Stolen by the Mafia King

Stolen by the Mafia King

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Heiress Juliette Lux is finally getting married, in her dream dress. But the guests aren't her friends; the person walking her down the aisle isn't her father; and the man waiting at the altar, her soon-to-be husband, is someone she has never met until yesterday---Ralph Virtus, the son of her family's mortal enemy, the Mafia King, also notoriously known to many as The Devil. And he has stolen her entire family fortune. Say all he wants, but her father will never sell his multi-billion dollar business empire, the family's legacy. He certainly won't force his precious daughter to marry the enemy and have his heir. The contract is a farce. And Juliette will seek the truth and take back what's hers. But can she reclaim her stolen heart from the devillishly witty Mafia King ...

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117 Chapters
Chapter 1: Forced by a Promise
[Juliette’s POV] “They’re ready for you, Miss Lux,” a polite voice pierced through. I blinked. And just like that, with the click of the closed door, the bubble burst. Everything vanished into thin air—my past, my dreams, my future. Nothing remained, except the silhouette in the mirror. It surfaced, growing vividly and sharper until a woman stood before me, her purple sapphire eyes observing me with an empty look. I heaved a silent, despondent sigh at her, and the woman’s breasts rose and fell with the same despair. I traced the slender curves of her exquisite white gown, going through every stitch and sparkle, every contour of the sheer tulle overlay. By the time I reached that massive Mikado silk cascading off her waist, a huge ball of hotness had burned the back of my eyes and nose. Hastily, I sucked in my deepest to push back the heat of grief and lock up the tears. No matter what happens, a deep voice of wisdom echoed in my ears, don't show it, Juliette; don't ever let th
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Chapter 2: Captured by the Enemy
[Juliette’s POV] For someone who reads lots of romance novels, I’d take the slightest detail and exaggerate it romantically. Worse, I’d catch the tiniest spark of response and interpret it as an attraction. I noticed the wavy top of his short dark hair in a nice, clean sweep to the back—which was different from the sexy mess it was yesterday—and was immediately flattered by the extra effort. Then I started admiring him—just as I did yesterday. Whether it was a boring business suit or a midnight blue tuxedo, he could easily pass for an exotic prince or an elegant British spy. Even with that fierce gaze, he looked nothing like a mafia or a devil. Pfft! I mentally rolled my eyes as my feet kept gliding along the plush carpet of the aisle. Now I know why Papa forbade me to peruse that form of literature—it makes your female hormones go wild unnecessarily; it would only be a matter of time before I was trapped in The Devil’s spell, thinking that I was in love
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Chapter 3: Sold by My Father
[Juliette's POV] Yesterday… “Miss Lux, we’ve landed safely at the U.R.T. International Airport. The time is nine in the evening….” I unbuckled the belt, looked out of the window and sighed in nostalgia. Ah…, I miss Bora Bora already. The turquoise waters and the clear blue sky flashed across my mind, and I could still feel the warm salty breeze on my cheeks. Four days is not enough for a graduation trip, not for the daughter of the richest man in the Republic. But for the new CEO of Lux Corp, it's just nice, I thought with a tired yawn and a lazy smile of satisfaction. I'm ready to start work at the office, Papa. Hmm? I leaned forward, squinting to make sense of the dark forms through the misty glass pane. It took a second, but I saw what they were: men—two of them—in black suits and shades, standing erect in a soldier’s stance. As the plane swerved to a complete stop, I saw three more. Bodyguards, I concluded silently. Papa must have sent them; he always said that it's be
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Chapter 4: Fooled by a Spoiled Princess
[Juliette’s POV]Doctor Rose slotted the chart under her right arm and casually tucked both hands into her robe pockets. “The bills aren’t cleared, and there’s another patient waiting for this bed. So, we’re out of choice, Miss Lux.”My eyes couldn’t grow any larger. “Are you telling me that you’re gonna take him off the machines and expect me to wheel him out of the hospital right now?”“Like I said, Miss Lux–.”“Don’t you ‘Miss Lux’ me! You've been my doctor since I was born! What’s gotten into you? Don’t act like you don’t know me!” I cried in anguish. These people, the ones Papa called friends, are now turning their backs on him. First, Uncle Jerry, now, Doctor Rose. Money seems to be the only thing that’s been keeping their friendships alive.Doctor Rose sighed and said, “Bills are bills, Miss Lux. The hospital needs funds to cure more people. Your father is not the only one here who needs medical attention.”“But he’s in a coma!” I protested strongly, my lips quivering in disbel
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Chapter 5: Saved by the Mafia King
[Juliette's POV] The limousine swerved into an unfamiliar part of the city, closer to the meeting place with M. Johnson, and I felt nervous and light-headed; nervous as I'm about to make my first business deal; light-headed as I felt like I'm about to do something terribly wrong. The ants of doubt had been crawling under my skin since I got the address from M. Johnson's PA. Johnson is one of Papa's 'silent investors'—’silent’ because they never make any public appearances. Their investment alone makes up 20 percent of our capital, which makes them collectively the third major shareholder of Lux Corp, but no one knows of their existence, or their involvement with Lux Corp. I've never met one, but Papa talks about them a lot, especially M. Johnson—mostly because his pocket is the deepest, and he's the most silent. Which makes him the perfect buyer for the ring. Not that I'm sparing any thoughts for the mafia's feelings, nor do I care about his stupid rules; I just don't feel parti
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Chapter 6: Kissed by a Strong Desire
[Juliette’s POV] Papa? I called out to the silhouette. I know it’s my father. But he didn’t respond. He just stood there. I reached out a hand to grab something so I could haul myself over to him, but my fist was empty. My feet were working hard to get me to him, but no matter how hard I ran, I couldn’t seem to reach him. Papa! I yelled desperately. But there was only silence. Do it for me, Juliette… Honour my promise to the Virtus. Papa’s voice filled my head. Papa! I cried out to him, watching helplessly as his kind smile melted into the evil grin of a gargoyle. I jerked back with disgust and the devil’s face swirled into a cloud of vivid colours. I panicked and screamed, Papa! Wait, don’t go! What’s the truth? You didn’t owe Ralph Virtus anything, did you? Help me, Juliette…His pleading voice faded as the vibrant colours morphed into a giant ball of crystal white light that consumed me…. I pushed my lids open. A vast creamy ceiling greeted me. Realising that I was lying do
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Chapter 7: Claimed by the Mafia King
[Juliette’s POV] Raised by a strict and conventional father, I’ve dated only two guys–in secret of course–and all the kisses never start with me. But with Ralph Virtus, I'm turning into one of those feckless girls that Papa would refer to as the Dime Girls—cause they always find a way into a guy's pockets, like a dime. Fine, I'm a Dime Girl. I want to go after what I want without giving a shit about consequences—and what I want now is Ralph Virtus. I want his hands and lips all over me. I want him to touch me in places that would make me burn…. Juliette, don't you even think about it! Not even once! A voice like Papa's rang fiercely in my ears. I pulled away as though I was scalded. But the enigmatic devil sitting before me held my gaze, refusing to let me go. The print of his lips on mine grew stronger as raw passion shot from his eyes. I want you, Juliette, those fierce eyes called out to me, their brown swirls and black irises pulling me in, making my insides flutter and m
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Chapter 8: On the Way to the Virtus Mansion
[Juliette’s POV] What the hell am I wearing?! I stared at the bathroom mirror, dumbfounded. Don’t get me wrong, I love LBDs, but this is a bit too ‘little’ for my body, which is already petite to begin with, and a tad too ‘dark’ for my taste—the leather and pointy studs crowding the straps and the waistband are giving off the biker girl's vibes, which is fine, until my petite-sized breasts are spilling from the deep neckline like mega size boobs, which makes me feel like… a fucking Dime Girl. Immediately, I thought of the black nightie—and then of course the amazing sex last night. Shit, I can almost feel him inside me now, lodged deep and hard…. An electrifying shiver shot up my spine, seizing my breath. I gripped the vanity counter to steady myself as the heat of desire coursed through my veins. Damn it, Juliette, get your shit together! You’ve done the deed, and his seed is inside you now. So move on! He already did, so you should too! I drew in stuttering deep breaths to coa
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Chapter 9: Bullied by a Virtus
[Juliette’s POV] The Virtus mansion is not a mansion at all—it’s a frickin haunted castle. Unlike the Lux mansion, it looks old and tired like an expired king, resting on a hilltop, guarded by considerably green grasslands on each side, and sparsely fenced by different types of vegetation that are considerably trimmed. I stared at my new home and a bad taste seeped into my mouth. This place is another reason to hate my new life. I scoffed inwardly. Revamp Papa's hotel? The Mafia King should revamp his humble abode instead.Wait. Papa’s money shouldn't be used on the enemy. I'd better keep my trap shut, just as his highness wanted. The car entered the porch and a familiar face came into view, and my new life just got three times worse. I got out of the car, and the nun warrior rushed forward to the Mafia King, who was moving around the hood. But the second she opened her mouth to speak, the index finger of 'wait a sec' shot up and then her boss whipped out his vibrating phone wi
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Chapter 10: The Mafia King's First Loss
[Juliette's POV]"Put me down!" I cried, and I was dropped on the bed. The second my back hit the soft sheets, my hands were pinned above my head, and my body was pressed against the mattress with his. My anxiety skyrocketed. "Get off me!" I pushed at him, trying to conceal the fact that his masculine scent and body heat was turning me on. Did he hit the gym after work? How can he be in the office the whole day and still smell of fresh oak and spice as though he had a run through the woods? And his handsome face irked me too! It made my insides flutter…. "You want me, Juliette…," he muttered hoarsely, his eyes boring into mine. "No, I don't! And let go of me!" I spat and tried to wriggle free to prove it. "Yes, you do. Your eyes betrayed you." His grip tightened. Pain shot to my elbow, numbing my cries, freezed my movements. In that brief moment, he pulled off his tie in one swift motion and twirled it around my wrists"What the hell are you doing?" I cried out in alarm, twisti
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