Chapter 254 Witness

After all, what had happened before was indeed his fault.

Mu Xi didn't say anything. She just quietly stayed in his arms, but she felt his steady and strong heartbeat, warmth, and reluctance. If she was allowed to leave one day, she would be reluctant and would once again lose her heart.

But she couldn't care. Now she just wanted to talk about the gentleness in front of her and couldn't care about the future.

After a long time, Mu Xi suddenly screamed, "Oh, by the way, your wedding plan..." Her lovely reaction made Hao Shihua a little amused. "Why do you have such a big reaction? I will definitely deal with it for you."

Mu Xi was a little embarrassed and said angrily, "Who knows if you can arrange it or not? Will you leave something to me?"

Hao Shihua pinched her little face and promised, "No, my little ancestor."

For so many days, Hao Shihua found that Mu Xi was actually a romantic person in her bones, and she asked for romance in everything.

And there was a fairy tale-like pri
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