Omega Luna Ran Away With Our Twins

Omega Luna Ran Away With Our Twins

By:  Hazel Lowell  Updated just now
Language: English
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That was the day I ran away, I was giving birth outside the house in the snow, listening to my mate Alpha and his woman having sex inside. My life was so desperate! Yes, this is my story! My parents died many years ago, I was an orphan and omega, and I lived the life the other members of the pack wanted the least, I was slapped in the face and bitten every day, I had no wolf and almost no friends, they all treated me like trash. But on the night of my 18th birthday, my wolf and my Mate showed up at the same time. I thought my life would be better for it. But they both only existed for one night, and the next day they both disappeared. My wolf was lost and my Alpha mate didn't even remember me. I was just his medicine, his slave. I was pregnant and my mate didn't even know...

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12 Chapters
Chapter 1: Mate
I am Jane Ellis, an Omega in the Storm pack. My parents had died when I was very young and I’d grown up here alone. As an orphan, I’d been made an Omega – one of the lowest of the low, my duties dull at best and humiliating at worst.“Aw, she looks sad,” one of the Warrior Wolves cooed. “Maybe we should give her a break.”I wanted to believe him. But I knew him better. “Maybe you should,” I joked weakly. “Oh, little Jane,” he purred, his fingers curving around my neck, “as if we’d ever go easy on you.” Maybe they wouldn’t hate me so much if I could shift. Today was my eighteenth birthday, and I still couldn’t shift into my wolf. It was hard for me to be brave with half the pack bearing down on me, but I gritted my teeth and stared resolutely over their shoulders. My bottom lip started to quiver. I bit down on it. Hard.The boots I’d been cleaning lay discarded on the grass. They wouldn’t get told off for disrupting me; I’d get shouted at, and worse, for allowing them to distract me
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Chapter 2: Abandoned
I borrowed some of Daisy’s clothes and hurried outside, desperate to find my mate. Nina became increasingly quiet as I searched and, as the sun settled high above the horizon, she whispered to me that she needed food. I went back to my room in the pack house, stomach growling. I rushed up the last few steps, so focused on the toast I was planning on making that I didn’t see the man standing outside my door, arms crossed and smirking. I walked straight into him.“You’re late for your duties, Omega,” he sneered. “Where have you been all night?” I tried to stand up for myself. “I–”“You know I don’t actually care, right?” he scoffed, cutting me off. “I’m just here to punish you.” I stuck my chin out. “You don’t need to. I haven’t done anything wrong.”“You disappointed the Alpha. It’s the Succession Ceremony today. Everything has to run smoothly.” He shoved me back against the wall. “Being our slave is your only use in life, and you can’t even serve us properly.”‘Nina?’ I probed arou
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Chapter 3: I Was Imprisoned
I always left very early, before Hunter woke up, after every treatment. He was wild with the poison racing through his veins; he gripped me hard enough to turn his knuckles white and his eyes were frenzied, blind with lust. I dragged myself up, exhausted and weak.I never let on what happened between us, though. Gradually I realised that he didn't just hate me, he hated all Omegas, and he’d already thrown me in the dungeon once. I couldn’t let that happen again.If he knew, he might think I was using my body to seduce him, not cure him, and I wouldn’t be able to bear it. Worse still than the dungeon was the thought of him looking at me with hatred, and it was that slim bit of pride that kept my mouth shut.Dragging myself to the kitchen, I winced with every step. I was particularly sore after last night, my thighs aching and my back bent out of shape. “Here she comes,” muttered Phyllis, one of the other Omegas.“Morning,” I said, forcing a smile. “Bitch,” another hissed, their back
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Chapter 4: Met Him on the Way to Escape
Every day I stayed in that dark basement. There was only one tiny window, one slanting beam of light that fell across the floor every day, and I stared out of it at the snow like a fool. I’d thought he’d felt something for me. I’d thought – It didn’t matter what I’d thought. It mattered that I’d been an idiot, that I’d fallen for his gentle touches, for the forehead kisses and the strong arm wrapped around my waist at night, for every time he’d saved me, and now I was stuck here.Stuck here, in a dimly lit basement with no company but my own thoughts. I cradled my belly, looking wistfully out at the snow. I did nothing but act as his medicine, make him medicine, or talk to our baby. It was so quiet in here that I could hear every one of my shallow breaths, and the sound drove me mad. It was so silent that I started to miss the back-breaking work I’d been forced to do before. At least I’d had people talking to me then – even if it was to call me names. Anything was better than this.
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Chapter 5: Two Worlds, Inside and Outside the Wall
Moonlight caught the side of his handsome face, chiselling it starkly against the blurry backdrop of snow. Why was he thinking of me on a night like tonight? Surely he should be with his new Luna. The thought curdled my stomach and I started to turn away, tears pricking my eyes and my hand moving to cup my belly. I didn’t know what to do. I stood frozen, a deer in the headlights, a thousand ideas and dreams racing through my head. A shadowed figure, walking swiftly towards him, snagged my gaze – and crushed my dreams. Hands covered her face and her shoulders shook with tears. She moved into the slant of moonlight, and I knew for sure then that it was Amy. Perfect Amy. He looked up, too, and his face twisted with emotion. I’d never seen him look at me like that. My Alpha – not my Alpha, not really – went to her and comforted her, pulling her head to his chest and pressing a kiss to her bowed forehead. It was his tenderness that broke my heart. When he looked at me, his eyes were ful
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Chapter 6: My Baby Died and I Left With Hate
That night was the longest of my life.Everything outside was cool and still, the snow settling upon the slumbering earth. Inside was a haze of bright pain and burning heat, from the ceaseless throbbing between my legs to the condensation dotting the windows. Agony raged through me, a constant I knew as well as my own name. I dozed lightly, too exhausted to stay awake and too full of adrenaline to sleep. A kiss of silver moonlight spilled into the room, brushing over my bent legs. Some might have considered it a blessing from the Moon Goddess; I knew it was a curse. Delirious with pain, I tried to roll away from the slanting beam of moonlight.And then I heard them. The first cries of my newborn child.My heart swelled. Groggy and broken, every shattered piece of myself joined back together as I heard that beautiful sound. Pulling myself upright and thanking the stars above that Daisy lived in the westernmost part of the pack, well away from anyone that could hear the screams of my ba
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Chapter 7: Alpha Hunter Burns
Hunter's POV I'm Hunter Burns, Rogue wolf and the Alpha’s son. I grew up in the Storm pack but, given the choice, I’d take being a Rogue any day. I hate all Omegas and my father, Alpha Dylan. Whenever I lost control of my life, it was because of them. I craved control. Four years ago, I became a Rogue. Two years ago, I became an Alpha amongst the Rogues. I left my father’s pack, the Storm pack, at fifteen. Everything I’ve built since then has been because of me - not him. My own pack thrived in the human world. Unlike the Storm pack, which shunned humanity, I chose to embrace it. My members and I were doing well; so well that we created our own business group, ‘R,’ where all my pack members work. But we still needed our own territory back in the werewolf world. So when my Beta, Carl Beck, told me that he was near the Storm pack and its Alpha was dying without an heir, I was shocked. I’d left him behind, hating him so much I’d never wanted to think of him, let alone see him, agai
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Chapter 8: Saved Her Again
Hunter’s POVI had to re-adapt to life in the Storm pack. It was so different here, far from the human world, without the dizzying nightlife and crowded city streets; the air was clean and crisp, with no exhaust fumes clouding over the sky. There were no electronics, no modern technology, nothing to distract myself with.And it was quiet. Too quiet.Nothing had changed since I’d last been here. Home. I wanted to scoff at the idea. It didn’t feel like home. Not after what had happened to my mother…I shook myself. There was one way to distract myself: Reg. As the sun lifted its groggy head over the horizon and my clock ticked towards six, I let him out for a run around Lake Pear. It was the Alpha’s exclusive lounge area, which meant nobody else could enter it. Peace, or something close to it, beckoned at last. I hoped.Life was a boring bliss here, except for my inexplicable headaches. Daisy said that I was indeed poisoned, though she had no way to cure it. The Omega, Jane, had turned o
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Chapter 9 My dream came true
Daisy’s POVI’d never thought the Moon Goddess would make it up to me in such a way. The wood of the doorframe bit into my palm as I leant against it, watching Jane drive away. My heart pinched slightly at the sight of her departure. I thought I would be sad when she left, but no, I was happy she was leaving.Now I had everything I’d always wanted.I lowered my head and pressed a gentle kiss to the little girl’s forehead. She cooed; I tightened my arms around her. I would keep her safe.“From now on, you are my daughter,” I murmured. “I think I’ll call you Ava. Ava White,” I breathed. “Hi, sweetheart. My little Ava. I’m your mommy, Daisy White.” I grasped her tiny hand in mine, and I knew what love was as her minute hand curled around my index finger.” So nice to finally meet you.”“I’ll tell everyone that someone left you on my porch,” I whispered, peppering her little face with more and more soft kisses. She had huge blue eyes, but I didn’t think anyone would associate her with Jane
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Chapter 10 We Meet Again
Jane’s POV6 years laterMy hands brushed tentatively over our belongings. Even though I had made the choice to move to Moonrise City with my two boys, I couldn’t help but hesitate yet again while packing my things.And it was his fault. Hunter Burns, the father of my children, was often there. It was one of his main bases. Though I had not seen him, my mate, for six years, he had not become a stranger to me. I still heard about him.He ran his two packs well. His R pack was doing exceptionally, and he was using his substantial wealth and influence to help others. He, his Luna, Amy, and their daughter Ava frequently attended charity dinners to raise money for children with Aphasia. He’d even set up foundations for them. It seemed as though Hunter had settled into his life with his pretend mate – and, though I’d tried to leave him firmly in my past, my ears always perked up when someone mentioned Hunter Burns.I’d even caught a glimpse of their little daughter, Ava. She was about the s
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