Chapter 3745

The man felt that he was hallucinating because he was too angry. "How could Samuel change the bet like this?"

Not only was it not as excessive as he had imagined, but it could also directly say that Samuel had given up the bet and all the convenience brought by the bet.

It was impossible for a normal person to do this, wasn't it?

The Seventh Princess was also obviously stunned. She did not come to her senses until her attendant asked her questions. She glared at her attendant angrily. It must be because of his bad mouth that Samuel did not want anything. As a result, Samuel just wanted to leave so that he would not be annoyed.

"You deserve to die. Shut up." The Seventh Princess glared at him angrily and shouted.

The man did not dare to make a sound, and he was even a little afraid. Although the Seventh Princess had always been gentle, and it was rare for her to lose her temper. Once she lost her temper, she was often the most terrible.

Therefore, even though he had followed the S
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