The Alpha's Mate Is A Spy

The Alpha's Mate Is A Spy

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After living a life of emptiness, life as a spy wasn’t something i complained about. My mother wanted me to live, so i did. But how can i live when i only have one year left to live? An oracle told me i would die because i gave away my essence to a boy i met 12 years ago. By then i’ve decided to fulfill my mother’s wish so i agreed. One day, my birthday came so our alpha tried to give me a day off but i refused. Instead, I forced my way through the target’s location. Just when i was about to kill the infamous Alpha of Crescent Moon, i realized that he was the same person who i saved 12 years ago! "I never thought I'll meet my mate like this. You actually dare to kill me?" He growls. Mates? My eyes widened.

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Chapter 1
~PROLOGUE~ The whole place was in flames, with earthquakes swallowing houses and the packhouse burning. She watched it all with grim eyes by the window in her room- which was also on the verge of collapsing. “You’re here?” She spoke, her voice low. “They say people change, but look at you proving them otherwise.” As she turned her back, the love of her life- the man she had spent a year with looked nothing like the man she had met before. Yet she thought that it was to be expected. For she had hurt everyone he cares about. His hostile gaze met hers, his chest rising as blood dripped from his head. “What was the reason?” She observed him as tears started to fall from his cheeks. She felt the bloodlust directed at her yet she couldn’t understand why he’d show s
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Chapter 2
On our way there, thinking about that i'll see that weird old geezer again made me sigh slightly. Shaka is the SunDale's Alpha, and he was practically the one who raised me by himself despite being criticized by the whole pack.So you could say that I'm kind of indebted to him.As Ryan opens the door, I already expected the dart that came flying straight to my face and flawlessly caught it."I knew it," i said as I held the dart in my right hand.Ryan almost fell in shock while Shaka laughed his assed out just like any other day.I threw the dart away, "Don't you ever get tired of pranking me old man? last time it was a water bucket above me, and now a dart to my face? Can you act more like your age?""What? i have to test if any emotions came back from you, a simple shriek of death would've been able to suffice my concern," Shaka replied."Concern? is that why you sent a weapon on my face?""It's a dart, and it's not like you'
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Chapter 3
~*~Just like any other day. I wasn't that much bothered with what the oracle warned me about. She told me i only have one year left to live without my emotions. I didn't think much about it, i thought it'll be fine to live like this until the day i die.But it looks like i can't do that, my mom wouldn't be happy if she saw me sooner than expected.I remember what she said about the other prophecy."The second prophecy i saw is... horrifying.""Oh? So i'm going to die because i don't have my heart essence?""Not exactly, You weren't exactly dead on the dream i saw...You were dying, you laid on a thick snow bed that you covered with blood dripping from your chest- My visions usually don't pertain to deaths. and it usually doesn't blur out any person. But the person that was with you at that time, i couldn't see his face! I still can't tell if it's because of your heart essence or you were physically wounded on the chest.
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Chapter 4
VENUS's POV What was that?I was left shocked for the first time in 12 years because of what happened. The spark that i had long forgotten creeps itself way back into my skin. I knew it was the same feeling i felt when i used my heart essence back then.I looked over to my palm and noticed it trembling a bit."What's wrong?" He says with sarcasm. "Do you not want to do it?"For some reason, i felt something boiling inside of me. I couldn't explain it, but it felt like i wanted to slap this guy's face. His golden eyes, strangely making my stomach turn at the sight of it.I don't know what i felt at that moment, but i knew others c
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Chapter 5
Mine?It only took him a second before he snapped back. He held his head in agony and hesitantly took a few steps back.What is he doing?He chuckles bitterly, his eyes filled with venom. "I never thought I'll meet my mate like this. You actually dare to kill me?"Mates?My eyes widened.I can't believe it. My mate is Alpha Derek! But wait..Why did he only sense it now? We met at the festival but he acted normal.. so what gives?I've heard the stories of other people countless times. As a teen who just turned 18, I knew I would be exposed to my mate sooner or later. However, I couldn't sense the
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Chapter 6
I thought Derek was bluffing when he said she was strong enough to handle three men simultaneously, but when she landed a swift back kick towards my neck, my elbow almost went numb from the pain.I slid back and smirked.She's fast. If I had reacted a little slower, then it'd be the end of me."Want to kick my head off? Not happening. Though you are strong, you're not strong enough to overpower a man's strength.""Hah." She snorts. "That's a bit sexist, don't you think?"She tried to lunge at me for the second time, but since I already expected her to move, I swiftly dodged all her attempts to knock me down. Her pace was speeding up, but it wasn't a problem to me.Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 7
*VENUS's POV*  It was weird, really. The moment when he kissed me, I felt a sudden surge of energy enter my body. I've watched people do these intimate things to their partner but being in the exact position as them now, i never thought it would feel this good, though it was only me who had this ability to suck out energy from others.I could already tell that this ability was related to me being a half-witch.Since I noticed that I get more energy when I touch some of his sensitive spots, I randomly decided to get nasty. I told him I'd suck him dry, but I don't precisely know-how.I pulled down his pants, and his dick sprung up.I glanced at him and noticed how fl
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Chapter 8
*DEREK's POV* In the far area behind the arena, I was busy inspecting the competitors that came in. Carefully, I observed any movements that may look suspicious. And so far, none of them have surfaced yet.It was just last night that an assassin tried to kill me again, but this time- she was my mate. It was that fact that made everything complicated. Even when they searched for her until dawn, she just completely disappeared.I closed my eyes in frustration. I can still remember how vague the connection felt through my bones.It's more potent than I thought."Alpha," Easton calls out."Easton, did you get enough information?""You mean?""Venus, the competitor.""Yes, Alpha. From what we gathered, Venus is indeed one of the SunDale's wolves. Her original profile coincides with what she wrote in the registration form. Though she is the right henchman on Alpha Shaka, she's strangely absent in every impo
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Chapter 9
The queries didn't last long. Although some guys tried fighting their way out, everything eventually played out when Alpha Derek appeared in front of the crowd. No one was able to complain anymore at that point.His dominating alpha aura was enough to make everyone silent. He didn't even need to speak to shut the noisy ones. But before he left, he sent me one last glare that made me somehow smile.At least he's not ignoring me that much?Facing the notorious Arndon Woods, everyone around me was nervous or worried about their lives. I saw some weird dudes getting excited- while here I am bored as hell.I groaned. "Just when will this start?""Hey, shortie."I turned at the voice behind me and saw a tall guy with blonde hair staring at me with an amused expression. And because I was a great actress, I immediately smiled upon locking eyes with him."Me? Shortie? I'm 5'6.""Well, I'm 6'2, so you're short on my perspective."
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Chapter 10
He moved me up to the highest tree that he could find and settled there. Strangely, the spider was also out of my tail.I glanced at his mask.The only problem left was to deal with Alpha Derek, who was wearing a mask and dark casual clothes that made his muscles pop.Or maybe I am the dangerous one here?When he carefully placed me down, I took that moment to wrap my arms around his neck. His eyes widened, and I felt his body stiffen in shock."Let go of me." He says in a low voice.At that moment, I realized that it was the perfect chance to use my ability to make him submit to me. Yet all hopes got lost when I couldn't suck a single grain of energy from his body.Is my ability not working on him?I bit my lower lip in irritation, "Why is my luck worst whenever it's you?""Get away from me, or I'll throw you from this height." He threatens."Do it then. Who's the idiot who'll save a person than kill them later o
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