Revival of an Elite; the Fiery Wife Rules
Revival of an Elite; the Fiery Wife Rules
Author: Entangling Story
Chapter 1. Removal of the Uterus and Eyes
Jian Jianan was brought to the operating room, covered in blood. The moment she entered the room, she grasped tightly to the man she loved the most. “Yihan, please save my father! You have to save him!”

Xiao Yihan icily shoved her hands away and reached for his handkerchief. He wiped his hands in disgust, as if he had touched something filthy, and tossed it into a nearby dustbin.

Jianan stared at him in disbelief. She was shocked. She knew he had the habit of carrying a handkerchief with him everywhere so she had happily gone to a factory and had him one handmade for his birthday.

“What’s the matter? Surprised I threw away the handkerchief you gave me?”

The way he looked at her was ice-cold, and his sneer was contemptuous. She had never seen him like this!


“Jian Jianan, do you really think I intend on treasuring your stupid handkerchief? Even as the eldest daughter of the Jian family, you are so self-obsessed!”


She could not believe that he said she was self-obsessed. In the past, she had always fulfilled his needs. She thought he would really appreciate the things she made for him. They were all proof of how much she loved him!

“Let me tell you in all honesty, I have never wanted a handkerchief, a watch, or a belt, or any of those things. What I want is all of Jian Group!” Xiao Yihan then drew himself close to Jian Jianan and whispered in her ear. “Allow me to also tell you something unfortunate: as you were making your way to the hospital, your father has already been pronounced dead!”

“No…” Jian Jianan cried, screaming miserably. She grabbed Xiao Yihan’s hand even tighter. “Yihan, please I beg you, my father can’t be dead! Please save him…”

“How am I supposed to own Jian Group while he lives? Nannan, don’t worry. I will send you down and reunite you with your father in a just a little bit! Send her into the operating room…”

“Let go of me, all of you!”

Jian Jianan put up a violent struggle, desperately scrambling to save her parents. But with her previous injuries, and with all the people holding her down, she could not escape.

In an instant, her limbs were all tied up.

“Yihan, what took you so long? I have been waiting for you for ages!”

Jian Jianan heard a familiar voice and turned towards the direction, aghast. “Qi Xiaorou, why are you here?” Immediately, her eyes brightened and she said in excitement, “Xiaorou, I am so happy you’re here. My father and I were in a car accident and I don’t know what state he’s in now. Hurry, you must save father…”

Qi Xiaorou looked at Jian Jianan in disdain. Imperiously, she walked to Xiao Yihan’s side and kissed him with a demonic passion right in front of Jian Jianan.

At that moment, Jian Jianan was in terrible agony, like her heart was being torn out.

He was her fiancé and she was her stepsister!

Through the kiss, Qi Xiaorou acted as if Jianan did not exist. As Jianan had known her, she was gentle, kind, and was incredibly wise and considerate. Qi Xiaorou always stayed by her side and took care of her whenever she was sick. Jian Jianan had already accepted Qi Xiaorou as her family, and she would have never expected that Qi Xiaorou and Xiao Yihan were together without her knowledge!

After their lips parted, Qi Xiaorou sneered at Jian Jianan, bound on the operating table. “Jian Ansheng is not my father. He is yours. Why should I save him?”

“Isn’t there any good in you? Just because you weren’t father’s daughter by birth, he treated you well…”

Qi Xiaorou smirked and looked at her furiously. “Treated me well? He left all the good things to you, not to mention the man I love the most had become your fiancé. How is that any good to me?”

“You… cough cough...”

In her outrage, Jian Jianan coughed a few times and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Xiaorou, that’s enough of that nonsense. Let’s start soon, we don’t even know if her organs will still work if she’s dead.”

“Okay… I’ll get ready at once!”

Then, Qi Xiaorou lay down on an operating table too.

Jian Jianan stared at Xiao Yihan, who was approaching her with a scalpel in hand. Her fear blazed inside her. “Xiao Yihan… You… What are you planning to do to me?”

“Do you want to know what my only wish is for after I became a doctor? I wish to personally cut your body open… As much as it pains me, today, I have to be cautious because my Xiaorou needs your uterus…”

“Yihan, don’t give her the anesthetic. I’m worried it’ll affect the quality of the uterus!”

“Okay. I’m at your disposal…”

As the sharp, polished blade was brought closer to her and rested on her lower abdomen, Jian Jianan subconsciously wanted to flinch away, but there was nowhere she could go…

She teared up and glared at the man behind the surgical mask. Her eyes were full of hatred. “You will never escape from the law of custody if you all kill me!”

“Law? Haha… Rest assured, I have already thought of a solution. The eldest daughter of the Jian family’s failed to be rescued after her car accident. On her deathbed, she announced that she would graciously donate every single one of her organs to patients in need. See, I even made you a saint after you’re gone from this world…”

“Jerk, I curse you with a horrible death… Aah…”

Jian Jianan yelled as the pain spiked. Without any anesthestics, she could feel the edge of the scalpel cutting into her stomach. The pain was so agonising, her fists and her toes clenched tight.

Two hours ago, she was, without a doubt, a woman charmed with joy and bliss. She had the love of her father, her fiancé’s affection, and a fine stepsister.

Now, she had lost everything…

She did not even know when Qi Xiaorou and Xiao Yihan got together!

She felt horribly cheated. She loved Xiao Yihan so much and treated Qi Xiaorou so well. Why did they betray her…

“I can’t say for sure what will happen to me after all this, but your fate is obvious. Jian Jianan, let me be frank, you should be grateful for your organs. They let you live for two additional hours, long enough for you to know the truth. Also, while we’re being honest, I have never loved you. You are so arrogant, bossy, reckless, and selfish. If I hadn’t wanted the all of the Jian family’s possessions, I wouldn’t even have looked at you. Oh, and by the way, let me tell you another secret. I arranged this accident for you and your father…”

“That’s exactly right. Jian Jianan, just give up and die. I’m going to use your uterus to give birth to Yihan and I’s children!”

‘I hate them… I hate them so much. This is so unfair…’ Jian Jianan thought.

Every part of her body suffered from the pain, her lower abdomen especially. The razor-sharp scalpel tormented her body with every cut. Just when she thought it stopped, a pair of hands callously reached into her body, ignoring her excruciating pain. Tied so tightly to the operating table, there was no way she could escape.

“Ah! Xiao Yihan, you will die a horrendous death!”

Jian Jianan bellowed in agony and anger. In moments, the operating table was soaked with her blood and sweat.

Despair, fear, and injustice…

‘Why did they have to do this to me!’ She clenched her fists so hard, her fingernails sank into her palms.

Jian Jianan knew that, right here, she would die. It did not feel right… she felt so betrayed!

“Should I die… I’m going to return and haunt all of you!”

At that moment, the door flew open and Jian Jianan saw an indistinct familiar figure.

“To hell with, Jian Ansheng, I didn’t expect him to keep his own counsel. We have to get this Jian Jianan bi*ch’s signature and thumbprint if we’re going to inherit Jian Group!”

Jian Jianan recognised this voice. It was her stepmother, Qi Xiaorou’s biological mother, Qi Xiuli.

‘So she was involved in father’s death too…’ Jian Jianan thought.

“Mother, in that case, hurry and make Jian Jianan sign! I don’t think she’s dead yet!”

Jian Jianan could barely move an inch, but there was still a sliver of consciousness. Her hands were puppeted, forced to sign and surrender her thumbprint!

She glared at these people with hatred. Their faces were etched in her mind…

‘I will not let them go, even when I become a ghost!’

“Ah… the way this bi*ch is looking at me is scaring me to death. Yihan, quickly, dig her eyeballs out!”

As she lived and breathed, Jian Jianan’s eyeballs were removed, leaving behind empty sockets. There was no chance for her to have a peaceful death!

She felt truly betrayed and boiled in her hatred. If there was a chance, she would have an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. She would make these people suffer for their sins!
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