I stared at my phone, not knowing whether or not to answer his call. I was still annoyed at him. But, I couldn't be annoyed for too long cause he was definitely the only one I liked, and the only one that liked me too.

After so much hesitation, I finally picked it.

"Sup babe?" He greeted me as soon as I picked up..

"Hi." I replied coldly, wanting him to know I was still annoyed.

"Darling..." He called. "Are you still annoyed? Huh?"

"Speak up. I'm busy." I retorted as I rolled my eyes in irritation. 

"Ok. Ok. Can I meet you today?" He asked.

I sighed and swallowed a bit. "I'm sorry, I'm quite busy. I've got things to do ok?"

"Oh then. So when can we talk?"

"Maybe tomorrow. I guess."

We were quiet for a while and he finally spoke, "Bye then." He said as he hung up.

I blinked away the tears that welled in my eyes, and hit my hands against my chest, trying to hide my pain. I was still so devastated. The embarrassment I faced that day was one no girlfriend could ever forgive her man for. But, I had no choice than to forgive him. It wasn't like I had anyone else to support me aside from him. 

I grabbed my purse and the bag my mom threw at me, and stepped out of my room. Walking gently on the stairs, I narrowed my eyes a bit to see who was sitting in the living room with my parents.

"Here she is." My mom stated as she sauntered to me.

"What?" I asked confusingly.

She grinned at me and held my arms, like a true and loving mother. "Mia." She called calmly. "Why don't you come and relax a bit? You don't always have to trouble yourself with all this stuff. You can go on this errand some other time."

I raised an eyebrow at her, wondering what was making her act nice. I was pretty sure something was wrong with her. "What's wrong with you ma?" I was forced to ask. 

She giggled and left my arm, turning to face me directly. "Wrong?" She asked as her facial expression changed totally. She frowned and clenched her teeth against each other. "I need you to act cool right now. If you mess this up, I'll kill you. I promise." She muttered quietly.

I seriously hated this woman. Why was she threatening me now?

I tightened my fingers into a fist and bit my cheek from the inside. What a bad mother I had. Forcing me to pretend like she was?

She grabbed me as we traipsed to the living room. My dad sat on a chair opposite to the lady who was around, sipping from his cup of tea. I flared my nose in disgust of how pretentious my parents could be.

I glanced at the woman, and immediately observed her. I was pretty sure I had seen her before.

"Hi Mia. If I'm not mistaken?" She greeted me.

"Hi." I responded with a small smile. A really fake one. 

"Can you please have your seat?" She asked calmly.

"Oh, I'd love to but I--" I said, but my mum interrupted.

"Definitely. She'll sit. I've told her to stop worrying about these errands, but she's so amazing that she always wants to do all the work." She said as she let out a fake chuckle.

I turned to her and gave her a fake smile too. I was so sad that I could even cry. For a moment, I wished she was really like that. How could she even threaten me to act too? I was sure she was going to get something out of it.

"Oh, that's great." The lady said, and I turned back to her, plastering a pretentious smile across my face. "It's a great thing to be hardworking you know?"

"Yes ma'am." I replied.

"Ok dear, will you have your seat now?" She asked again.

I smiled, and stuttered, "Ok ma'am."

I glimpsed at my mum and sat on the couch my dad was sitting on. He acted all gentle and cool. He even smiled as I sat.

"So..." The lady started to speak, grasping my attention to her. "Do you remember me?" She asked. 

"Err, you look quite familiar but I just can't recall where I've seen you." I told her.

"Hmm." She said and she clasped her hands against each other. "That's not surprising though. You were younger then."

"Oh." I got uncomfortable by our borung conversation.

"Well..." She grinned a little. "I was the one who visited you at the hospital, five years ago, when you were sick for some reason."

"Oh. I remember that." I sounded rueful. I didn't like that memory at all. My parents caused the affliction that day. They troubled me and hit me to the point I almost died. They were the only reason I was ever admitted to a hospital, not even from a sickness. They were the reason for the downfall at all intervals in my life. But thanks to Drake, I cared less about them and focused more on loving myself. I couldn't let some impassioned people like them ruin me completely.

"That's good then." She said.

"It's nice to have you here. Do you mind eating something?" I suggested, although I wasn't interested in oa conversation with her.

"No." She replied with a smile, and folded her legs across each other. "I only came here for a reason."

I spotted my mom, and observed her. She was giving me a deadly stare, a really threatening one. I wondered what was going on now. She was glaring at me for something I knew nothing about. She asked me to play her annoying game along with her, and I was sure I was doing that. So, she had no reason to give me such a dirty look.

 I rolled my eyes at her and turned back to the lady. "What reason?" I asked as I kept my pretence on track.

"First," she proceeded to say. "I'm Linda. Linda Lorenzo."

"You're Spanish?" I asked.

"No." She giggled. "I married a Spanish. But I'm a US base. And he's late though."

"Oh, sorry for that."

"No problem at all. It's been a while."

I tapped my feet impatiently and bit my tongue softly. I was tired of this unnecessary discussion. I needed to go on the errand my mom had asked me to, so I could head for work. I was so sure my boss would definitely curse at me for coming late. 

"Well..." She sighed. "You seem like you are in a hurry. Let me go straight to my reason for having to come here."

"It's not that ma'am. I also need to get to work." I mentioned it to her.

I turned to my mom. She still gave me a cold look, a more intense one. She was also gesticulating about something, using her eyes, but I didn't understand her. I turned from looking at her, trying to ignore her completely.

"So what's the reason you've come here ma'am?" I asked, impatient.

"I'm from the Norman's." She informed me.

I gaped at her and moved my lips without uttering a word. I was so amused. How could a Norman be at my tiny house? Maybe she was speaking of a different Norman. 

"You're sure? I's that even possible?" I was finally able to speak after a short silence.

"Yes." She said as she giggled. "I told you I came for a reason."

"So...?" I remained impatient.

"Would you let her speak?" My mum finally cried. I knew she'd utter some word soon. She looked more than frustrated already. She really had a problem with me at all times. She also hated it when anyone liked me. 

"Mia dear." Linda called, causing me to gaze at her again.

She sighed and looked quite hesitant. She seemed like she was going to take an exam and was nervous she would fail it.

I furrowed my brow in annoyance. Everyone around me seemed to be acting weird. My mom kept her glare and my dad wore a serious look.

"I want you to get married to my nephew." Linda finally stated.

I raised an eyebrow at her, sensing that something was wrong with her. I was sure of it.

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