Bred by the Alien King

Bred by the Alien King

Oleh:  Helen Stephens  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Megan Harding has just landed her dream job on the Elite space station, but her dreams quickly turn to disaster when gravity pulls her in crash landing into the King of Altundral's spacecraft, where she finds herself falling for the handsome Alien king Halturian.Can Megan save the Altundral people from extinction? Will the universe bring them together to save his people?

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                                     Chapter one Space cadet. Baca selengkapnya
Chapter two.Heading into space. A few hours later and I'm suited up in my shiny new spacesuit along with the rest of our group, tucking my helmet under my arm as we're walking towards the space shuttle. I look over to Sasha; she looks nervous. Me well I'm not the least bit nervous, I'm just ready to get off this planet. I take Sasha's hand smiling as I give her a squeeze, turning to her as I ask,” are you okay?” “Yeah, “this shit's just got real,” she replies with a pale face. I laugh as she takes a deep breath, and a light sheen of sweat covers her skin. “Yeah, let the adventure begin,” I cry out. Sasha laughs, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes. Our little group climbs up the steps and into the space shuttle. The Cadet Captain makes sure we're all suited up properly before fastening us into the seats, checking the restraints are secure.The huge engines fire up with a force that throws us back into our seats. Sasha cries out her knuckles turning white as she g
Baca selengkapnya
Chapter threeGravityWe spend the next couple of hours floating around in the flight area, wow gravity is amazing.Max is still sulking somewhere although I'm grateful he's keeping out of my way.Sasha loves it, and I can't help but look at Brandon as his face lights up as he watches her, I guess the attraction is mutual.Brandon shouts out, "so how are you ladies finding it?" I reply, shouting out from my upside-down angle, "it's amazing."Sasha laughs as she goes to reply, "Yeah, oh……" she goes to shout out as she spins to the side, Brandon reaches out a hand to steady her, "are you okay, Sasha?" He asks, she replies with a blush, "I am now." Then they both look at each other, before Brandon says, "come on, let's go and grab a drink before we head into the space bay." "What are we doing next Brandon, " I ask when we walk into the canteen."We'll be showing you ladies the spaceships; we might be able to take the repair pods out."I turn to look at him, "what are the repair pods?"
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Chapter fourMaking amendsThe hatch opens up in front of my eyes as I manoeuvre the little pod towards the hatch and out into space, looking out to the vast expanse of space it makes you realise just how small you really are. Max has me flying the tiny pod up to the top of the station, where he shows me how to use the robot arms, it's a little tricky at first, but I soon get the hang of it. I bring the arms out from the side of the pod ready to cut a piece of training cable, one snip to cut it and the special hands to rewire before I bring the arms back to the side closing the little hatch up. Easy, I think to myself with a smile.Max pats my shoulder as he says, "I've got to admit it you're very good at this, Megan, I think I owe you an apology."“Thanks, Maxie,” I say with a grin as he laughs behind me before he says,“You're nowhere near the pampered Princess I first thought you were. Can we call a truce? I’m really sorry, Megan." He says with a genuine smile.“Yeah, that would
Baca selengkapnya
Chapter fiveThe handsome king.The other man soon returns with some kind of cutting tools they begin to cut me out of the mangled wreckage, the pain rips up my leg making me cry out as the blade cuts through the steel, The pain is unbearable, and I'm grateful when the darkness comes, and I slip unconscious."She's lost consciousness again Halturian.""Hurry, let's pull her out while she can't feel anything.""Okay, her legs are free." "She's bleeding bad brother." They work together quickly, freeing her from the tangled wreckage of the space pod. The handsome Alien gently picks her up as the other tries to stem the bleeding from the wound in her leg; he looks back to the male in the pod as he asks."What about him?"The Alien looks back at the man who is already a deadly shade of grey."It's too late to save him. Check if he has any pulse though."Nothing." Is the grim reply."Let's get the female to the healers, she's bleeding out, and I'll send some crew back to retrieve his body
Baca selengkapnya
Chapter sixSaving his people. I'm woken up to a soft touch on my face. I slowly open my eyes and find the handsome man is sitting on a chair next to my bed, his hand softly stroking my cheek, as he says.“I'm Sorry little female, I didn't mean to wake you.”“You stayed,”I whisper, looking into his blue eyes. “Yes, I've been here all night. I didn't want you to wake up in a strange place all alone.”He says with a smile.“Oh, Thank you,” I reply. “Your welcome little female,”He says with a smile. “Megan.... My name's Megan.” I say.“Megan,”He says my name as though he's testing it, then he smiles and looks down at me."It suits you, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. How are you feeling Megan?”He asks with a concerned look His his face. “I'm okay, ”I reply as I look down at my leg, all that remains is a large purple bruise.“What happened, I thought I would lose my leg, how is this even possible?” I ask confused. The handsome man looks at me, as he says, “Altundral
Baca selengkapnya
Chapter seven Planet Altundral.That's how I find myself on the beautiful planet named Altundral. King Halturian brings the colossal space ship into Dock with an expert hand; he turns to look at me, with a smile on his face as he asks.“Are you ready, Megan?”"I think so."I whisper quietly; still unsure if I've made the right decision, the butterflies in my stomach reminding me just how big a decision this is. King Halturian looks at me with understanding written across his handsome face, he gives my hand a light but reassuring squeeze as he says. “You'll be fine. I promise you, Megan. You can leave any time you like; you have my word.”I take his hand in mine, as soon as our fingers touch, I feel the electricity sending a shiver down my spine, straight to my core.The handsome King leads me to the door of the spaceship. The hatch rises, and the Altundral people are lining the walkway out of the ship and along the streets, I take a deep breath before I step outside King Halturian sm
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Chapter eightBaca selengkapnya
Bred by the king nineHer personnel guard Baca selengkapnya
 Chapter ten  My best friend   
Baca selengkapnya Protection Status