Hello everyone it’s me Ennaira1011 the creator of Into the Unknown. Thank you for giving time and effort for reading my first completed book in Goodnovel. As for those who are wondering how the book got created well, almost all of us have this dream and wish that we want to escape the reality of life we are in. Into the Unknown is created due to the author’s wishful thinking of escaping the reality of our harsh world and experiencing things that didn’t experience by the author. Also, the part 2 of Into the Unknown is slowly coming out feel free to check it with the title Into the Unknown: Fall of Evetora. I hope you will aslo like the adventure of our new friends is Evetora.

I would like to say my gratitude to goodnovel for giving me the chance to publish this book and making me fulfill my wish of publishing my very own book. Thank you also to my editor Inker Liu for giving his/her time and patient answering my questions and for making this story to its end. Also thanks to you the read
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