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    Basic and practical writing tutorials.

    Cambridge graduate writing teacher, from the proposed theme to write the outline, to the plot design and details, to teach you rom scratch, write a good novel.

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    The web article routine analysis.

    GoodNovel's senior editorial team will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the most popular online writing style, and unlock the wealth code that leads to a pop-up book.

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    One-on-one writing coaching.

    We will provide personalized review and guidance for promising and exclusive authors to help them create a hit book.

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    A friendly and supportive author circle.

    Our facebook group is a loving community where you can share your writing routine, discuss new ideas, and answer questions for other authors.

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FB group: GoodNovel Academy
Youtube: GoodNovel Academy
Instagram: goodnovelist
Discord Server: GN Author's Cafe
You will find other like-minded authors, and our editors will also be there, answering your questions!

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