As soon as they both saw the man cornering Eva, it did not take even a second for their minds to register the thing happening in front of their eyes. Both of them were on Rhett in the next moment. And when the scent of Eva's pleasure hit them, making them think that it was Rhett who had made their mate cum, they lost all the control over their sanity. 

Liam's fist came down to pummel Rhett brutally while Rush snatched Eva up from the couch and hid her in his chest, hugging her closely while staring furiously at the fight between Liam and Rhett.

Eva had suddenly gone stock still. Her arms were wrapped stiffly around Rush while she breathed in his scent and tried to understand what was happening. She remembered this scent, she remembered this face, she knew this man! Her mind was circling wildly, images flashing in front of her eyes like a fast paced movie clip. S

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Rebecca Louis
I'm just going to delete this story I'm done waiting around for people to finish their work, what a waste of my time and money.
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Luisa Godbold
Is this story over? It’s been weeks since last update
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Nichole Perry
when will there be more?

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