The Alphas Of Black Cove: The Fight For Love

The Alphas Of Black Cove: The Fight For Love

By:  Saree  Completed
Language: English
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For the Black Cove pack fighting is a way of life, kill or be killed. When it comes to she-wolves, they are absolutely worth fighting and dying for especially since they are so rare. What would it take for you to find the love of your life? To what lengths would you be willing to go? At a time when females have gone into hiding, when many are too terrified to be discovered, many have lost touch with their other half. Many don't even remember or realize they are wolves. But one pack is willing to risk it all to ensure the survival of their species. Black Cove does not operate as a normal pack, they make their own rules. As former rogues, they forge their own path, at all costs. This is their story of the fight for survival, and their undying drive to find their true loves, their true fated mates. Excerpt: “Werewolves,” I said, in a whisper. No, they don’t exist!! They can’t! My mind raced to some of the books I’d read, movies I’d seen. All the things that go bump in the night your parents warn you about. But come on, werewolves??

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67 Chapters
1 - Combat At Venom
*This is a three part series published as one book. This is part one: Lola's story.*~Lola’s Point of View~Everyone has that dream where you’re weightless, floating and free. Only sometimes I wake because I’m getting pulled under, or I fall under the water and can’t get air. Right now I felt that, free and floating but the air, I had all the fresh air I could handle. It was crisp and clean, I wanted more of it. It was as if my lungs were discovering it for the first time.I felt a cool light breeze caressing my body, it was nice and relaxing. After rain, the smell of grass and trees. I tried to move my hand to wave into the wind but it was stuck. I pulled harder but I quickly realized I couldn’t even feel my hand that well. Like the circulation was cut off. Had I lost my hand? No, don’t be ridiculous Lola. You’re just asleep!I shook my head and popped my eyes open, what a weird fucking dream. Who dreams that they are floating and that they lost their hand? I looked out ahead of me,
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2 - Harsh Reality
~Lola’s Point of View~ “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea … Spongebob square … pants,” I mumbled, as I struggled to open my eyes.“Sponge what,” a gruff voice said.My eyes rolled around a bit, but I couldn’t focus. Who doesn’t know Spongebob? He’s the best.I felt something at my lips, a straw. I sucked it and hummed, as cool water filled my mouth. I couldn’t get enough, it was like I’d never had a drink a day in my life. When I was satisfied I laid back, the pillow was perfectly soft and fluffy. Definitely a ten out of ten. I gaped at the weird ceiling, was this … a log cabin? Not a hospital?“How do you feel,” the voice said. It was a husky, deep voice. Kind of scary for a doctor, where am I?I focused and took in a guy, maybe five or so years older than me? Man, doctors are looking younger and younger. Hot, clearly buff, obviously busts it in the gym. Short trimmed black hair, not even enough for me to ruffle. Dark skin, maybe hispanic? Maybe just a good tan.“You look more
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3 - On The Prowl
~Lola’s Point of View~In the couple of days that passed, I was only left with more questions and few answers. Belle mentioned again this morning that it truly was pointless to think about any escape, and dumb to even try, extremely dangerous. And well … yeah the thought of Drake’s scary ass wolf chasing me down really wasn’t appealing. Or some freak getting me instead.But I’d bide my time. There was no way in hell I was just going to roll over and accept this. I didn’t give up when I put my mind to something. I’d play nice, I’d play along. But I would go home. Maybe not in a week or a month but it would happen.I had to get the hell out of this cabin.. I was going to drive myself insane with the questions I needed answered. Time to make some friends.I grunted as I swung my feet over the side and tossed off the heavy blanket. They said I couldn’t leave their “pack,” whatever that means. They didn’t say I couldn’t leave this house. I wiggled my feet and gave myself a little pep talk
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4 - Rough Exterior
~Drake’s Point of View~ I had to get away from her, from the intense aroma of her. Surely Gage was just excited to be so near a new female, that’s what it had to be. *Must have her,* he growled in my head. *But she’s not our mate,* I said, scolding him. I mean, I was pretty sure. She didn’t have her wolf, but I would know. I was certain of it. When Belle and I cleaned Lola up my Beta had to come in and pull Gage away. He wanted to mate her, mark her in the worst way. He was damn near there too, but Belle ratted me out. She was right to do it, but that doesn’t mean shit to my wolf. There’s no way in hell our pack would tolerate a female being marked without her consent. And an Alpha of all people should be held to the highest standard. *We need a mate! We’ll have to settle,* he said, believing we’d never get our fated mate. I put up a good, hard exterior but I was a hopeless romantic. Yeah, it was hard as fuck to be patient, nearly impossible-- A deep growl cut across the stil
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5 - The Plan
~Lola’s Point of View~ When someone backs me into a corner, I don’t cower. I don’t shake and whine like a little baby. I rise to the occasion and this place … this whole situation, will be no different. These guys around here eye me like a piece of meat, maybe I should act like one. I really didn’t know what it was about Drake that turned me on so much. He pushed every single one of my buttons and yet I hardly ever got more than a few words with him before he walked away. He was infuriating. It had now been a week that I’d been trying to get used to pack life. I’d met more women and even kids although they called them “pups” which was just bizarre. During the day most women were busy with their duties but it wasn’t like the men weren’t too. Everyone had a purpose, a role and certain things were expected of them. I was shocked to learn some cabins didn’t have electricity, but solar panels were expensive and I supposed they couldn’t all have them. Only the cabins in about a mile rad
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6 - The Rejection
~Drake’s Point of View~ *Yes! Say yes,* Gage shouted, practically pushing himself through my skin. He wanted nothing more than to shift and claim this female who was professing her desire for us. She was beautiful, she seemed pretty intelligent, just immature. I did something I’ve literally never done before: I completely fucking blanked. I didn’t move, I didn’t speak. I froze. A sharp elbow hit me in the gut and I shook myself out of it. “Go get her Alpha,” someone said, encouraging me. Suddenly catcalls and whistles broke out all over, and Lola raised her head to look at me. I finally figured out how to move my feet and stalked toward her. She had some balls, I’d give her that. But this is just not how this is done. There was also little chance she’d met all the males we had to offer, likely only half. Her fated mate could very well still be out there. Stay calm Drake, stay calm. Literally everyone is watching you, Jett is watching you. When I first agreed to be Alpha alon
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7 - Second Opinion
~Lola’s Point of View~ I laid in bed, tossing and turning. Part of me felt like I’d humiliated myself, the other part felt that Drake humiliated me. Granted I was putting on a hell of a show, full on Oscar winning performance if I do say. But he rejected me. Yeah I guess I have no clue what it is to find your fated mate, clearly I haven’t. It’s likely I won’t, just seems like some fairy tale. Some mumbo jumbo. There was a couple I’d met though, Ty and Bethany. They were fated mates and they couldn’t look more opposite. She was actually taller than him but together, they just fit and were totally adorable. Everything about their actions showed how in love they were. They had twin girls and another one on the way. A part of me tried to understand Drake’s logic, but the cold black part of my heart that was just desperate to go home didn’t really care. I had to be in my mom’s arms again, I had to feel my dad’s warmth and hear his laugh. My friends … did they miss me the same as I mis
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8 - Deceit
~Drake’s Point of View~ “Lost are you,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. She was easily half a mile from her cabin and it didn’t appear anyone escorted her here. Although everyone thinks we’re together so males might be afraid to go near her. Either way, she shouldn’t be out here alone. “Uhm…” she said, her eyes dropping straight to my dick. I grinned, and Gage practically did a backflip. We were extremely proud of our body, just rarely had the chance to show it off to a female. And certainly not one that hours ago was begging for my bite. I hadn’t planned on her seeing me like this right now but too late. I was completely erect, as were most who’d been on the hunt. It had been a long day but we were all full of adrenaline. We’d gotten some major kills and we’d gotten more than enough meat to last us weeks. Not having to focus on that would give us the time we needed to prepare for winter. “We got this Alpha, go home,” someone shouted, witnessing this exchange. I took Lol
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9 - When You Least Expect It
~Lola’s Point of View~ I sighed, feeling lighter and more content than I could remember. I rolled over and felt the chilly bed. I made a face and stared at the ceiling when I realized I was alone. Mulling over Drake's words in my head, I only got irritated. He was essentially saying I could still find my fated mate and I'd forget all about him. Yeah right! I mean, yeah all of this was supposed to be to help me get out of here, but I'm just not sure it's that easy now. Last night was the best night of my life, definitely the most mind-blowing orgasm I've ever had. Of course I've only had ones I've given myself. But was I seriously ready to just give up my plan and stay here to make babies? I really didn't know anymore, Drake was fucking amazing. I wasn't sure I could imagine leaving him now. The way he looked at me, the way his hands felt on my body… there was no way in hell I was ever going to get that feeling from someone else. Not some puny human boy. He was as real a man as they
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10 - Acceptance
~Sawyer’s Point of View~ “Put me down you damn brute,” she shouted, wiggling underneath my arm. *Not a chance,* my wolf, Remy chuckled. He was beside himself, why wouldn’t he be? I made my way through the woods, toward the creek that ran behind my little cabin. She reeked of Drake and even though I certainly didn’t hate the male I couldn’t stand it. Did she love him? They’d clearly had sex or something close to it for her to smell this strongly. She was also in heat, and being less than a mile from Venom this was far from ideal. The water would help mask it but only for a bit. I wonder how she’d feel about being covered in mud? That’s what I should do. Would I let her go and send her back into the center? Fuck no. I had to find out first if she did fuck him or not. If she’s in heat and they did… I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with that. Drake had begged me to come into the center and meet her. I blew it off. Admitting that I had some fault in this didn’t sit well with me. This is why
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