Sugar Baby for Three Billionaire

Sugar Baby for Three Billionaire

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Bella, let's call her the queen of part-time jobs! The girl did all the work she could. She was trying to raise as much money as possible to support her life and pay for college, but she was getting tired of all the things she did. She is tired of her miserable life. Until a friend introduced her to Mr. Adam, a billionaire who offered Bella to be his sugar baby. With extraordinary inner debate, Bella finally gave in and agreed to meet Mr. Adam. Who would have thought that Bella would not be Sugar Baby for Mr. Adam but for his three sons? Bella has to be the sugar baby for three Billionaires. What will happen to her?

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17 Chapters
1. Sugar Baby
The girl sighed for the umpteenth time. She looked again at the lecturer, who was grumbling in front of her at length. Her life is tiring enough, and now she still has to listen to all the nagging of her guardian lecturers because of the tuition fees she doesn't pay and also because of her grades that keep dropping.Don't blame the girl; blame her bad luck for having to live alone and work like hell to support herself and pay for her studies. Not easy, of course.Bella Safira, a girl with petite stature, a beautiful face with pale white skin, and beautiful eyes that always looked sad, had to meet Mrs. Alma to listen to all her complaints about administration, finances, and more."Frankly, are you on drugs?"Bella frowned in confusion at the lecturer's question.Drugs? Seriously, to eat three times a day, Bella has to do a lot of work; then how can she buy drugs?"You used college money to buy that stupid drug?" Mrs. Alma stared at Bella with her eagle eyes. So sharp and intimidating.
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2. Sugar Daddy
Bella bit her lower lip and held her breath, looking at the old man sitting in front of her. Rose must be crazy; how could that girl ask her to be a sugar baby for a man this old? The man in front of her was even older than Bella's biological father."Beyond expectations, you are much better than the photo Rose sent," said the old man, smiling warmly.Bella tried to smile at the compliment, even though, to be honest, she felt very uncomfortable. After a long debate between her mind and heart, she finally decided to accept Rose's offer to be a sugar baby. But who would have thought that the sugar daddy Rose was referring to was this old man, who was even more suitable to be called grandfather?Mr. Yohan—the old man's name He handed Bella a check. When Bella glanced at the check that was now on the table, the girl frowned in confusion. She wasn't even sure how to say the row of numbers written up there.A very large number of courses. An amount that Bella had never imagined before."Wha
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3. Three Young Billionaires
Bella sighed heavily when one of the young women wearing a maid's uniform opened the door. Especially when the young woman shooed her away with harsh words, thinking she was someone asking for donations or something. Very unpleasant to hear."Mr. Yohan asked me to come here!" Bella exclaimed with an even expression.She was used to being looked down upon by others. But it still felt annoying to be looked down upon by someone whose status was only that of a maid.There's nothing wrong with her job. Only Bella didn't like the way she looked at her. Like now, as the young woman looked Bella from head to toe."Are you Miss Bella?" she asked doubtfully."Yup!" Bella spoke quickly."Are you sure?" she asked again doubtfully.Bella frowned in confusion and looked at the maid in annoyance. Really, would someone else pretend to be her or something? Why was the maid looking down at her so lowly? Could it be because of the shabby shoes, faded jeans, and plain T-shirt she's wearing?"If it's true
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4. New House
Bella sighed in frustration. She was sure it was still very dark; why did her doorbell keep ringing?With heavy steps, the girl got out of bed and dragged her steps toward the door. The girl had time to look at the clock on the wall in the living room before she reached the door.It's still 3 a.m., and someone keeps ringing the doorbell. It really stinks.Bella gripped the doorknob tightly, but she stopped and thought for a moment. Guests at hours like this are certainly unnatural. Could it be a thief? But which thief pressed the doorbell? Did they use a new method?Bella hastily removed her hand from the doorknob and took a few steps back. The girl looked around, looking for something she could use to smack the thief if needed.A sly smile appeared on the girl's face when she saw a baseball bat lying on the floor under a flower vase in the corner of the room.Bella hurriedly took it, held it tightly, and headed back to her door.On the count of three, Bella opened her door, pushed it
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5. Small Gifts
Bella almost jumped when a flash of someone's shadow appeared from the direction of the swimming pool. She was sure that no one else was there but herself, but what had she just seen?Bella picked up a vase that was lying in the corner of the room and carried it into the pool, just in case she had to punch someone."After the baseball bat, now you want to smash my head with a Vase?" shouted Ivan who was sitting casually on a folding chair near the swimming pool.Bella looked at the man in disbelief. Luckily she wasn't careless at this time, otherwise, who knows what would have happened to Ivan.Bella put the flower vase she was holding onto the other side of the pool and approached Ivan. The man smiled innocently as Bella sat beside him."You should at least ring the bell before you enter the house, so I'm not scared and think that you're a thief!" Bella exclaimed irritably.Ivan chuckled at Bella's words. Had the girl mistaken him for a thief?"Don't worry, this complex is very tight
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6. Nite With You
Bella closed her laptop, put her thick glasses on the table, then threw her body on the bed.She did not know that she had missed a lot, the piling up of college assignments made her have to sit in front of the laptop all day. Her head kept throbbing painfully, and her stomach felt sick.She even forgot to eat something today.The girl turned her head reluctantly when the sound of footsteps was heard approaching her room. Looks like one of her sugar daddies came.Bella straightened her body and smoothed her hair which of course was very messy."You're awake?" asked Sam as soon as he entered Bella's room.The girl smiled when she saw Sam's arrival. Seeing Sam's handsome face made her tired eyes fresh again. Very beautiful scenery."I just finished doing my homework. Where have you been? Why are you still wearing a suit?"Sam smiled faintly at Bella's question. He approached the girl while opening his jacket and threw it carelessly on the floor. Sam sat on the edge of the bed while taki
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7. Breaking Hearts
Bella held the strap of her bag very tightly. Suddenly, her head became dizzy looking at every price tag printed on the dress displayed in front of her.Crazy Louis took her to a famous boutique that only his people—crazy rich or something else—could go to. People who won't think twice about buying clothes at fantastic prices"What about that magenta dress?" Louis asked, pointing at the magenta dress displayed in front of them.Without Bella being able to stop it, she burst out laughing. She never imagined that she would have to wear something with such bright colors as that dress."Why are you laughing?" Louis looked at the girl in confusion."Are you sure you want me to wear that bright dress? Come on, think about it again," said Bella while trying to stop her laughter.Louis obeyed Bella's words, took the dress, and put it on Bella's body while watching her closely."You're beautiful, and your skin is pure white; I think you'd suit this color too; what's so funny?" Louis muttered.
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8. Fed Up
Louis scratched the back of his neck, which honestly didn't feel itchy at all. He didn't know what was wrong with the food that had been served on the table that made Bella frown like that."You don't like the food?" carefully, Louis asked. He knew for sure that someone hungry would easily get annoyed; that's why he was careful."I'm sure this is delicious food; it's just that a small piece of meat won't fill me up," said Bella while looking at the food on the beautiful plate in front of her."I'll ask them to increase the portion then."When Louis was about to call the waiter, Bella immediately grabbed Louis' hand to stop him."That's embarrassing," Bella exclaimed quickly.Again, Louis could only sigh heavily. He was confused; he didn't know what to do. Bella said she was hungry, but she didn't want Louis to order anything else."I know you're thinking about something. Just say it; I will follow all your wishes because today you have helped me." Louis looked straight into Bella's be
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9. The Hard Worker
A gust of wind blew sadly, hitting Bella's face, who was still asleep in her sleep. The warm sunlight greeted her body, which was still on the bed.Sunny Sunday morning. The girl opened her eyes, straightened her body, and did a little stretching to relax her body, which still felt stiff.Bella got out of bed and went to the balcony, which she deliberately didn't close so that fresh air could enter her room while she slept last night.The girl took a deep breath and let it out slowly from her mouth. She felt much fresher now."So... are you filming a film or what? You're doing movements that are usually found in romantic films. Or are you making a blog about a day in my life that always starts with waking up and standing on the balcony of the room to say hello, Sun?"Bella chuckled softly at someone's words, which could be heard so clearly from the direction of her room. Now she is really used to the behavior of her sugar daddies, who always come into her room as they please. She was
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10. Ride With Sam
“Wow! What's this?" Bella screamed, then covered her mouth with both hands. She didn't know that there was a motorcycle in the warehouse at their house.A large motorbike and looks very antique. She didn't know anything about motorcycles; she only knew that the motorbike must be very expensive, judging by the shine that reflected from the motorbike."There is a place that is very suitable for healing; you will definitely like it," said Sam, glancing at Bella. The man smiled meaningfully.Bella smiled at the man's words. Yeah, whatever, at least her mission to get Sam out of the office had been successful.And that motorbike in front of her? For whatever reason, she really wanted to ride it.“We're going to use this?” Bella pointed to the shiny motorbike near Sam.Sam didn't answer and just walked to a transparent cupboard at the end of the room. He then took a box from inside and gave it to Bella.How surprised the girl was when she opened the box that Sam gave her! The box contains a
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