He's the Prince and the Princess

He's the Prince and the Princess

By:  Gray April  Updated just now
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Summary: Raine was having dreams of another world which everything was white and is empty. He doesn’t know what this dream tells him, until he was transferred to another school, but for the wealthy children. There, not only did he have to adapt to a new environment, but also to the changes in his body – specifically, to his power that is about to be awaken! The hidden truth by this dream, as well as the school which he will be transferred to... the gears of fate are turning as the world awaits for his/her return as the door to another world opens!

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48 Chapters
Chapter 0: Guardians
Elhasa Year 220 Amidst the tall mountains covered by lush and tall pine trees of the forest on its foot that is enshrouded in the darkness of the night lies a castle where the warm orange glow of the lights inside can be seen from its windows. Inside the castle, the atmosphere is warm and festive as a banquet was held tonight where the stars above the sky are like sparkling diamonds, making one want to touch them. On the balcony, a beautiful woman wearing a white long dress that fit perfectly on her body, showing the curves of her body. Her snow-white hair draped on her back, melding to her snow-white dress, reached out her hand to the sky. Atop her head, adorned by the sparkling diamonds in the sky, is her crown. Her sparkling crown adorned her white hair that’s like fine silk. Her skin is fair and smooth, her eyes are big and round, and her irises are like sapphires, shining brightly when the lights inside the castle strike them, blanketed by her long and white eyelashes. Her nose
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Chapter 1: Tyrant
The sun died, the moon lost its warmth and light.The time is lost, making the flowers wilt.The ground is still, nothing can be created.The lightning is gone, cannot punish who sinned.The space left, trapping the lost soul beneath.“Everyone… We will meet again. It may not be in the next hundred years, but surely... surely… we will meet again. And when that time comes, everything will end.” A woman’s voice said.…In a small community, the silence was broken by a loud, ringing sound that could make one’s eardrums explode. In one of the houses, a shout was heard. “Fck!” Raine cursed as his eyes opened wide. He caught his breath, then coughed as he felt he was going to asphyxiate. He could feel his body is cold deep to his bones. He hugged himself, rubbing his arms for warmth. He looked around his room.Their house has no air conditioner. He checked his window. His window is airtight. How can he suddenly feel cold? Thinking this, he shivered. It can’t be that his house is haunted? H
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Chapter 2: Change
Class 1-A.Raine Leister played the pencil with his hand with his elbow resting on his desk and his cheek on his palm. He gazed outside the window where he could see some students who have vacant time walk around the school grounds. The teacher received an emergency call from her family and left them with an activity before rushing outside the classroom and went straight to her office.“Pres-Chair.” Lovis called from beside him as he leaned towards him. He is his right-hand man in the school. He is also the student council vice president, as well as the disciplinary committee deputy chairman. In short, he is his assistant.“What?” Raine asked and turned. He saw his classmates were looking for their group to do the activity.“Have you answered the number 7? We have answered the numbers 1 to 6.” Lovis said and looked at Raine’s paper to see if Raine had answered his activity sheet.Raine gave them his paper as an answer. They immediately swarmed like bees, surrounding Lovis who was hold
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Chapter 3: Robbed
“Huh? Hey, brother!” the ginger-haired guy called as he looked at the leaving Raine in surprise. “You won’t help me?!” he asked, shocked that Raine just left instead of helping him. His eyes turned red, then his tears fell. “Waah!!!” he cried.Shit. What a troublesome guy! Raine inwardly cursed and turned back.The robber laughed as he looked at the ginger-haired guy with a mocking gaze. “See? He didn’t help you –!” he said when he suddenly cried after he was kicked in the back. “Ack! Who the fck - ?!” he cursed and turned.“Who said I didn’t (help), huh?” Raine asked and glared at the robber.The robber glared murderously at Raine. Just as he has found a target who is obviously filthy rich, not to mention such a very easy target because it was a ‘kid’, someone has to interrupt him!“You fcking nosy brat…” the robber spoke when suddenly, he froze after he noticed the uniform that Raine was wearing. “Ri – Riverside High… “ he stammered then looked clearly at Raine’s face. “Raven black
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Chapter 4: Exposed
Raine closed his eyes, looking defeated as he placed a palm on his forehead. It is over! He thought as he bitterly smiled. If he could be more dramatic, he would have shed a crocodile tear already. “Huh? But Raine Leister’s hair is black, and he has blue eyes.” One of the men in black suit said. Raine’s body froze as his face darkened. HEY! You idiots! Shut up!!! He thought as his fingers twitched, itching to cover up the mouths of these men in black suits. But, god is not on his side today since he heard them continue speaking. “And… where does he go again?” another man in black suit spoke. “Riv… Riverstorm?” he said. “It is Riverside High School.” The man beside him spoke. … Okay. You are really asking for it. Raine suddenly felt like the logo on the chest of his uniform jacket was burning after the men in black suits said the name of his school. I am gonna fucking kill you after I dealt with that pampered kid! He thought with his face dark as he cracked his knuckles while he l
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Chapter 5: King
Raine looked at Yris but his expression looked unmoved. Then, he turned to the group of bodyguards. His expression remained indifferent.Finally, he spoke. “I have no intention of following any of you.” He told them. “Nor any intention of taking any of your sides. Leave.” He told them. His voice was cold as he pulled his bicycle and passed by them, heading to his house. Now that everything is clear, he can stay in his house now.“Young master…” the bodyguards called, then looked at each other.Yris watched Raine walk towards his house. However, his eyes went wide when his eyes caught sight of one of the bodyguards running towards Raine. His hand was raised to hit his back to render Raine unconscious.Their objective is obvious. They want to kidnap Raine!“Master!” Yris called and ran to help Raine. But, he was stopped by the three bodyguards that are left, including their leader. “Master!” he called as he fought against the three of them.But, who was Raine if not the Riverside King?
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Chapter 6: Knock out
It was a difficult fight since Raine and Yris are not only fighting people who are older than them and are more experienced, but they are also outnumbered. If not for their unusual strength and techniques in fighting which catches the guards of the Leisters off-guard, Raine and Yris would face more difficulty in fighting the guards.Yris saw that Raine, although not panting, was heavily sweating, showing that he is starting to become exhausted. In fact, it was already good that Raine has lasted this long in fighting. But, Yris still feels distressed for him.Yris’s eyes narrowed and he took out a sachet of powder from inside his uniform jacket.“What is that thing?!” one of the guards that he is fighting against asked. His eyes narrowed with vigilance. “What are you going to do?” he asked and tried to grab the sachet from Yris’s hand.But how can Yris let them grab it? Yris avoided them. A guard from behind managed to catch him because he was protecting the sachet of powder. Yris bent
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Chapter 7: Amnesia
Yris’s eyes narrowed and flashed with determination as he looked at Raine’s back. The window, where Raine came through earlier to escape from the scented powder, has already closed. Meanwhile, the door which was still open after the Leisters guards broke in earlier to find Raine is now closing.“Raine!” Yris called as he immediately went inside the house.“Woah! Did I tell you that you can go inside my house?” Raine asked as he turned to glare at Yris.Yris momentarily paused. He realized that he had reacted too much and his emotions were too intense thus he acted on impulse and offended Raine again.“I… I am sorry!” Yris apologized and lowered his head, feeling embarrassed and apologetic. But…! He thought as he clenched his fists. Propriety is not important right now. What’s important is – “You have to go back with me!” he told Raine as he looked at him.Raine is still irritated that someone was inside his and his mother’s house. Now, he became more irritated when he heard what Yris
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Chapter 8: Secret
“Raine…” Yris anxiously called as his eyes turned red while he stared at Raine. “Please… can you listen to my explanation first?” he asked. His voice is pleading.But, Raine’s expression remained indifferent. “Oh? Then tell me what excuses they have for not reaching out to me and mother.” He said.Yris’s heart was like being shot by an arrow. But, he didn’t correct Raine when Raine said ‘excuses’. He doesn’t have the right to (correct him). For not only was Raine his master, but also Yris is not in the position to judge Raine’s feelings. After all, it was not him who was abandoned in the beginning by his father and elder brother. It also wasn’t Yris whose mother had died, thus left being alone in the world and had nothing to depend on. It wasn’t Yris who suffered bitterly in life by living in such a horrible society.Fortunately, Raine was strong and braved through all these hardships even though he was all alone, and became even stronger. But now, this Raine who is stronger made it h
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Chapter 9: Name
“You don’t believe me.” Yris said when he saw Raine was laughing and he sighed, feeling disappointed. Whether on himself or on Raine, he doesn’t know. He failed to convince Raine, while Raine actually never took him seriously.Yris felt heartbroken because of this. When he was still a plan before, Raine has always listened to him and was always serious when it comes to him. So why is it now that Raine did the opposite of the past? He thought and closed his eyes to hide the pain in them. Raine saw Yris’s dismayed expression and immediately shook his head again. “No, no!” he said. “I do! I do believe you…” he told him.Yris opened his eyes and looked at Raine.Raine saw Yris looking at him and finally couldn't hold it back anymore. “Pft… okay, yes, I don’t believe you.” he said and laughed. Who would believe it? He thought and inwardly sneered. Not only is this story just a fantasy, but this is also nonsense! This is a work of fiction, right? He thought as he looked at Yris, wonderin
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