Chapter 1786

The ward was empty. There was only his voice, and no one responded to him.

Glancing at Jane, Zhang Yeting knew that he had finished what he wanted to say, so he turned around and walked towards the door.

His trip to the United States this time was actually to convince Zuo Yiming to write his will first, but he didn't expect that...

At this time, Joe stopped him and said, "You'll report the truth to that person, won't you?"

Joe picked up the document, walked up to Zhang Yeting, and said, "Tell him that Lian Liang has been killed by Zheng Zai. His last heir is gone."

Zuo Yiming yearned for someone to inherit the kingdom, and in the end was told that there was no one to do so. It was the greatest blow to him and also the greatest irony.

"The sins of the Zuos can't be redeemed even in hell!"


"Joe, the girl is crying again. We, we can't handle her anymore!"

Father Qiao called Joe out with a panicked look on his face.

Lian Liang's so-called grandparents were just strangers in f
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