Wrong intimacy

I drove into Emily's huge compound, and hurried to her door. A sudden fear grew within me. I couldn't think of any reason she had to call me so late in the night.

Few years back, she called me at the same time, and something terrific happened that day.

Her parents, who never had her time, hired a person to stay with her. On getting there I heard noises from inside her house. And when I got in, the hired person tried to rape her. She also had that trauma till forever..

I only hoped it was something not similar to that, in any way. I didn't know how I was going to handle such situation.

I stepped into the place, with so much alacrity, and forcefully shut it, as soon as I was in.

I steered my neck to scrutinize the place thoroughly, and then, I found Emily by her kitchen's counter, sipping from her cup of whatever she was drinking.

She looked so terrible, and worried. So

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Maudlina Numadzi
the points needed to read each chapter is too huge
goodnovel comment avatar
Something terrible happened a few years ago,not terrific.
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Leslie Cazcarro Lanuza
Gosh, I'm trembling from anger towards Emily and compassion for Mia. This is so heartbreaking. I can feel my head aching. ???

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