LGBTQ+ novels are a type of fiction to include romance of people with various sexual orientations. Generally speaking, LGBTLQ+ novels have an inclusive attitude about sexual orientations. This kind of novel takes people with various sexual orientations as main characters and give a description detailed on their love. Different from other genre of novels, authors of LGBTQ+novels create romance stories about those people with uncommon sexual orientations more frankly to express respect for love of those minorities.

GoodNovel offers a vast collection of popular LGBTQ+ novels and books online. Whether you prefer LGBTQ+ novels with bad endings or happy endings, there must be one here that you like.

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Fifty Shades Of Ugly
Born with a deformity that makes him limps and weirdly shaped as well as undergoing some terrible incidents in his childhood,he is not as ugly as they come. He's worse. He has the shittiest job ever,a sister he needs to send to college and a ratty apartment that he shares with rats. But his life turns out much worse when perfect Chel enters the picture and creates the picture perfect disaster he'd ever encountered. Chelsea Waters has the perfect life. Perfect boyfriend,perfect parents,perfect house in the suburbs,and a perfect fan base. It all becomes ruined when Chel's perfect boyfriend cheats on him and ends things with him at a party. Turning to kiss the waiter by his side,he realizes the terrible mistake he's made and everything falls apart. After facing a backlash from his fans as the video of him recoiling in disgust from the waiter floods the web, He's left with no choice but to listen to his social manager and create the perfect replica of the story "Beauty and the Beast" Instagramingly and thereby creates more than a story for Arc. He creates a beautiful one. Love is love. Tag words: m-m (male x male), lots of hastags, Instagram, insecurities, Arc is not an Orc, a sub character that swears alot, other disabled characters, Chelsea's ex is a humbo, first time, past trauma, families are complicated and a happy ending. Author's note: Most of the places and celebrities that are mentioned are purely out of fiction and are a work of the writer's imagination. Also, the deformity Arc has doesn't exist and probably never will. This novel might the start of a series of other character's lives. XoXo.
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