Can't Stop Loving you;The Billionaire Ceo

Can't Stop Loving you;The Billionaire Ceo

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Marcus was forced back home after the death of his Grandfather who was the last family member he had to take over the Lucas industry which was a billionaire Company but he was immediately met with a stumbling block when his Grandfather will contain an order that he must get married within a time window. Sophie was a self made Millionaire who was betrayed by her supposed husband Dave and her Secretary, Follow the life of Sophie to see how she exact her revenge on her ex husband and her contracted Marriage to Marcus the Billionaire heir of the Lucas family.

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43 Chapters
SOS message
Sophie was currently surfing through the huge crowd on the street of New York as fast her leg could carry her holding two cups of coffee. She was definitely eye-catching as her blonde hair made her easily noticeable amidst the crowd of people but that was the least of her problems right now. She was extremely late for work and her fiancee Dave, who is also her business partner, sent the SOS text to her. In fact this was one of the few times that she hate herself for not buying a car and learning how to ride it, she was sure that if a list was ever made she would the only boss of a multi million dollars company that didn't have a car of her own and didn't know her to drive but she couldn't be blamed as she was always involved with her work since she graduated from college that she hardly anything going on in her life apart from it and the little trip on the bus was among the little stuff that she did to keep her sanity. She may look beautiful and appealing to the eyes but Amber her b
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Bus Station
Everyone instantly started mumbling hearing Sophie words, Sophie went forward to the front desk where there was a pile of file stacked together on the table before she spoke " this is the file Dave but around it contains information about the Lucas family which we need to partner up, make sure your write up is on mine desk before wednesday and don't forget to make me proud and get me a birthday present" Immediately she was done with her speech the team quickly dismissed moving with the Hunter and Emily for the other part of briefing but she was stopped from a brief moment by Dave sentence " Emily don't forget to inform Audrey about the situation, since he was the who got us the slot he should keep his other jobs on hold since this is big for us. It literally has to potentially place us on the global market." Sophie knew that Audrey Dave best friend which she had seem personally on a few occasions since he was always busy all moving since he worked as a government representative of
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but Amber couldn't help but tease her a little " did you plan on cheating with Dave that you looked up a handsome boy, the only time you where this serious is while you are working " Sophie ignored Amber for a moment as she bent to the floor to pick some of the document that throws to the ground, once she had everything back into the file she snatched back the documents from Amber before she spoke " This is work,the bird wings program software that you help me out with,I'm planning to have a partnership with the Lucas family" Amber wanted to refute Sophie ideas but her words stuck to her throat,although she help with programming it was Sophie that the full copyright belong to,so she literally had the right to do whatever she wanted with it. Sophie didn't noticed Amber short change of expression before she spoke " let go and have a meal first before we move to the apartment you are such a douchebag for not allowing me to help,Thankfully we would be seeing each other more often since y
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Old Man Will
The air hostess came forward and spoke " Mr Marcus, we would be arriving in New York in five minutes. I just checking to see that your seat belt is on" Marcus nodded before waving the hostess away, he was looking through the window as the jet was on approach to landing in the airport. There were a lot of things that were going through his mind at this point he couldn't believe that he lost his Grandfather, he was already feeling lonely while growing up with account to his cold Aura he always had on but heaven was still crude to take away his only sense of family he had. Him and his grandfather were considered best of friends although every time they met it usually ended up in a brawl or argument but still he was practically the only one that he could call a true friend, the noise and shock generated by the aircraft on landing pulled him out from his thoughts. It took some minutes for the jet to taxi into the park before he got down."Young master is good to see you again " Marcus
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Stubborn Grandson
Butler Andre knew that Marcus would be this stubborn when it come to his Grandfather, it was around this point he felt the pain that Marcus Grandfather were passing through. " Young master, all your clothes and belongings naturally belong to the family since you bought then using the money of the family even through that you work for it, I sure that you haven't noticed it but you credit cards have been frozen " The car was filled with silence since Marcus realized how screwed he was at this point, if he didn't comply to his Grandfather's wish he would be totally bankrupt with only the family Lucas name to bear, he didn't even have a friend to help out since his close friends were monitored by the Italy government. Unwilling he finally spoke "Butler Andre, I would leave the situations in your hands to deal with. You have never disappointed a bit " the literary meaning of what Marcus said was to contact their family lawyer so his Grandfather will won't be effective since he heard about
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Fuzzy Smell
Dave took a minutes or two before he replied" I guess I know a few people and would have them send over but aren't you meant be in office today we have been waiting in a long while the meeting have been shifted for tomorrow , the heir Marcus is eager to inherit the business since he is a numbies it would be best if we are able to cling to him and Hunter said that the team is with highlight the files strong point " "I would be there in a jiffy. Sophie spoke as she disconnected the line, she was surprised that the meeting schedule was pushed forward five day than planned which was literally tomorrow. This alone made her form a bad impression on Marcus before actually meeting him, she quickly went into the bedroom and had her bath before making sure to have her hair adjusted before she left and boarded a cab. She didn't forget to send a text to Amber telling her that she would be out since something came up. Luckily there wasn't much traffic that she expected and they got to the compa
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Still Couldn't Get A Wife
Once she sat down back to her chair she had to admit she was a little nervous about the whole presentation that was happening tomorrow if wasn't that she was confident in herself she won't want even proceed with the whole plan and she had to admit Dave was right she in challenging her up to the task it has been a while since she had felt like this, the alarm that she had before since she needed to do shopping started ringing pulling her away from her thought. Since she didn't answer her mother's call in the morning she sent a text asking her to do a little shopping and a dozen of corn silk tea which she had recently become obsessed with after her recent travel with her travel group that takes place every three months which was roughly four times a year. Sometimes Sophie felt her confidence was from the genes, her mom always wanted travel around the world but after the accident it was really not possible since she had to manage her limited funds for Sophie upbringing but she couldn't
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Business Proposal
On the second thought she was a little bit excited about meeting Marcus not because it wasn't everyday that you have the chance to see a billionaire in person but she couldn't help but fantasized about from that moment whenever she close her eyes or even when she was on heat, she quickly realize that she won't be able to get out of bed and probably need lot of tissue us he continue with her fantasy. Without wasting any precious time she immediately went onto the restroom as she wanted to removed her blonde coloured back to her natural since it was kinda of her lucky charm but things really didn't work out the way one' planned ,it took more time than she expected to have it done and now she was currently in a walking in haste towards the top floor. Sophie could already anticipate the scolding or laughter she would get from Dave if he knew that she made such a rookie mistake, she could only pray in her heart that Marcus the billionaire heir who she was supposed to summit her business p
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Marcus took a quick glance at Butler Andre who immediately understood his decision,he couldn't help but feel a little sorry at Sophie so he could tell that she really gave it her all. Marcus stood up and he was passed his coat by Butler Andre and spoke while moving out of the meeting room " you should have work under me but as I said earlier you are still clumsy" this time Sophie was infuriated she couldn't believe that there was still someone who who still addressed her as a child she literally had boobs although it wasn't a massive as would think it would, it showed that she was a full fledged adult. "Hey" she shouted using all her strength into her voice as she ran out of the office to catch up with Marcus at the employee lounge, having no other choice than to stop since if the he didn't clarify on the issue on as lot of eyes where on him rumors were bound to be spreading around the company and would reach the ears of the media sooner of later. Sophie was taken aback a little by t
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First Sign Of Problem
Once she got into the meeting room she instantly asked " why are you all doing here this time? Didn't you have work to do" Dave quickly made his way out of the crowd and spoke " we were waiting for you to celebrate, Hunter would be back any minute with the champagne and the Lucas industry just donated a hundred billion dollars to charity." Immediately Dave was done talking Hunter entered the room moving a tray containing different expensive wine, But Sophie was still stunned hearing Dave words, that b**stard literally refused her proposal that it wouldn't cost more than five million to implement which was almost nothing to him but to Sophie and Dave it was their push to reach a quarter of a billionaire and the next moment when she left he actually donated such a huge amount of money.Did he really want her to choke on her own blood since it was definitely working, Dave slightly tap Sophie pulling her from her daze. Sophie took a few moments to regain her composure before she spoke " t
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