TAKEN King's Rights Reserved

TAKEN King's Rights Reserved

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Male lead- Abhimanyu Singh Rathore is 26 years old , The KING of "Gadh" Rajasthan , is the one and only son of Yudhishthir and Jyotika Singh Rathore ABHIMANYU POV :- I do very bad things . . And I do them very well . I'm not the Jealous Hot headed type but when I lost my coolness . I lost my bright side too and then even Dark is get afraid of me But What's Mine , is mine and She is mine . She is taken by Me and I have all rights reserved On her. Female lead - Taapur E . Dhawal is 20 years old daughter of Ervin and Dhawal . They are the close friends of Shakti , Wife of Rudra Singh Rathore . Rudra is the Youngest Uncle of Abhimanyu Singh Rathore. TAAPUR POV :- His magic is powerful , intoxicating . . I'm a butterfly caught in his net , unable and unwilling to escape . . I'm HIS . . Totally HIS . . His Obsession . . King's Obsession . . But I'm scared , scared of him . His eyes speaks but not his mouth . His eyes are Evil that churns my stomach and heart accelerated Nonsensically . His one look makes me to hear thousands of tunes at one time . I don't know where this will take me . Where's my end ? His heart is cold , freeze me to death . . But I know one thing that HEALING is a Process , long time process and I'll surely get heal and come out of His HELL . . .

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    Prologue/Glimpse of The Story
    "You don't spare me even when I'm in my menstrual period" ... ,, She said and covered her body with the blanket .What she was feeling that time was confusing her also . Fear of his eyes were worst than his actions . His eyes held Nothin but only blankness end them "Blood is Red and Red is my favourite colour . Enchanting scent of your period makes me insane enough to take you again and again" ... ,, Abhimanyu wore his clothes without even sparing a glance to her "It's prove that YOU'RE TAKEN & ALL MINE" .... ,, Abhimanyu said and turned around only to found her glossy eyes , staring back at himHe stared at her and took her undergarments in his hands and moved towards the bed and sat down close to her . She squirmed under his eyes which always created waves of Emotions in her ."I'll tell someone to give some painkillers to you" ... ,, He said in his kingly Authorative tone and removed the covers from her body . Taapur stiffened slightly but it was not new for her . His behaviour
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    Introduction Of The Leads
    Male Protagonist :- Abhimanyu Singh Rathore is 26 years old , a very reputed Person of Rajasthan and in the business world too . His tactics , his leadership , his political views and extra sharp observing eyes made him "THE KING" of 'GADH' , Rajasthan, India Abhimanyu is the one and only son of Yudhishthir and Jyotika Singh Rathore (Former King and Queen of the GADH) He became the best of all the evil creature of God . Fierce , cold hearted , billionaire , handsome , Passionate and man of few words . Abhimanyu was trained day and night for the title of "THE KING" .He joined their family business "Rathore Empire" when he was just eighteen years old. Abhimanyu's other family members are :- His first Uncle and twin brother of his father- 'Yuvaan Singh Rathore and Aunt Samantha' . They has a set of twin boys names YaduRaaj and YaduVeer His Second Uncle - Retired POLICE officer 'Rudra Singh Rathore and Aunt Shakti' . They have a son name ShivShakti (Shiv) . Abhimanyu has another co
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    Chapter 1) Red For Undying Desires
    "She runs deep in my Blood , Like thorns in roses , Darkness in the Night . Heat in the Sun and fog in the Dawn" - ABHIMANYU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GADH , Rajasthan , IndiaAt RATHOREs Palace (Haveli)"Hukum (Your Highness)" .... ,, Abhimanyu's loyal attendee politely said while bowing his head in respect"Hmmm !" ... ,, He simply hmmm while staring at business files"Sabhi taiyariyan ho chuki hai. Mehfil bhi saj Chuki hai . Mehmaan aaney lage hai. Bade Sarkar ne apko bulane ko kaha hai (Everything is ready . Guest are starting to come . My Lord is asking for your presence)" ... ,, His attendee Informed him and Abhimanyu nodded his head in agreementAbhimanyu's left his Royal Chamber and moved towards the gigantic Hall where everyone was waiting for him . His personal guards Followed him silently in their casual attire Abhimanyu walked on the floor with high head , over dominanting and authorative personality . His eyes observed the decorations and got satisfied by the hard-work
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    Chapter 2) King's Dominating Gazes
    Standing at the stage , Taapur prepared to leave But soon she heard a loud footsteps . All Lights were dim , not able to see the person .Strong scent of masculinity hit her with the strange hint of alcohol mixed with his sweats . She was rooted to her place and didn't know why but she thought of him for second "It must be him" . . .... ,, Taapur knew who was that person who stood close to her at the centre of the stage but she ignored his presence at that time and Started to move out of the stage but he next words made her to stop from going away "Where do you think you are going ?" ... ,, Abhimanyu asked her in low voice but she heard and squirmed again because of his cold thick voice Her heart and mind were right about him and jolt of shivered ran into her system . She didn't dared to face him . She was shy and panick at the same time . Panic because of his cold presence with her , at the stage but shy ? It was out of her mind also Taapur felt his hands grabbed her hands and sh
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    Chapter 3) Red and Only Red
    "Mr . Rathore !". . . . .... ,, He heard soft feminie voice and groaned mentally and knew who was the owner of that soothing voice .He didn't wanted to turn but he did turned around when he heard Taapur's loud gasped.Taapur was stunned to see him in blood and thousands of pieces of mirror were scattered everywhere in the chamber Taapur was Panic and sad to see wounded and blood was continuously flowing from his hands . Red and only Red was everywhere in the room . ."Floor is covered by your blood . Everything turns into red" ... ,, Taapur quickly moved towards him , grabbed his hands in her and observed and found deep cut in his palm Taapur started to search for first-aid box but Abhimanyu's deep mesmerizing voice instantly stopped her "Red is my favourite colour . You know why?" .... ,, Abhimanyu spoke and walked towards her like a predator . His eyes were hooded , look like half opened"It's beautiful" ... ,, He said and traced the bit Mark on her neck with his Bloodied finge
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    Chapter 4) Not- Submissive Heroine
    It was late in evening . Whole Rathore Palace was shimmering like Gold . A newly wedded bride was standing beside her Husband who was helding her hands possessively . FullMoon was capturing the Glimpses of the happiness of every members of their big family. Stars were twinkling beautifully in the dark sky but not more than the bride and the Groom who were looking more beautiful than the moon and the stars.Cool breezes were sending calmness like a soothing music into their system that made everyone to forget about their past and entered into a new phases of life.The Rathore Palace was sparkling and giving a mesmerizing view under the moonlight of fullmoon.Glittering lights and smiling faces were showing how grand the wedding reception was.ANSH With CHANDNI (Elder cousin of Abhimanyu)Bride was smiling and Groom was talking to his cousins . Abhimanyu got satisfied to see the soft smile of his BHABHI MAA (Sister- in - law) and his BHAI SA (Brother) who looked genuinely happy after
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    Chapter 5) Like a True QUEEN
    "Why didn't you reply them ?" ... ,, Ansh , elder cousin of Abhimanyu asked her but soon he smiled when his eyes landed on the big plate of food at the table (Maharaja Thal/ King Plate) "You are their daughter" .... ,, Ansh spoke and she gasped loudly and turned around to see him standing few steps Back from her tableBhaiya (Brother) ... ,, Taapur spoke and Blinked her eyes several times to control her tears . Ansh knew she was feeling bad by the rude vulgar comments of high , rich spoil women.Ansh (King's Elder brother) heard their mean talk about Taapur but he left speechless when bold and outspoken girl like Taapur didn't replied to their mean words . Ansh Sighed loudly and stared directly at her"Listen Candy , Everyone has a past and has their own shares of problems . I also know this society and people make it difficult but it's been so many years of you being adopted by two lovely human beings" .... ,, Ansh stated the matter of fact and Taapur nodded her"Everything is not w
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    Chapter 6) Cruel BLACK MAMBA
    OBSESSION is Dangerous but is different . That pull me more towards you. Like your deep magnetic BLACK eyes , Suck my soul and left me crave more of you" . . Taapur ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Abhi . . I Love YOU" ..... ,, That girl confessed and at the same time , Taapur appeared and heard a woman's voice. Taapur freeze at her place . She remembered that girl was the same girl who was pointing at her character just few minutes ago and now here , she was confessing her love to non other than BLACK MAMBA. "Abhi ! I love you . I love you Abhi" ... ,, That girl again confessed her love to him but he looked uninterested at her. "I already fell for you at the first time I saw you in our college" .... ,, That girl said and Taapur sucked her breath. Taapur felt the emotional desperation in that girl's voice . She held her breath waiting for the reply of Abhimanyu but only silence Followed at time . Taapur wanted to peek at them but she thought it wasn't the right thing to do . She waited
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    Chapter 7) BLACK Is Magnetic
    Taapur knew that Princess was long gone and he was commanding to her . She also knew that he was a man who didn't like to repeat himself . So , holding her breath and plate in her hands , she moved out and stood infront of him. Come here .... ,, He commanded . She was incredibly nervous. His icy eyes , Kingly dominating aura and that Expressionless eyes were really making her scared. Taapur couldn't remember if anyone ever made her feel this scared and nervous before in her entire life just using his eyes. Completely hypotonic , Dark , Magnetic Black eyes made her craves to look into his eyes. Abhimanyu ranked his hairs and swept back the hairs away from his face. He was getting impatient by her snail like steps. Taapur observed his facial expressions but her eyes started to observe his features. He had a strong , defined and masculine jawline .... ,, She was gawking at him, shamelessly. "Move fast" .... ,, His voice boomed and She look frightened when he look at her intensly. Sh
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    Chapter 8) More Than Blue
    "You are just Another BLUE memory of my life . . Nothing is Possible But Everything is True" .... ABHIMANYU . . She breathed again and again . Inhaled and exhaled but her body faced a sudden force like a road roller ran all over her body . Her eyes were closed and panick made her vision blurry What happened ? .... ,, Her mind asked her but her body didn't Support her Abhimanyu ? ... ,, Everything that just happened right then started replaying in her mind and she couldn't believe herself that she actually called his name and that something so outrageous for her She quickly Opened her eyes and searched for him . . Abhimanyu . . . ,, Taapur again called his name in her mind Taapur breathed deeply . Her heart was racing crazily inside her chest and she even felt her hands trembling . She forced herself to calm down . What come first in her mind was the person who pushed her . She looked around and found him laying and groaning loudly beside her . But what made her panick
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