Married to the Human's enemy: The Werewolf Prince

Married to the Human's enemy: The Werewolf Prince

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Book One. He had chosen her, not all other beautiful princesses humans had to offer. ____ "Roselle never once thought she would one day find herself married to a Werewolf, a creature she, and every human, grew up believing to be a savage monster. She had expected she might not be able to speak at all to her husband without trembling but somehow, conversing with him wasn't as dreadful as she thought. She was tense and stammering but she was glad, she wasn't muted because of fear and she wasn't trembling before him as she had thought she would be." "She couldn't take her eyes off his as she slowly lifted her hand to place it in his outstretched one. His eyes were golden yellow, akin to the bright moon, and they were full of life, as if there were many stars swirling within them. Then there were his lashes… they were so indecently long and thick for a man. His lips, his jaw, his nose… every single part of him rendered her speechless. She had never seen another human who had been fashioned with such beauty and perfection. But then again, she remembered that he wasn't human to begin with."

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I am Roselle, the daughter of the one and only dragon master of the human empire, Quinn Anderson. When I was twenty one years old, I was told to marry the world deadliest enemy. I was sad when I heard the frightening news, and I almost escape from my father's house. If not because of the love I had for my father I wouldn't have agreed to marry the Werewolf prince.My father is facing a problem of not having a successor and I could feel his pain.I finally agreed to marry the human enemy due to the love and pity I had for my father. But there's one thing I waited on. It is the fact that my father will rescue me once his problem has been solved. 
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Chapter One: The Night Marriage
Young Lady, they're here… the Werewolf prince is here."Roselle's shoulders immediately jacked up when she heard the shaken voice of her maid. Sweat dripped on her back as she shot a nervous look at her mother who had just arrived inside her room to check on her."He.. The.... They,.. mother." Roselle subconsciously grabbed her mother's dress. She was clueless of what to do next. She thought she had readied herself enough in the last few weeks but it seemed like the fear and uncertainty that she had on her mind still threatened to crash her resolve now that the moment had finally arrived."Hush, girl." her mother said as she gave her daughter a calming hug, but the concern in her eyes gave her away. "Don't worry, you can do this my dear." she whispered as she gently rubbed Roselle's back. "Don't forget the reason you have to do this, Roselle, your…"Her mother kissed her head and though she didn't look shaken, Roselle could sense the anxious
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Chapter Two: Leaving the Human Empire to the enemy's fortress.
The man before her looked nothing like she had been expecting. His eyes were golden but they looked so beautiful. His fangs weren't showing. In fact, he seemed to have no fangs at all. And… he wasn't as hairy as the Werewolves she had encountered before. He didn't have that werewolf appearance nor do he have a pointy nose. He was hairy compared to humans, but he wasn't that hairy like all the other Werewolves she had previously seen. And the most striking thing of all was that… he was just… breathtaking.Roselle was lost in a trance but was immediately jolted back to the present when she heard someone clear their throat.She couldn't take her eyes off his as she slowly lifted her hand to place it in his outstretched one. His eyes were golden yellow, akin to the bright moon, and they were full of life, as if there were many stars swirling within them. Then there were his lashes… they were so indecently long and thick for a man. His
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Chapter Three: The Peace Making
"Scared?" His deep and masculine voice echoed inside the carriage causing the already tensed Roselle to flinch. She realized that she was clutching her dress so hard that her knuckles had turned white. She kept her face looking outside the window, blankly staring at the palace that they were just married in, as it slowly disappeared from her view.With a deliberate slowness, Roselle turned to face him. When she lifted her face, his perfect face graced her eyes. Only one thought ran through her mind as she looked at him. If only… If only, he was human.She answered him with a shake of her head. Of course, that was a lie. She was scared to death. It didn't help that her husband… yes, her husband was such a gorgeous creature, because she knew what was really hidden behind all that beauty and perfection."I… I thought w-werewolves didn't ride in carriages," she stammered, saying the first thing her mind could think of that had nothing to do with
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Chapter four: I don't have plans to eat you.
The inside of the carriage was enveloped with silence. The prince simply remained still, closing his eyes as if he had shut himself down.The night was getting deeper and Roselle could now feel the fatigue and dizziness from the rollercoaster of emotions from the day that even though she wanted to ponder her situation more, her mind began to float like clouds drifting aimlessly. She had been unable to sleep the few days before her wedding because of thoughts about her wedding and the Werewolf she was going to marry so she felt a little like an Undead Creature. She felt lightheaded and dizzy and she tried to find the right position for her to sleep, but to her dismay, whenever she did manage to nod off, the carriage bounced on the rough patches on the road and she was awakened again. At times, it was so bad that she nearly bumped her head against the wall.This was the first time she had travelled by night, but Roselle knew she had to endure this. Her wedding was a secr
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Chapter five: The human inn
"No one's allowed to hurt you, not even me. You have nothing to be scared about," he added gently and before Roselle realized it, as though he had cast a bewitching spell on her, she obeyed.He shifted and made room for her and then she found herself half lying on him with her back to his chest and his arm wrapped around her, holding her, keeping her tucked against him as the carriage lurched forward. It seemed her fatigue and dizziness had given her away because of how little resistance she had against his irresistible offer of comfort. The back of her head settled on his solid and hard chest, which suddenly felt like a cushion, as she relaxed comfortably.This was the first time she had experienced anything like this. She had never let any man hold her this way before. She found it overwhelming because, even in her lightheaded state, her body reacted in a strange way as he held her. And the most surprising thing was she didn't hate it. She had thought she would despise any physical
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Chapter Six: Freezing Cold.
The sight of her surroundings made her swallow and goosebumps crawled on her skin. It wasn't just because of the biting cold, it was mostly because the valley felt absolutely eerie. In fact, eerie might still be an understatement to describe the place. All the countless trees were coal black and leafless as if they were all scorched to death. Black ravens were settled on the tree branches and they all looked like they were staring straight at them. Roselle couldn't see any plant that seemed to still be alive.A thick layer of snow had iced the ground. The fog was also thick that even though it was still morning, it already felt like twilight. It felt like the darkness would soon settle in and she imagined those notorious beasts suddenly appearing from the thick mist surrounding them."I- I think we should go on," she stammered.Romeo's head whipped around to face her."But you're clearly –""I'm fine.""You're not."Roselle met his gaze and was surprised at what she saw in his moon-li
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Chapter seven: It's Over
Bone-chilling growls filled Roselle's ears as soon as the carriage door was closed. Her eyes were still wide and her hand was left hanging in midair in a failed attempt to stop her husband from leaving. She knew by the monstrous sounds alone that the beasts had come. Why? It was not even nighttime yet!Roselle's throat ran dry. Her face became even paler as she noticed the sounds becoming louder and louder. The beasts were approaching closer and it seemed that there weren't just two or three of them. It sounded like a whole tribe had come for them. Her hands flew to her heart as the fear spread throughout her entire body. What was going to happen? Was she going to die here?Dull sounds of what seemed like a sword slashing into flesh filled the air and the growls became more violent. She felt the earth-shaking thuds which caused the carriage to shake. She wanted to hear Romeo's voice but all she could hear was the overwhelming sounds of battle that she never wanted to hear. "Please, do
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Chapter Eight: you're late
The poor little bunny moved and peeked at him through her silver-blond locks but the moment their eyes met, she flinched and buried her face again. Romeo's eyebrows twitched from the realization that the bunny was scared of him, not at the dead beasts that were scattered around him. He shut his eyes and when he opened them again, his eyes were no longer golden-red. It had became a silver coloured eye He ran his fingers through his hair and patiently, he tried to coax the bunny once more. Slowly, he climbed inside the carriage, moving very carefully as he approached and squatted before her. "The beasts are dead. You're safe now. No one can hurt you," he said, but the girl still didn't move. Romeo knew that there was no way it would be easy for this little terrified bunny to crawl back to him again after what she saw. However, he could see that she was on the verge of freezing herself to death. Glancing at the crumpled blanket on the carriage floor, Romeo picked it up. "At least take
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Chapter Nine: Slow Journey
The men creased their brows, with heads cocked to one side. However, despite the confusion which were visibly portrayed on their faces, everyone immediately obeyed and took off their cloaks."Give them to me," Romeo ordered and once again, the men glanced at each other, except David who had kept his eyes set on the Werewolf prince.One by one, the men approached the carriage, single file and handed their cloaks which they had flicked off earlier to remove any dust and dirt and all neatly folded, to their prince. The Werewolf prince's face was so serious that no one dared question what he was about to do. The men could only wait to see what he intended to do with all those cloaks. And then, they watched him carefully and slowly wrapped the human girl with their cloaks.Their eyes widened in shocked surprise, mouths hanging open speechlessly. Their prince was moving so damned slowly that to them, a turtle might be moving faster than him. Werewolves move quick and it was no difference fo
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