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Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge Book Review: A Vengeance Plot Gone Wrong?

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"Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge," by Tatienne Richard, is a Billionaire novel starring Liesl McGrath, a professional artist who decides to help her husband, Merlin McGrath, become a successful CEO. However, down the road, he cheats on her with her sister, an action that immediately prompts her to take revenge by literally destroying what she helped him build: his business career!


This exciting novel comprises 80 chapters and has over 105.1K reads, with 22.3K faithful followers.


Follow Liesl's thrilling revenge plan in "Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge"!


Author Introduction


Tatienne Richard's personal details have not been fully disclosed to the public, and we can only find two other novels (apart from the one we're currently reviewing) under her name - to wit: "The Billionaire's Prodigal Wife" and "The Billionaire And The Banker: Billionaire Banker Seductive Romance." Nevertheless, we can ascertain, judging from the novel under review ("Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge"), that this author has a way with words and is capable of concocting intriguing CEO stories with some added "pizzazz."





"Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge" hovers around the themes of infidelity, trust, and the utility (or futility) of revenge as a viable response to treason. In that sense, will revenge allow a person to achieve satisfaction, or, on the contrary, will it make things worse and more unbearable? Also, will it beget an endless vicious cycle of retaliation and hatred?




Liesl McGrath

Liesl is a very proficient artist who's very committed to her goals and doesn't know how to back down. Once married, her utmost priority is to see her husband succeed in his enterprise, so she quits her profitable job at a prestigious law firm and gives up on her artistic aspirations. However, if you get on her wrong side, she can turn into your worst nightmare, as Merlin (her now ex-husband) can attest.


Isaias Machado

Isaias is a billionaire with not a care in the world. His main concern is to take revenge on the McGrath family for once ruining his own. He also has a tendency to use harsh words, and his personality is a bit hard to cope with, mostly coming off as a jackass, though he's still immensely popular with the ladies due to his good looks and attitude. Liesl will find in him a very powerful ally in her revenge plan, though he might later be more than just that!


Merlin McGrath

Merlin is the main "antagonist" (for lack of a better term) in a story where you can't really tell who the bad guys are. Despite having been unfaithful, he doesn't appear from the onset to be a bad person. Rather, Merlin is the type of person who harbors good intentions but also makes all the wrong choices.


Point of View


"Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge" is told by an unknown narrator alien to all the events in the novel but who appears to know them by heart. This has the advantage of showing readers everything that transpires in its fuller context at the expense of a closer inspection into the characters' minds.






The story begins with Merlin McGrath arriving home with a divorce arrangement. Liesl (his soon-to-be ex-wife) is baffled by this sudden turn of events, considering how well they got along throughout their five years of marriage. He then discloses that he's having a child with her sister due to a little "mishap" and that he can't leave the child fatherless nor deprive them of their future wealth.


Naturally, Liesl didn't take this very well, though, in all fairness, Merlin's approach to confession may not have been the most appropriate. In any case, after the divorce agreement was settled, Liesl thought there was one way to get back at Merlin for his transgression, and that was to ruin his business career.


To achieve this goal, she must make contact with his closest competitor, who's none other than Isaias Machado, a billionaire with lots of connections and a very rocky relationship with the McGraths. She thought that, with the confidential information Merlin left in her laptop, she could put the final nail in his proverbial coffin and have him ousted from his company.


Hence, she began flirting with Isaias for a while, "bribing" him to help her destroy the McGraths, against whom Isaias already held a very deep grudge for past actions that placed his family's economy in serious jeopardy. Not long after, they'd start cuddling together.


Hot Chapters


Chapter 4


Isaias was eating at his favorite restaurant with a date when the stunning Liesl approached him with a proposal (which he understood as some form of "extortion"). She would give him confidential information that would put Merlin McGrath out of business, an idea upon which both would absolutely relish.


Chapter 10


Liesl was having a heated discussion with her ex in-laws in front of Isaias, who was posing as her new boyfriend. After Merlin's father objected to her decision to date another man, she vented and recalled how Merlin destroyed her artistic career while having an 11-month affair with her sister.




Writing Style


"Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge" is written in exquisite native English and is filled with lots of puns and jabs, as well as smart rhetoric and comebacks. Every sentence in the dialogue lines carries a decisive millennial vibe.


Concluding Remarks


"Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge" is one of those novels that are meant to be adapted to the big screen. It is, in our view, one of the best CEO novels on the web, and readers can expect to be glued to the screen for hours following Liesl's plan as it materializes. Every aspect of this piece of work, from the characters to the themes and plot, is delightfully handcrafted and polished, and there's not a dull moment as far as we can recall.


In short, "Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge" is an experience that lovers of CEO stories should not skip!


Frequently Asked Questions


Is "Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge" finished?

The novel is already completed and will receive no further updates.


Where can I read "Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge"?

You can find this novel on Amazon, with the Kindle version coming in at $5.99.

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