knew she was called Annie, but he had no surname, she came from North Yorkshire, but he had no address. He wondered if the omega would know her surname, after all he was the one who was assigned to look after them. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to ring the pack house only to see he had two missed calls from Lennox. The phone started to ring while it was in his hand, it was Lyall. He sent the call to voice mail and scrolled his contacts for the number for the pack house. The phone was answered on the second ring and Hugh asked to be put through to the supervising omega. There was a click and the phone started to ring again, once answere
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    Chapter 6
    Darkness breaks Moon awakesNight now bring the stars it makes.Yvette Yvonne.Hugh had just got out of the shower when he heard the door bell. He left his valet to answer it as if it was anything important, Charles would let him know. As he entered the dining room, he saw a non -descript white envelope on the dining table delivered by courier. He had seen similar ones before, whenever he had got information from G.M.I. He grabbed it off the table and walked upstairs to his office to read it in private knowing it was the information on Annie he had requested. He flicked through the file and marvelled at the amount of information G.M.I. could get on a person. He had no idea how they obtained this stuff and he never asked, but he was fairly sure that none of it was legal. Two photographs fell out onto his desk and as he picked them up and found himself looking at the woman with beautiful blue eyes. She was walking alone along the street in one and entering a house on the other, he studi
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    Chapter 7
    Dark Wolf You found me The smell of my blood had drawn me close. Feathertail. Annie spent the rest of the day trying to keep busy. Anytime she was still, thoughts of Hugh Crozier sneaked into her head distracting her. Maybe she should have gone for lunch then at least she wouldn’t have spent hours fretting about that evenings meeting. She had considered having a nap but decided against it as she would probably only end up dreaming of him and would turn up to the date hot and flustered. At least she could put a name to a face now, Hugh, she liked it and it suited him. She found herself wondering what pack he came from as a picture of his smile flashed into her head. The pull of the bond was as strong as ever and she wondered if he felt it too. Ah, she was doing it again, thinking of him, she stomped upstairs to get ready as a way of distracting herself from any more thoughts of Hugh bloody Crozier. Hugh was sat at a table outside The Stag when Annie arrived. He watched her walk
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    Chapter 8
    Your wolf like ways so oft recurring In my mind like mourning doves. Lillia Talts Morrison. The next few days passed in a blur for Annie. Work was as busy as usual and if she wanted any free time at the weekend then she was going to have to mark the finished assignments that had been submitted early. She would stay up late each night trying to get as far ahead as she could, it was better than sleeping anyway as she was still dreaming of Hugh every time she closed her eyes. Still, even though she felt tired, she was still happier than she had felt in ages, to the point that even her colleagues had noticed. By Wednesday night, Annie was already deciding what she was going to wear to dinner and she had managed to book a table at a little French restaurant by the river that she particularly fond of. Amelie phoned that evening to see how Annie and Sabine were doing. “I’m fine Amelie, really I am. Erm...while we are chatting, did you give anyone my address when we were at Aimeé’s wed
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    Chapter 9
    To her he seemed experienced in mind matters, in wolf matters... he made her soul dance, her breathless heart never stood a chance. N.R. Hart. Saturday went by in a blur, by the time Annie had marked the remaining assignments and done some housework it was almost four in the afternoon. Her phone buzzed and when she checked the screen there was a message from Hugh. Free for coffee? Annie thought for a moment about inviting him to her house. She didn’t usually invite people to her home, she guarded her privacy resolutely and it was what had kept her wolf hidden all these years, her home was her safe haven and the only place where she could truly be herself. It entered her mind that she only needed to be guarded with her human friends but she could be herself with Hugh so perhaps she could afford to drop her guard a little. It was becoming obvious to Annie that she and Hugh were growing closer, and it was only a matter of time before they completed the mate bond, the pull to him wa
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